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  1. Is vilardi actually playing center?
  2. Today's morning skate
  3. He actually had bonuses for every round of the playoffs on his contract.
  4. Nolan Patrick out again with lower body. Thats got to scare some teams away from taking him at 1.
  5. Lol I guess we just have too much talent up front to make room for him.
  6. Hopefully he shows what he can do agian.
  7. mittelstadt producing most of his points on the Pp and with vilardi being played as a wing and slow makes me think Benning would shy away from them if there are other options. Anyone know much about Necas? Button has him at number 3.
  8. Why though? Because we were on such a deep playoff run? I hope there was no further damaged caused by playing through.
  9. I like watching Chicago play, so this should at least be an exciting game although probably not so much for us :/
  10. Ya he was skating on Friday, thought he would be good to go by now but I guess not.
  11. Nah I'd rather him just fight star players like Benn instead of goons. Fightings not what it used to be.
  12. Goldy is sick Boeser is playing in college Dahlen is in sweden and probably wil be in the A next year. And Virtanen is right where he should be. No need to be frustrated with that, it just takes patience.