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  1. NHL Point Leader Kane Injured - Did he dive?

    Which is all true, but if this is a penalty, every time someone is skating forward and gets a light crosscheck from behind is a penalty whether they fall or not. It happens all game long from every player in the league.
  2. Ok. This is a bad play by play. Both linesmen let them fight. Post #19, with the youtube feed clearly shows that. I watched several times, the gloves were dropped nearly simultaneously. Burrows has been at this for 10 more years than Kreider, but when Burrows started in the league 05-06 = 3, 06-07 = 4, 07-08 = 9, 08-09 = 3, 09-10 = 1, 11-12 = 1, 13-14 = 3, 14-15 = 1 Kreider has 4 in two years. Who fights more?
  3. But playing the best players isn't working either. They are not short on talent, they are short on work ethic. If that isn't fixed, it doesn't matter who coaches them. Things to fix from a statistical perspective: Give aways - they lead the league Faceoff's - they are 21st in the league. You cant win if you don't control the puck Defense - they lead the league in goals against. Forwards need to back up the defense. Constant two way game from all players Penalties - they are 7th in penalty minutes, you can't score while you are on the PK Just stuff I see. Now, the whole grinder thing, the season is gone. Playoff hopes are gone. They have 19 points in a Conference where the current playoff threshhold is 36 or so. You can't make that up, even with a good streak up the middle of the season. So, use it as a teaching time. Get ready for next season, find a way to activate and motivate your stars so you come out of the gate better next year. Let's be real, it is the only thing they have.
  4. This may be the long term effect of tanking a team and getting a lot of high end rookies with no (or rather not enough or not the right kind) leadership core to develop them. One of the biggest problems is that these talented players are making a ton of money, but have not earned it, sort of a byproduct of the player market itself. Potential is paid for as opposed to production. For instance, Eberle is being paid 6M, but he has never had a season over 76 points. That's only a mil less than Daniel or Henrik, who have proven themselves over time. Hall is being paid the same, last year only 80 points. Hopkins as well, despite never breaking 56 points. Those three contracts don't start to end until 2019-20 or so. They don't have to win to make the money. Edmonton needs to change this by building a culture where work ethic is rewarded as opposed to simple potential. They need their own Chris Higgins, Alex Burrows or Shawn Matthias who got to play because they worked hard and wouldn't quit. Right now they have over paid prima donnas whose work ethic and team moral is horrible. I am not a coach, but I might think about letting some grinders play 18-20 min and play your top line for 10 for a game or two. You can't put players like then on waivers, they would be gone in a heartbeat, but they do need something drastic, something that makes a statement, and trading isn't it, they have no value as it is, it has to be internal.
  5. Corrado recalled by Nucks

    If we have to dip into the free agent pool, besides Salo Joni Pitkanen Douglas Murray Cory Sarich and just cause of sheer size Hal Gill All of these guys are unsigned as well. Not attempting to say they would replace Hammer, but they are out there.
  6. Matthias being Wasted?

    So, seems his minutes are not what I would call 4th line minutes. vs Dallas 13:47 Hansen 11:11 vs Tampa 9:22 Hansen 10:51 vs Edmonton 9:56 Hansen 9:09 vs Edmonton 9:33 Hansen 9;46 vs Calgary 9:39 Hansen 9:54 Seems his time on the ice is pretty good overall, especially considering he is at times getting more ice time than Hansen.
  7. Kevin Bieksa

    Seems we had a thread with a title like "Bieksa? Do we really need him?" or such that was discussed for some 3-400 pages.
  8. Corrado Assigned to Utica

    We are only packing 22 now.
  9. PK Subban: "Jordan’s skill level is much higher than mine"

    Are we sure that PK didn't mean Jordans farts are worse that his? (lol)
  10. I don't think Markstrom has to pass through waivers, maybe a capologist could weigh in on it, but I think hew signed his ELC when he was 20, meaning he is waiver exempt for 4 years. I think he can go down anytime next season. The season after that, it changes for him.
  11. [Signing] Canucks Re-Sign D Chris Tanev

    It would, but we have a 23 man roster, and we usually pack them all. I suspect Markstrom will go by demotion or by trade and Linden Vey needs to be signed, putting us back at 23. If Corrado goes down, someone comes up, not sure who.

    Pretty close. 6.75 according to capgeek. And thats packing 3 goalies.
  13. Did I hear this right?

    I look at it more as it distributes the work load. My opinion, Gillis looked way too tired way too often. We could go on all day about how good or bad he was, but the reality is if the workload was too large, he is never going to do a good job
  14. [Confirmed] Jim Benning signs as new Canucks GM

    So, 3.7 was based on simply appearing in 10 regular season games. The remaining 500K is paltry compared to this.
  15. Sometimes I should pay more attention or just stay in bed.