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  1. The only thing worse than selling weapons to the Saudis would be to subsidize the purchase. Just like the alternative to paying Omar Khadr 10M was paying him up to 20M. The OP is so hell-bent on attacking Trudeau that he will accuse you of supporting terrorism if you bring up anything inconvenient to his train of thought, ie. Trudeau supports terrorists.
  2. We all have to grow up some time. Lets hope he is putting in an honest effort.
  3. Toews

    NFL thread

    I saw that Packers-Niners game in the regular season. It looked ugly, just no answer from Green Bay for that pass rush. Rodgers a complete non-factor. Lets hope the Packers can do some blocking this time around.
  4. Toews

    NFL thread

    This will be spun as a Kansas City chokejob. The Texans D doesn't seem like they have it in them to stop Henry, that will be the topic of discussion imo.
  5. I will believe in a Hispanic/African American turnout for Trump when I see one. So far the evidence I have seen cited of Trump's growing popularity among POC seems to be coming from mostly GOP backed entities. Unemployment was trending down under Obama as well, the question even then was what were the Democrats going to do to address stagnant wages and combat increasing income inequality. Coming up with solutions for that problem without losing the center/independents is the biggest challenge. I still believe that while Sleepy Joe won't ignite this base, he is Trump's biggest challenger. Trump took extraordinary measures to try to dig up dirt on Biden, seemingly he isn't as confident about re-election as some of his supporters here seem to be. I don't believe that this go around a Democrat needs to "energize" the base, Trump has already taken care of that. The question is if the Dems shoot themselves in the foot before they even get to face Trump by electing a Bernie/Warren and losing the center.
  6. The anthem change was very disheartening but what makes me especially sad is the word "wifebeater" being insidiously purged by the PC police. Of course being a big fan of wifebeaters, I simply could not let this injustice stand. They can change the anthem but they damn sure ain't going to make me sing it that way. The same goes for wifebeaters, I will call it a wifebeater if I so choose to do so. All those who love your wifebeaters, join me in this protest. I will soon be creating a GoFundMe page, I expect it will raise significant funds so that we can raise awareness about this issue. The public has to be made aware of their Orwellian tactics.
  7. Can you ever trust a so-con who tells you that they don't want to touch the abortion issue ala Scheer? Anyone who takes away that right from women will be hailed as the second coming by many of these people, far too much incentive for them not to try, if given the opportunity.
  8. There is no honour in losing. You have to be able to adjust the way you play to the standard of the officiating. Besides in a short tournament no one will remember nor care who played the game 'the right way'. We have our gold medal and I couldn't be more ecstatic.
  9. Truly amazing read. Didn't think it was possible but I appreciate Petey even more now. As incredible as he is as a player, he might be an even better person. The attention and the scrutiny will never get to his head.
  10. Exactly I got good at spotting extremists like you. Go whine some more about Trudeau supporting terrorists, maybe you can share some backslapping with your Canada hating Wexit buddies.
  11. I wonder why people even bother to respond to him, he is a joke. Flip flops whenever it is convenient, still has yet to figure out whether he cares about Trudeau wearing black/brownface.
  12. No medals for Finland after they tossed us out last year.
  13. Toews

    NFL thread

    If hating a team is stupid then so is cheering for one. At the end of the day neither you nor I have benefited in any tangible way unless of course you bet some money on the game. You derive satisfaction from seeing the Patriots succeed, I do so when they fail.