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  1. Let me at steen!
  2. You never know with coach willie
  3. Lines still make no sense and not just because of the combinations but because they were never even used in preseason. Gaunce was used as a centre usually with the forth line guys. beartchi and horvat were paired up. And granlund on sutters wing showed promise.
  4. Yes it does mean something when he's playing with burrows and Dorsett. And why not practise with the guys you are going to be playing the games with.
  5. Heard he Had mono and is just recovering now, so pretty much a conditioning stint
  6. Refs better look out, wideman still looks a little concussed
  7. Dorset out instead of Rodin, willie never changes
  8. Bure Linden Bertuzzi Naslund Salo Ohlund Burrows Bieksa Kesler (when he was still a canuck) Ehrhoff
  9. We have bigger holes up forward and likely tanev will be out of his prime when our young prospects are in theirs. So only if we were getting a young promising forward back would the Canucks consider it.
  10. Did you just make that up yourself?
  11. Miller is on board the tank
  12. That was so perfect