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  1. A nanny state is only necessarily because of harebrained 'muh freedom' dumbasses, ie. clowns who think they are 'rebels'. In normal circumstances no one would pay them any attention, but now these people feel empowered because their actions have direct and disastrous consequences on others. Its a nirvana for these assholes looking for attention,
  2. I bet we see another "suicide". Trump, Clinton, Royal family, nobody wants to see this rock overturned.
  3. Holy crap I think I just got a massive Kassian deja vu.
  4. I think Jake was trying to get a dig in at Leipsic with his "worst crew ever" hat. I have no problem with it I just think his agent needs to turn off the data plan on his phone.
  5. Is it just me or is the 'media' less critical of McEnany than they were of Hucka-Sanders. I was just thinking about this the other day, McEnany stays on my screen longer. For some reason I am less likely to change the channel when McEnany is delivering her propaganda as opposed to Hucka-Sanders. While I don't find the lies of either to be believable, I do think I am more tolerant of McEnany's lying than I was with Hucka-Sanders. I wonder if others have noticed a similar effect. If I follow this trail of thought to its eventual conclusion, I think I would find it much more tolerable living under a fascist regime if it was led by a group of super models instead of a bunch of middle-aged men.
  6. Brett strikes me as a spiteful person, I think he will always side with Trump regardless of the facts. He has a vote and he will probably see every vote as a '&^@# you' to the progressives who made him lie about 'Devil's triangle' and 'boofing'.
  7. While I do agree this is part of the problem, I believe the bigger issue in the USA is the politicization of masks. You have people being fed propaganda making masks an issue of civil liberty. If Trump had gone the same route as Ford and encouraged the use of masks, you would see much less push back. If Trump had condemned the fools who thought they knew better than the experts, it would have further diminished these incidents. Heck Trump could have sold MAGA masks and, made masks a patriotic duty if he had wanted to.
  8. I have read opinions about this that are cynical of Roberts' motive. While anti-abortion laws make the Republican base happy, they galvanize support on the left. I have read some opinions that state that the Republicans could have overturned Roe v. Wade any time they wanted but it would just be a very unpopular decision that will get them killed at the polls. I don't think its too far out there, the hardline anti-abortionists don't represent enough of the electorate to win an election. But one still needs to keep up with the pretense of an effort to strike down abortion to get them to the polls. Roberts then effectively serves as a shield, bearing the brunt of the backlash for this decision, absolving the rest of the GOP. While they publicly denounce the decision in order to virtue-signal to their voters, they thank Roberts privately for keeping the status-quo going.
  9. I never go by what I see in the bio, I have seen Poole call himself "socially liberal" while I have yet to see him go to bat for socially liberal causes. Is Tim Poole championing LGBT rights? I have not seen him make that part of his focus at all. So why even call yourself something like that unless you are trying hard to appear like you are straddling some some of 'centrist' line. I am a firm believer in your thoughts and opinions express your identity not adopting some buzz worthy labels like "disaffected liberal". Unfortunately the very reality of the business of political commentary is you have to give your base what it wants, and Poole has established his support and he needs to make a living off of his platform. Therefore he is incentivized into giving his base the kind of red meat that will generate views. I actually thought that Poole was at his best sitting across Jack Dorsey, I thought he asked some incisive questions. If he gave up his political commentary, I think he could make a credible journalist but the money isn't there to be an independent journalist, which is why you see so many of these guys doing political commentary instead. It's what brings in views, people like commentary which reinforces their ideals, go against that and they will find someone else.
  10. Toews

    NFL thread

    Tampa is paying 43 old Tom Brady 18M more than Cam Newton. BB is a god damn wizard.
  11. The lottery is run by one of the big law firms Ernst and Young. If the league was rigging the lottery they wouldn't have given pick after pick to the Oilers. Occam's razor, the simplest explanation is most likely to be the truth.The lottery is just incompetence on the league's part not some kind of nefarious plot.
  12. Just like there are those who are emotionally invested in this being the work of a malicious racist, on the other side there are those who are desperate to believe in some version of 'Bubba Smollett'. The truth will be one out of an infinite number of possibilities, the only way we can narrow down our focus is by asking questions.
  13. I would have sided with you but now the whole thing seems even more suspicious. From I have read, NASCAR themselves saw the noose as something irregular from the norm and this type of knot was the only used on one specific garage, which just happened to have the lone black man in that sport. If 10 guys were offered apples, but the lone black guy in that group was offered a banana, would that still be "people want to see the worst possibility". I won't rule out the possibility that this might be one of Wallace's own crew members but something definitely seems awry here and I am not entirely secure with the FBI's verdict. Whoever put that noose there I would wager they knew what they were doing.
  14. I included my experience with cops to highlight that I had little to no understanding of what it means to be black and dealing with cops in the USA. When I think about policy that affects me, I would never have even conceived of putting policing anywhere on the list. Now it is at the forefront of everyone's attention, including my own. I am paying attention to what cops are doing in this country, how they apprehend suspects, the manner in which they address citizens, etc. I suppose that's how I define 'caring'. I am no activist but I can at least make this one of the issues I focus on when I head to a ballot box.