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  1. They are wary of her. She crushed Harris with her record, beat her on the head with it. She seems to have the savvy and seems motivated to go after the top candidates. I like her personally, she has exposed some of the hypocrisy on the left and she is weeding out some of the poorer candidates from the mix. Harris flustered and flailing around afterwards made it clear that she was not the right choice. Edit: thought you were referring to Gabbard and this was the other thread.
  2. Albertan separatism makes no sense. Becoming a country isn't going to make Alberta's oil any less land locked. In fact they will lose access to the existing pipeline and will hence have even less leverage when dealing with the Americans. You are better off working within the current framework to get a deal done. I am sure threatening separatism makes many Albertans feel warm and fuzzy but it scares absolutely no one, especially in Ottawa.
  3. Toews

    NFL thread

    Lets agree to disagree. To me the event that preceded Brown getting cut is significant. Texting your accuser a picture of her kids is just craziness on another level. No NFL team would have kept Brown on the roster after that... well maybe the Redskins.
  4. Toews

    NFL thread

    I disagree. Kraft got involved because it was hurting the Patriots brand. Owners care about money more than image, I agree with @NucksPatsFan that Brown would have been the big ticket draw that Moss was. The Patriots don't need Brown but it made sense both for the brand and the football team. Kraft cut bait once Brown's shenanigans began damaging the Patriots brand. I disagree with @NucksPatsFan regarding that press conference, I don't believe Belichick would let questions from the media influence his decisions. Belichick can whip the media into shape, walking out of the press conference was just the opening salvo. Reporters care about access more than they care about specifics. Belichick would have leveraged that to get them to shut up about Brown. I believe this was all Kraft, if Belichick was on board, he would have delivered the news to Brown instead.
  5. I think I will wait a few more days before making a real one. More elections are lost rather than won, and someone will surely say or do something stupid that might sway the public.
  6. I am reading on Twitter that there are some credible rumours out there that there happens to be a video of Andrew Scheer singing "Born in the USA". This was after I had read about some astute posters (intellectuals really) on the forum 4chan had sleuthed out that our PM bore a strong resemblance to the late Cuban PM Fidel Castro. I have written to all the relevant law enforcement agencies demanding that a full investigation be done. I have also written both candidates demanding that they release their birth certificates. I also recently had a dream where Jagmeet Singh becomes PM, and right as he is about to be sworn in... Naturally I sent this video and a detailed account of my premonition to the authorities. If I had to make a prediction I would say a 5 seat majority for Voldemort.
  7. I can only listen to Trump for a minute before I have to turn it off. I wonder how people manage to stick around through entire rallies, I would have to get hammered first.
  8. Greta has the right to freedom of expression in Canada. If grown men feel uncomfortable attacking her, then that is their problem and not hers. She shouldn't have to shut up because some conservatives like to froth at the mouth about liberal political figures but feel bad because it is a 16 year old this time.
  9. Who are "these people"? I have an issue with Greta being heavily promoted by the media to lead a movement when there are probably more qualified candidates out there. There is no reason why children cannot talk about politics though, we should encourage them to in fact.
  10. Toews

    NFL thread If true it looks like Tom Brady just might get his old lineman back!
  11. A more effective boycott would be of businesses which operate in free countries like USA and Canada and do the bidding of China. You can still do business with China but on our soil you adhere to the principles and beliefs that our countries was founded upon. This applies to any employees and staff, they should be allowed to express themselves freely on any medium and if some authoritarian does not like to hear the truth, then tough $&!#. If you can't stand by that employee then you might as well pack up your business and head permanently to China and deal exclusively with them. I am legitimately a little disturbed that professing belief in ideals like democracy and freedom can suddenly become "complex", "bizarre", "convoluted". Those are the words I have seen much of sports world use in regards to this incident. Otherwise intelligent people feigning ignorance or lack of understanding when the issue is rather simple, rather black and white, either you believe in democracy and rights for individuals or you don't. If you cannot comment because of the league's business relationship with China, then say that out loud instead of pulling a Homer Simpson.
  12. Thread title was edited due to popular demand.
  13. Its "race baiting" to state the obvious. Not to mention the uniform worship where everybody who signs up to be a cop be given a gold star and be designated the status of "community hero". This means that the problem is never adequately addressed and excuses are always made. The Klan and other hate groups have throughout history attempted to infiltrate and influence law enforcement. They have done so successfully because so many people like to have their blinders on when it comes to law enforcement. Given a license to carry a deadly weapon, being able to dole out justice and having an illusion of authority and control is exactly what attracts the wrong crowd to this job. Supply often isn't enough to meet, hence there are some who simply slip through the cracks. The reality is that there are some cops out there who are simply thugs in a uniform. These people do not respect the uniform nor are they out there with a mindset of protect and serve. Until people stop living in denial and face reality, stories like this will continue to surface every now and again.
  14. I believe there are numerous bills passed to prevent people from voicing hatred towards minorities. But my point Alf is the responsibility of private citizens and entities. I don't think you have any right to harm any individual but you can tell them to take their rhetoric elsewhere. You can make sure that you aren't providing them a platform for such speech. They can go have their meetings in a basement somewhere like all the other sad low-lifes.
  15. There is a counterargument to this. There are many Imam's out there preaching hate about the world. It isn't hard to present a convincing case that the Western world has decimated quite a few Muslim majority countries. This can be used as a tool to radicalize our youth, its not the police, authorities and politicians who are in the room when such radicalization occurs. It is the responsibility of common citizens then to put a stop to this. Religious leaders who preach hatred should be tossed and its beneficial to the whole group if its common citizens doing the tossing rather than authorities.