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  1. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Agreed I was just thinking about it while watching the Brazil game. Mexico is the only team I have seen with any real cohesion to their play.
  2. Dumb libtards raising money for people who crossed the border illegally. How dare they have compassion for illegals? By the way did I mention that they are ILLEGAL and yet libtards are rewarding them with 20M. Just like you my jimmies were rustled.
  3. DPRK stands for Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Who cares?
  4. 1) Fell down an elevator shaft. 2) Abducted by the Muslim brotherhood. 3) Mauled to death by a gorilla 4) Choked on some Ambien.
  5. "He didn't say $&!#hole, he said $&!#house" -Republicans
  6. I suppose it is possible that you are so dull that you don't really have a clue what you are typing or you are an overt racist who is now feigning ignorance.
  7. So @Emmetts thinks he is putting "Canadians first" by depriving First Nations who of course are also Canadians but I think he knew that. Who was the first to guess clam? Looks like we may have a winner, ladies and gentleman.
  8. Are you implying that First Nations aren't Canadian?
  9. Yeah didn't mean to imply that I had anything close to the kind of hardship these kids will deal with.
  10. Pretty much if we are referring to black unemployment.. Obama can take credit for reducing unemployment as a whole but touting black unemployment would still be polishing the turd IMO.
  11. When black unemployment reaches in and around the same level as white employment then you claim that to be a significant achievement. Till then you are just polishing a turd.
  12. I don't give two $&!#s about migrant children. This is demonstrated by the fact that I did not care about them before this news cycle and I will probably forget about them after. With that said heaping more cruelty and misery on these kids is still something I will not stand for. That's what Trump did with this policy, and that's why for a fleeting moment these children entered my conscious mind. Is that what you want to hear? If so I have no qualms admitting it, I have too much $&!# going on in my life to care about migrant children and to dream about solutions to their problems. I only reserve the right to complain when politicians get it wrong or deliberately enact cruel policy for political gain.
  13. Thanks, but I didn't ask for proof of Trump's hypocrisy. That is on regular display when Trump fails to remember words from the anthem and "God bless America".
  14. You forgot the part about dating a black woman. To which I give you... Here is Donald Sterling telling his black girlfriend not to bring n-word(s) to a basketball game. Brace yourself... This maybe shocking to you. A racist doesn't seem to have a problem with dating a black woman. Does that seem logical to you? Probably not but racism is illogical in the first place.
  15. I think you overestimate yourself. Nobody is really outraged by any of your posts. We have had all kinds of right wing imbeciles so we have seen over 2623 pages all the different variations of the same specious arguments. Sorry but we have no outrage to give, you will just have to settle for pity and mild levels of disgust.