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  1. Jake Virtanen vs William Nylander

    This thread is a joke, and here's why. A carbon copy of this garbage post would have been posted about how Virtanen is bigger and able to handle checks far better than the small Nylander had this team drafted the latter. Is there NOBODY left on this forum who can comport themselves in a manner that doesn't further embarrass this fanbase? Started watching BPL football and damn even the die-hards and homers are more level headed than some of the CDC ragekids and braindeads. What's the actual point of comparing them? There isn't. It is what it is, so move on and perhaps discuss things that are relevant to this team, like oh I don't know, Jake Virtanen!
  2. 41-33-8 with the last wild card spot, and a 7-game 1st round ends in defeat. We'll see
  3. Canucks VS Flames Photoshop Battle

    All that $&!# talk and Van drops 2 anyway?
  4. Draft Virtanen!

    He's a scorer, despite claims he's a playmaker. No, he has eyes for goal and nothing else. Guy can pick out a top corner on a backhander on a breakaway or with 2 guys on him, for God's sake. You can't evaluate all prospects the same way, and Virtanen's definitely a top 10 this year. How many have even watched Virtanen play, I wonder The only question is, a player like Virtanen flourishes in a minimal-contact, open-ice type of hockey, due to his skate and shoot mentality. How that translates into the dead puck era NHL is a different story altogether.
  5. [GDT]-Edmonton-04/12/14

    Maybe he was injured mid-thread and had to play more defensively
  6. [Report] Mike Gillis Fired

    They can't fire Torts after this, so I'm okay with that
  7. Mike Gillis Team 1040 Interview

    Torts reaction to MG interview + his own opinions Very impressive how Torts manages to whip the media while staying calm and rather jovial. For a young team with less proven talent and just coming off the worst season of this generation, a guy like Torts will be invaluable in terms of nullifying media scrutiny and controversy.
  8. [PGT] Season's over

    That's Burrows' reputation, not the hit. Pretty sad that his record is still on file compared to others, though
  9. Jason Garrison potential buyout candidate

    Garrison is one of those players who don't play very well but manage to get points. Edler has made more mistakes that cost the team (goals), but in terms of reliability Garrison is not good against good forwards. He is always a step behind mentally and while he skates hard, his defending is too honest, too predictable. He needs to play more like a Hamhuis to be worth his contract, because at this point Ryan Stanton is a much smarter D-man.
  10. [PGT]Bye Playoffs?
  11. GDT Canucks @ Colorado March 27th 6:00 pm PT

    Bold name choice.
  12. Niederreiter's hit on Burrows

    The contact was the head AND the shoulder, so not sure what bs Shanahan will pull. That said you do see Niederreiter's elbow come up after the impact as though he was focusing he blow towards Burrows' head. It looks more intentional than not, so it merits a suspension in my book
  13. [GDT] Canucks @ Wild

    Two (rather) surprising goals from Booth, shots 2:1 in favor of Minny, Edler saves a goal. Yes, it's 3-1 but it really could be 3-3 or 4-3 if things went a little south.
  14. [GDT] Canucks @ Wild

    This really reflects where we were in 2011...
  15. [GDT] Canucks @ Wild

    Jensen is what Raymond wants to be, and it's just amazing how good this guy looks already