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  1. Great idea. I say we revoke Sidney Crosby's citizenship as well for spending too much time in Pittsburgh. We already got apollo, he has been calling Burnaby Joe a traitor for years. Together me, you and apollo will Make Canadian Hockey Great Again.
  2. We may need to consult with a lawyer but I am sure there is some precedence for 'good samaritan' punching.
  3. Toews

    Kinder Morgan Pipeline Talk

    Looks like we are both finding this thread entertaining. I can't stop laughing at the hypocrisy coming out of Alberta. But yeah, hopefully this shiz finally gets built and we can start printing money while making sure adequate measures are in place to manage any situation.
  4. Toews

    Kinder Morgan Pipeline Talk

    Talk about emissions is funny coming from a crowd that has always cited developing countries like India and China as reasons not to care about regulating emissions.
  5. No one seems to care that there is billions worth of money laundering going on in the Canadian housing market. The Feds don't give a hoot because the money helps boost the economy which I am sure makes the stats look better. Whether it be Trudeau or Harper they all want to point to the numbers and say "See, I told you I am better at this than the last guy. Now vote for me." Meanwhile most young people don't have a prayer of owning homes in the neighborhoods they grew up in but I am sure some greasy politician can't stop raving about our economic gains from the housing market. People like to bash millennials as lazy, sensitive etc. In reality we are screwed by the choices of those that came before us. Maybe millennials would be less sensitive and less worried about their perceived rights, if they knew that their next paycheck actually managed to make a dent in their mortgage/student loans etc.
  6. I may not always agree with @kingofsurrey but I must say I find his approach to the intellectual dishonesty from CC deniers to be far more...rewarding. I am rusty on my banjo jokes though.
  7. Al Gore is a trigger word for CC denying numpties.
  8. In an interview he did admit that in hindsight he should have revamped the scouting department a lot sooner. He decided to give some of the guys who had been with the organization a chance to see whether there was anything there. Overall though it was by far Gillis' biggest blindspots. He didn't have the scouting background required to effectively judge his scouting staff on anything except results and often conclusions regarding a draft class usually cannot be made until a few years. It does make you wonder though, if Gillis had cleaned house, things might have turned out a little different with that team.
  9. Let's keep Oilers fans around so that we have someone to point and laugh at.
  10. Toews

    Mass shooting at Thousand Oaks bar

    So let's see decades long problem...multiple highly intelligent, motivated individuals couldn't solve it... Therefore the public decided to put their faith in the village idiot? There is a wide gap between reasonable solutions to a problem and the Trumpian solution. The Trumpian solution is almost always far more inefficient and seeks only to soothe Donald Trump's oft bruised ego. So effectively this latest tantrum is because of Ann Coulter's tweets.
  11. Toews

    Mass shooting at Thousand Oaks bar

    Didn't Obama deport a record number of people? Wasn't he given the nickname "deporter-in-chief" by some? Maybe Obama's long decried policies deterred illegal immigration? This post was inspired by @Alflives.
  12. What about the Jets with Buff and Kane? Or the time the Thrashers tried to trade for all the black players thinking it might appeal to the demographics in Atlanta.
  13. Screenshot is real. Story is still fake.
  14. Too bad would have been an instant Chiarelli classic.