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  1. Not trading Tanev would be a huge mistake. Hopefully management doesn't screw this up too. They seem so sort sighted sometimes.
  2. Sharks never had a chance to win the cup this year.
  3. Meh, it's his first playoff series against the top team in the league.
  4. Will Letang be back anytime soon?
  5. Panarin hasn't looked like a playoff guy and his game with kane isn't working. They're missing a guy like Saad, much more valuable in the playoffs.
  6. Hell no, Duchene five years ago maybe, but he doesn't fit our timeline now.
  7. Id love a center that would push Sutter to a more defensive role. A Gaunce Sutter pairing could make a shut down line and free up guys like Granlund and Ericcson to play with more offensive minded players.
  8. Awesome, poor alf stonker though
  9. Anyway the islanders would part with Barzal? I could see them having interest in Tanev if they want to keep Taverse happy on a competitive team. If we dont win a top pick, selecting Liljegre and trading for a young center like Barzal wouldn't be a bad idea.
  10. No Goldy didn't
  11. Lol edler really doesn't pass to boeser on the pp
  12. Ya Bo!!!! Nurse cant take a hit apparently