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  1. a lil late and already posted in PGT but still needed to post! Wasn't near computer! Good win!
  2. I wasn't near a computer throughout the game and was waiting for awhile to post this.... Yes a lil late but come on now
  3. That's just typical critics lol
  4. Pretty decent fast paced game. Glad Canucks got the win. Wasn't looking too good though lol WOO!
  5. .... Canucks won? LOL WOO!
  6. they sure built it up but nothing really happening in the sense of revenge type of deal.
  7. The game is going as it is going. Just sitting back and enjoying. Everyone huffing and puffing about this and that. What do you expect? Just laugh it off. The whole season has been mediocre and so will rest of the season. Not being negative but whining and complaining won't change much. Conspiracy this and that really cracks me up a lot. Players need to go and what not and blah blah blah. Pulling your hairs for nothing. Chill out and enjoy.
  8. Missing it... What did he say? lol
  9. Just looking for an entertaining game but a win would be double the pleasure
  10. So on the pp... Let's keep trying the same play that isn't working... ya.... ok.... it's at the point! SHOOT! ugh... Canucks just looking so out of sync and slow today. Not even exciting to watch. Not entertaining. BLAH! Gudbranson always a reason we get scored against? Or am I just tripping? Another pp? oh boy.....
  11. Roller coaster of a game. Very exciting. And Canucks got the win. So much for that disallowed goal hehe.