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  1. Good, clear a spot and some salary. We dont need to be paying a 5/6 guy $4 million
  2. Short term pain? Myers is only going to get worse. This contract could easily be a team killer
  3. I like, take a look at his zone entires and the other guys on that list. COLOUR LEGEND LINK • ⁠RED = FAIL • ⁠ORANGE = DUMP • ⁠BLUE = CARRY • ⁠NAVY = PASS
  4. Also worth noting that Benning has not heard back from Loui after he reached out regarding his comments at the world cup. Ghosting ur Gm
  5. Well its a little late for that eh. Too bad it took benning 3 years to figure that one out
  6. Whens the last time he’s hit like a truck?
  7. He’s not considered a good skater. And he was a year older than matthews when he broke that record.
  8. Yes it is, its not the whole article but its the only interesting thing he says.
  9. Ya I understand the risk, but he also said he likes multiple d men in the mid range and none were elite. You have to see how the first 9 go and see how many of those guys are remaining and then weigh your options. Only Byram looks like a lock for top 10, so good chance theres a handful oh his guys left at 10.
  10. You missed the part where i said his draft round choices wasn’t the problem. You can talk up his picks all you want ( I won’t go down that rabbit hole), and ignore the fact that choosing your guy at 10 when you could trade down and get the same guy and another asset is not maximizing the value of your pick.