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  1. I don't think we have the right pieces for the deal but if we did it would involve horvat without a doubt
  2. Value of:Radim Vrbata to the Habs

    Well every team needs depth on the blue line for a long playoff run and relying on 2 youngsters is risky but I see your point. I'm not a big fan of Gilbert and I doubt we'd get both in one deal involving vrbata and rather have tinordi. Although Gilbert would help fill a temporary hole left by a possible departure of hamhuis. 
  3. Value of:Radim Vrbata to the Habs

    patioretty, subban and price are at the top of their game so i think bergevin is in it to win it this year. they wouldnt wanna give up an nhl dman mid season 
  4. Value of:Radim Vrbata to the Habs

    the canucks would only need to retain 1m if mtl dumps semin
  5. Value of:Radim Vrbata to the Habs

    To mtl: vrbata to van: tinordi, 2nd pick 2016 tinordi is still 23 so he can still be rounded out and he's a beast. 
  6. [Recall] Canucks Recall Pedan, Reassign Fedun

    Than they shoulda just kept fedun around for the time being. They clearly liked him and chose to called him up before pedan, it doesn't make sense. I think something might have happened behind the scenes
  7. Is Jake Virtanen ready for the NHL?

    Ask me again in the 2nd half of the year, horvat didn't pick it up till then either
  8. [Recall] Canucks Recall Pedan, Reassign Fedun

    I don't understand the point of calling him up to watch a game than sending him back down. Kinda wasting our number ofcall ups here Benning 
  9. it will be such franchise shame if the sedins dont get a ring from this team before its all said and done. they deserve one just as much as linden
  10. [Recall] - Canucks recall Fedun

    Interesting to see what he can bring to the table, being a righty might help him stick around
  11. It would be an Epic fail if they don't trade him at the deadline...the last thing we need is another 35yr old taking up roster spots when the young guns are pushing for jobs
  12. Luke Schenn (Discussion)

    Well if hamhuis and schenn were to play on the same team that's what it would look like but I know what you are saying. Our d needs a 2nd pair right shot dman and that can be done in the off season...but they don't fall off trees    Edler-tanev Hutton-schenn sbisa-bartkowski id rather it be   edler-tanev Sbisa-xxxxx Hutton-schenn i think Sbisa/schenn would be an interesting/dangerous/risky yet physical pairing haha maybe it's hamonic,Barrie or any other available dman  
  13. Luke Schenn (Discussion)

    I think schenn would be a nice 20 game experiment to acquire at the deadline or earlier just to see if there's something there. I think Philly just wants to get rid of him so they don't want much   to phi:weber to van:schenn   Edler-tanev hamhuis-schenn hutton-sbisa   Id rather have schenn on the third pair but we are still too soft to win a playoffs series in the west (i.e the game last night) and schenn at least is physical  
  14. [PGT] Another 7-7-6

    We aren't a cup contender so let's play the kids, sell off anyone at the deadline for picks and get a top 10 pick 
  15. [Report] Travis Hamonic on the trading block

    I don't think we have the assets the right assets for hamonic but he would fit well as our number 3 guy behind edler/tanev  hamhuis works as a vet dman on a young team on a short term replacement for hamonic to nyi: hamhuis, shinkaruk, 2nd pick 2016 to van: hamonic edler-tanev sbisa-hamonic hutton-bartkowski weber