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  1. Huge win(loss) for team tank! Go devils! Pull us down to 28th!
  2. No they'll continue to rebuild forever
  3. For the sake of tanking, we need to lose this game in regulation to be stay within 2 points of third last with same amount of games left
  4. baertschi-horvat-boeser sedin-sedin-eriksson virtanen-sutter-goldobin boucher-granlund-dorsett cramarossa edler-stetcher tryamkin-tanev hutton-gudbranson sbisa-biega markstrom bachman well lose gaunce to vegas boucher is a gagner kinda guy. not quick, tricky hands and pp specialist. more of a depth guy/minor leaguer in a perfect world i hope but doubt we get into top 3 picks at the draft with vegas getting in the way with the lottery. 5,6,7 are more likely so well draft who we draft at that spot then we shop 2 of tanev, edler, subban or sbisa at the draft. edler and sbisa preferably yet edler is probably unwilling to waive what we need? grit, toughness, back up goalie and centres! i really like peluso outta winnipeg or king. big guy who plays the part well from what ive seen. back up tendy could be bernier, mason or condon. not down for miller for another year. resigning a guy turning 38 next year doesnt make sense for a rebuilding team drafting and/or trading for centres is no.1 priority. impossible to gage who would be truly interested in our D and what they would be willing to give up
  5. Baertschi-horvat-boeser sedin-sedin-eriksson virtanen-sutter-goldobin boucher-granlund-dorsett Throw in depth from minor leaguers. Chaput/cramarossa/Rodin?/labate/shore dare I say it...depth!!!! We still need grit and Size. Virtanen is the guy to bring that
  6. Nooooowwwww the sedins were pretty quiet offensively and that scrum was most intensity they've shown in a long time you wonder if in the off season they come to realize we wanna win a cup no matter where it is cause we're running outta time. Losing will do that to ya. Bachman has looked stellar. Markstrom/Bachman tandem? For next year You say?
  7. As some may know I'm team tank... but I support the Canucks winning this game! Because it was the kids that won the game
  8. I hear #66 is available #61 would be better. Stillman, stone and Nash rock that #
  9. Woooo haven't been this excited in a long time. But...#6 that doesn't look right on a forward. Ryan was doin that in Ottawa and it doesn't fit
  10. sign him to whatever he wants. If he'll go to Utica then that's perfect for him, but if he wants to jump to the NHL than that'll make the fans happy too As as long as he doesn't return for another year at UD, I'll be happy. theyll wanna showcase him to show some light at the end of the tunnel for the season ticket sales
  11. Jersey and coyotes lost too so that sucks... but i have tavares on my Canucks team in franchise mode so that's pretty cool
  12. no we need to move on. this is a rebuild and resigning a 37 year old doesnt make sense. he is playing his best hockey in years in a contract year? coincidence i think not. he will come back down to earth next year give it to markstrom and see what we have in him with a capable back up
  13. man we cant even tank right...damn hawks why couldnt you beat us!
  14. The gillis era gave us next to nothing to work with today which is why benning had to come in and stock up on players asap with trading picks away cause there was no young players to work with benning has done a marvellous job drafting in his first few drafts. I still have faith in virtanen. Ehlers would be nice but you can't win them all. I saw this tweet a little while ago and it did sting It was like the next west coast express "tkachuk-horvat-ehlers"...