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  1. A double digit cap hit is the going rate for tier 1 money now. The 7M that Brock wants is almost certainly tier 2 money now. The market has changed and you are still living in the past. There is nothing unreasonable about what Brock has asked for. Its a negotiation so he will almost certainly have to give a little and they should find some common ground. Nylander got 7M for back to back 60 point seasons, but I would wager Brock has more value as Nylander is more of a playmaking winger. Brock scores more goals and hence is more valuable. Yes, it awful having to pay all your good players what they are worth.
  2. Ignorance isn't always equal to stupidity except in the case of the willfully ignorant. For example I could tell you that CBD oil isn't something that "pot heads" are interested in but you will still continue to make baseless assumptions about people you don't know, on subjects you don't really understand.
  3. Ok... your argument still doesn't make any sense.. Explain 17-18 when Boeser put up 55 points in 62 games, the highest ppg he's had in a season was without Pettersson. I guess you are just going to credit the twins for his success? I suppose I just find it funny that I don't remember you expressing these incredible insights a few months ago when there were no rumoured contract demands.
  4. Boeser showed us he didn't need Pettersson when he almost won the Calder the season before. No one is buying what you are selling.
  5. None of the RFAs have signed the dotted line so singling out Laine seems unfair to me. Laine doesn't deserve 10M, his atrocious 5v5 play last year will eat into his salary or make him settle for a bridge. He can ask for whatever he wants imo He is one of the best in the world at a very valuable skill and that is putting the puck in the net. How many players scored 100 NHL goals before turning 21? Probably not a long list since the dead puck era. If Winnipeg doesn't want to pay him, whatever he thinks is fair then he is entitled to go the distance. Jeff Skinner just got paid 9M/year because the Sabres couldn't afford to lose the goals that he is going to score. Goalscorers have considerable value and thats what BMac thinks got Skinner and Matthews paid. We shall see but I think the top end gets set and I think the guys lower on the rung then get their money. Brock being goalscorer carries more weight than most people here think imo. Durability should be considered but it can also be argued that Brock doesn't have any chronic issues with the same injury. His injuries have been more of the freak variety but maybe the back injury will end up a factor in negotiations? From what it looks like both Benning and Boeser(& his agent) are waiting for the market to get set and for that to happen one of these RFAs will have to cave. Hopefully Marner or Rantanen sign soon as the guys lower on the totem pole are looking to these guys to see what the market is willing to pay.
  6. We shall agree to disagree. But I don't believe that Marner or for that matter Boeser should have to take even a penny less. Its the GMs job to not mismanage the cap and put a team together that can win, its not the responsibility of the player.
  7. To us? Of course it isn't, but I don't know about you but most people want to get paid relative to their production. McDavid imo gave Edmonton a discount when he signed the deal to begin with. 12.5M is still less than what was his true worth. Some have argued that he stayed close to the 15% range that Crosby got so that he could avoid criticism. Whatever it is it now looks like McDavid a player who is much better than Matthews will likely end up making quite a lot less that what he should have received. Players do compare bank accounts and lets not forget Matthews plays on a much better team in a much more visible market. There is a reason we are sitting here in August and no one has signed and its because the cat is out of the bag and players realize their worth and are not taking a penny less because it isn't the job of the player to figure out the cap. We shall see but I see this as a precedent setting summer at least as far as contracts for star players.
  8. I would wager the only teams that can come close to putting together a competitive offer to an actual NHL team are definitely from the KHL and the two specific ones I can think of are CSKA (would give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Moscow Mitch') and SKA.
  9. Eriksson, Ladd, Lucic, Okposo, Backes all hit the UFA market at the same time, how many of those contracts would you take over Nylander or Ehlers? Actually don't answer because anything more than 0 is objectively false. Regardless of your opinion of Nylander or Ehlers, they carry more value on the market than any of the above mentioned players despite all that the older players have "proven". Because "proven" is in the past, projecting who is going to perform, you take the guys that are still in their prime vs the ones that are already over the hill. I stole this HF but this illustrates the picture with guys that were signed in the past compared to now and we see consistently that RFAs are drastically outperforming their contracts. Even the ones not mentioned on here that people bellyache about like the Nugent-Hopkins contract, I think he will easily outperform that contract considering what Kevin Hayes just signed for this offseason. This article is also worth a look. There is also this Athletic article which expounds on the RFA standoff. Ironically Bellichick is notorious for dumping players before anyone realized they'd lost a step. As great of a coach he is, IMO he might be the greatest GM of all time as well. Sentimentality and loyalty aren't part of Bellichick's mentality. It is whether you can do the job or someone else will. The proof is in the pudding, you just have to look past the fluff to spot it.
  10. Oh no i definitely got that. I am just projecting it for whoever the future McDavid is. If you are a generational talent and you end up on a $&!#ty team in a $&!#ty place, would you want your $&!#ty teammates to be making as much or nearly as much dough as you? McDavid is frustrated and he makes 12.5M a year, can you imagine his frustrations if his salary had been capped at 8M a year? More importantly it begs the question why should the players that produce take significantly less so that the team can sign a bunch of slugs who get paid exorbitant amounts of money for doing much of nothing.
  11. Again I don't know where you live but in Canada, 'hipster' is not considered "current fashion".
  12. The PA will never agree to that because IMO its a pretty ridiculous suggestion. McDavid is carrying that team, he and Draisatl are the only reason one would bother to even turn on an Oilers game. He is also going to drastically outperform his current contract which IMO underpaid him the moment he signed it. Dock him 30% of his salary so that the likes of Lucic Neal can get paid whatever they do is cause for him to just say "&^@# it, just trade me." The same goes for a guy like Eichel, why would he want to stick around in Buffalo? What if I told you, you had to take a paycut to go live in Somalia? I would argue that teams already have too much leverage with the way the offer sheet compensation is set up. To me sports is a meritocracy, I understand league economics dictate that the same cannot be reflected in player salaries but the idea of Petey having to take a significant haircut while Eriksson makes 6M just seems like cruel and unusual punishment for the stars that drive this league.
  13. I don't know where you live but I live in Canada and the men here dress like men.