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  1. This thread is a joke, and here's why. A carbon copy of this garbage post would have been posted about how Virtanen is bigger and able to handle checks far better than the small Nylander had this team drafted the latter. Is there NOBODY left on this forum who can comport themselves in a manner that doesn't further embarrass this fanbase? Started watching BPL football and damn even the die-hards and homers are more level headed than some of the CDC ragekids and braindeads. What's the actual point of comparing them? There isn't. It is what it is, so move on and perhaps discuss things that are relevant to this team, like oh I don't know, Jake Virtanen!
  2. 41-33-8 with the last wild card spot, and a 7-game 1st round ends in defeat. We'll see
  3. This a pretty wack assessment of his profile. I know you've been around for a while but this is just straight up ridiculous, Ari. They've just lost a series they believe they could/should've won, Matthias was playing pretty hard in the later games of the series (of course CDC would "miss" seeing that), hitting and forechecking. I guess the goal he scored was also a softie eh? Smh... The guy understands that he didn't quite play well enough to command a big contract so he is just playing it safe, and it's pretty evident that he does enjoy playing Van
  4. Lol, he is tied for 3rd in goals with Burrows and H. Sedin and people are talking about how soft he is? CDC has somehow become even more of a joke since the last time I spent time here. Do people really think that you score 18 goals by hitting people instead of going to the net? There's a difference between a soft player and a player who isn't physical. His play along the boards and neutral zone (where physicality comes in) is JUST FINE. People are just neanderthals with knee jerk reactions who think a big player is useless when they aren't throwing hits left and right. I want to minus these clueless fcuks so bad...
  5. Markstrom our best player in March? lol
  6. CDC users are actually the tunnel visioned ones. Seriously, he has a pretty solid season despite another injury, plays a very key role as C and brings INTANGIBLES that can only help him, and he is apparently a waste? A smart, versatile guy who makes transitional plays along the boards quick and painless... He is a very good center for a team like VAN, whose D-corps needs a trailer forward to give them passing options. Why do people STILL underrate great skaters? damn maybe it's time to bump my old Matthias thread...
  7. All that $&!# talk and Van drops 2 anyway?
  8. Hi all, Was thinking about the first round vs the Flames obviously, and the thought of having Ryan Miller start for the playoffs came to mind in particular. While I do think in the long run, Miller is the better option over Eddie, we should consider a few things. Eddie has played like a starting goalie in each of the lengthy runs he played the past two years. One should not confuse that with him being a better goalie than Miller, but it does show he is well capable of playing at the NHL level. What I think allows Eddie to perform as well as *more athletic* goaltenders is that his nature is very calm, most of the time. Something innate like that, in theory, should be useful in a high pressure string of games. Should we expect him to be great if he starts? Not necessarily, however we can feel about as confident as we can in him; he played considerably well despite not being expected to start this many games this season. Ryan Miller's recent return should not mean that he must start game 1 of this year's playoffs. Goaltenders take the longest to settle into their roles, and we can probably agree that Game 1 is the most intense non-elimination playoff game (the initial hype). Miller unfortunately does not boast huge success in the playoffs nor very recent success. We just saw him quite shaky in game 82 vs EDM, and some of those goals were clearly to rust/resulting nerves. Would it be in the team's best interests to take quite literally all of that with grains of salt, and proceed as usual? I would propose to start Eddie in game 1, then Ryan in game 2. From there you have initial examples of each goalie's current form, and make decisions with that in mind. If Miller was healthy and in form, this would not be up for discussion. With that being said, I do believe Lack can play an actual role in what could well be a semi-final run. More chance this year than vs Sj at least. Objections please.
  9. He gives everyone ice time so nobody thinks about their level of play as much, and tries to move on for their next shift; doesn't necessarily always work, but it's probably necessary for a team with weird mental issues
  10. It looks like Sbisa is still adjusting, or doesn't give a damn. He is underrated, you will all see
  11. Because he was one of the few bright spots in the season last year? It doesn't matter what he did in FL, we saw Santo show up as a no-namer and then ended up 3rd or something in points before injury
  12. Well, we all saw what Matthias could bring to the table last year for a snakebitten team struggling to do anything right. He proved himself to be a pretty decent producer with some puck carrying ability. Now I get that WD wants to use Vey as much as he can (who has been a pleasant surprise for us I daresay), however Matthias at least deserves more ice time than what he is currently getting, which seems to be 4th line minutes. I don't think his game is meant for a 4th line role and should be playing with a playmaker so that he can use his frame and speed to create space, not hits. We saw how Richardson - Matthias - Kassian could work at times last year, as well as Higgins. So he is pretty versatile. Any reason why he is stuck so low in the pecking order?
  13. Still one of the more successful starts in a season for the Canucks. What is the OP's point? That after 5 games, we can make an assessment for the full potential for this team?
  14. Vrbata seems to be a sightly faster, slightly less injury-prone Samuelsson. Why is this a bad thing? Edited to knock on wood