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  1. Other power plays move, we stand still and our power play has always been stagnant with Brown behind the bench. Down with Brown!
  2. I wonder how long it takes green to figure out what we’ve all been saying since game 1
  3. Edler turning around completely and facing our own net is not how to properly execute the drop pass. They seem to have forgot there’s supposed to be some unpredictability and chance he carries it in.
  4. Get that man some Goldy! When EP was on pace for 90 points, Goldobin was playing some of his best hockey too.
  5. Well its a start, I don’t know why Green has to take a loss against the oilers and an important 2 points before he realized his line up was built to fail. Now doesnt Beartchi make the 3rd line look a lot better? Instant offensive chemistry with Gaudette.
  6. They dont have chemistry. They are both talented players and can make plays together but aren’t a natural fit. so you s**t outta here pal
  7. Boeser and EP aren’t a good match even going back to last year, need to be split up. Miller might be a better fit for petterson as he can retrieve the puck, get it to EP and keep up in the neutral zone. Even Goldobin has the skill to get EP the puck with a clean pass and they showed chemistry. Bear and Gaudette need to be our 3rd line, and not the current combo of 6 checkers that don’t check.
  8. Great 2 checking lines, this aint 2004. ffs Benning