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  1. Its weird how ever since Harvey took a vacation (forced or otherwise) Cranium has started to ratchet up the crazy.
  2. [PGT] Colorado Avalanche vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Losing does guarantee you a higher pick. We would not have Pettersson without all those losses last year.
  3. Agreed, not sure what is "interesting" about that tweet if one is aware the account is fake. People misrepresenting their identity on the internet happens every single day, it's literally the opposite of interesting.
  4. [PGT] Colorado Avalanche vs. Vancouver Canucks

    They have bought into the system there in Vegas. Gallant has them playing structured hockey and they have tons and tons of speed in their lineup. They are succeeding by committee and not through individuals. What also helps is that it is a fresh organization and the coach doesn't have to manage egos, you let the players compete amongst themselves for ice time. Not sure how sustainable their success is, it will be interesting to see whether many of these players regress towards the mean in coming years when roles on the team start to become more defined.
  5. Pretty unintelligent response. Surely you could have picked out a better example than the POTUS. There are many issues which India relies on the US, probably the most significant of which is their nuclear wielding arch-rival Pakistan. We have never nor will we ever have that level of influence.
  6. The issue is whether this is racist or not and it is. You hearing something worse does not make this any less racist. This isn't a competition.
  7. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    Agreed. The idea of giving him 5 or 6 years was scary. 3 years is more manageable.
  8. We are making progress against racism, so yes it can be eradicated. Your defeatist attitude is part of the problem, people like MLK and Rosa Parks fought for what they believed in and it resulted in meaningful change. They passed on the torch to future generations. Progress is incremental, we may not see racism eradicated in our lifetime but that doesn't mean there is not hope for future generations Yeah, lets judge the state of racism by putting the dregs of society in a cage and seeing how they divide themselves. In this case the comment was racist, literally everyone with half a brain can see it is racist.
  9. After your post I am about 80% sure that Hypocritical is Harvey's alternate account. That's Harvey's playbook right there. As usual he ignored your post. Interestingly the claim was that Biden was being "creepy" but yet Harvey continues to supports a man who had this to say when asked a question about his infant daughter. The self-proclaimed "centrist" doesn't have any issue with that.
  10. Sorry Hugor but you are just not their type. Trump supporting women prefer their men to be red blooded sexual harrassers and abusers. If you fail at objectifying women then at the very least you need to have punched a couple of your previous partners.
  11. What a shocker. India's right-wing fundamentalist leader cozies up to other right-wing leaders.
  12. Alberta to Stop BC Wine Imports

    The stats show that boredom is overwhelmingly the leading cause of death in Alberta.
  13. I am starting to become more and more convinced that @Hypocritical Cranium is @Harvey Spector. I wouldn't hold my breath for a response, I got back "someone has a crush on HC".