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  1. Well the coach hasnt played him. Hes kept some pretty quiet lines together all tournament while leaving him the 13th forward
  2. Whats the coaches obsession with Clague? He kind of sucks
  3. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    I could draft better than this guy
  4. Top point getter by Christmas

    Y'all forgot about granny
  5. (Rumour) Canucks and Seabrook

    When he retires the cap comes off, no penalty?
  6. Its not like he was stuck on a terrible team for years, hes had every chance and nows hes on the 3rd line.
  7. Down 3 -1 is no easy comeback for anyone let alone the caps against their nemesis the 2nd round. Outshot? Sure. Outplayed? No, Washingtons top players have not been good, and their stacked defense hasn't looked good at all.
  8. I see a good fit with him, putting him on the third line with some offensive players and push sutter to a checking role. Sutter is a black hole when it comes to creating offense for his wingers.
  9. It really didn't look like the caps were going to win the series when crosby was healthy.
  10. Really at this point I dont think faceoffs are a big concern. That's got to be one of the easiest things for a center to practice and learn.