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  1. That's just what we tell all the normies that show up at the Meet&Greets. The reality is just far more disturbing, brace yourself for this one... NASA is actually a front for cheese eating cannibals. Of course these aren't just regular cannibals, these are the kind of monsters who prefer their human with a dash of cheese. Obviously the Democrats have known about this all along, many prominent Democrats are a part of this CC (Cannibal Cabal). Take Chuck Schumer, who has been consuming human beings for as long as he has been alive. His birth certificate is forged, he is actually 125 years old but has been cannibalizing babies to keep himself alive, a mysterious compound by the name of adrenochrome. Look it up, see what people are saying on Twitter! Don't be surprised if the CC don't come along and nuke this forum because of this post, they want to hide the truth! They need adrenochrome in order to stay alive! EDIT: EARTH IS FLAT!
  2. Jones was playing behind Weber and Ellis. RHD is a tough position to fill, so its often the position that you can climb the depth chart quickly as a young player especially if there is a lack of competition which happens frequently on bad teams. My point is that you cannot look at the situation that each player came up in and see it as equivalent. Nashville had 2 very good RHD ahead of Jones. Ekblad had Gudbranson, and a broken down Willie Mitchell.
  3. Nah nf is right, many of them don't have the balls to go that far, their life ambition also isn't to stack the Supreme Court, no matter what they campaign on. The only danger is Trump bullying them all into submission, which is definitely possible. Also RIP to Ginsburg, she did her part in making life less $&!#ty for women and minorities. Its a shame that is being overshadowed a bit by the political implications.
  4. I would have preferred to watch the Islanders hoist the Cup, but this result at least means I will watch more of the Finals than just the highlights.
  5. I do vaguely remember the phrase "winning/losing culture" being popular in CDC's lexicon pre-2016.
  6. I can't say I blame you for the sentiment. Any man who lays a hand on a woman isn't really a man at all, just straight up trash. I personally do believe that as human beings we have the capability to show remorse for our actions and change, hence my perspective.
  7. That's exactly why I think we can sign Voynov, when you have the right structure and culture in place the system can handle one or two 'characters' so to speak. Just go back and look at the list of Cup winning teams, or even look back to some of the most successful organizations. Just take the New England Patriots, they were able to seamlessly bring players in and out, many of them suspect characters but they managed to do so because there was a clearly defined structure. If player refuses to meet the standards of that structure and culture, they are gone. Voynov grew up playing in Russia, he is used to falling in line with the structure, and there were no rumours as far as I can find of any issues in LA. At the end of the day to me its about whether people can stomach having a man that beat his wife half to death if he helps win hockey games. A lot of people simply cannot, hence the PR cost is quite frankly too high, it would need to come with a championship attached to it like it did for the Astros and the Patriots, although you can make the argument that is diminished due to unrelated scandals.
  8. Sorry Heffy but I would volunteer to drive them all to the airport if it came with a Cup. In any case this was an interesting thought exercise. To me there is no wrong answer here, I never really thought that Voynov was remotely a possibility but it was an interesting scenario to contemplate. I am not at all disappointed by the answers, I do think domestic violence is a serious issue and I am glad to see posters feel very strongly about it as well.
  9. You are confusing me for someone with an altruistic motive. Voynov has a skillset that is both rare and extremely valuable. His resume has accolades that effectively put him in the top 1% of 1% in his chosen profession. Simply put he is damn good at what he does, the only question is the cost, in Voynov's case that matter is significantly complicated by his history of domestic violence. Signing him would come at a significant cost in terms of PR and the hope would be that you can offset it by the value that he brought on the ice. Not all Astros fans were pleased when their team signed Roberto Osuna but curiously he wasn't on their mind too often when they celebrated winning a championship.
  10. True but a good culture can accept one or two questionable characters. I also make no presumptions about Voynov's character nor his professionalism. As far as I know there was never an issue in the locker room in his time in LA. If he can fall in line then he can be a useful player for the Canucks. But this thread is mostly to gauge how people feel about potentially signing him. It is my personal belief that people can grow and should be given the opportunity to make up for the mistakes that they make in their life. Before anything I think a decent psych evaluation would be necessary. I would also talk to his teammates and coaches to get a better sense of how he interacts with those around him. But what he did does not preclude me from considering signing him, as long as I see some remorse/repentance and maybe some growth.
  11. Pros RHD UFA Experienced Cup Winner Likely future member of the Triple Gold Club Would likely be a decent buffer for Tryamkin/Podkolzin Cons Convicted Wife-beater Hasn't played in the NHL in a while Obviously what he did is heinous, but based on his experience, accolades and the position that he plays, he holds considerable value. He would fill a need for us and will probably only require a 1 year 'show me' contract ie. doesn't need to be protected in expansion draft. Worth pursuing or not is the question... The upside is a top pairing RHD...the downside... well you already know what it is.
  12. Are you aware both Danault and Drouin are from Quebec? Pretty sure there is going to be some Qubecois export tax (probably a 1st round pick).
  13. Not a prospect ranking if Pronman is including NHLers who are no longer Calder eligible next season. I would advise the OP to change the title to "organizational rankings" for accuracy.
  14. Damn, that's a yuuuuge crowd! Now we just need Sean Spicer to confirm that it was the largest crowd ever assembled.