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  1. Toews

    NBA Discussion

    I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw people complaining about the Raptors winning because it meant 'Toronto won'. These are the people I would not invite to parties just because of how much a wet blanket they are. There is now a better chance of another team coming here than ever before and that's because a CANADIAN team won. The ratings for the Finals are incredible, country-wide. Hockey will always be king but hopefully the NBA will start to challenge the NHL in the hierarchy, maybe the competition might scare uncle Gary into tossing a few Cups our way.
  2. If you are going to propose we stop including our best players in proposals then you should suggest we do the same with other team's best players as well. Personally I don't really care who goes into the proposals as long as they actually make sense. The purpose of proposals is to generate discussion, its not like anyone here actually has the authority to make trades. So people need to chill with the "OMG he is trying to ship out Bo/Brock!". The issue with the majority of these proposals is that they completely misjudge value nor they bother to consider precedent. Moreover the more pieces one includes in the trade the harder it becomes to judge value. So the result is that you have 9 different players from 4 different teams moving with 3 of them having NTCs to boot but the poster hasn't bothered to even address those issues. I have only made a few proposals and they have all been 1 for 1 with maybe a single pick thrown in to compensate for value, keep it simple because that's how it usually is in reality as well. If I were making a Boeser proposal I would be looking for a young RHD preferably with size, Parayko comes to mind. But that's what I would ask for knowing we are a team that struggles to score goals, trading away the best years of our best goalscorer. If someone can similarly manage to put some sort of thought into their proposal and explain that logic, then it would still be a worthwhile read even if I do not necessarily agree.
  3. Where are you getting this? From what I remember Kapanen was stapled to Matthews' RW.
  4. Toews


    So I have been following the World Cup and the one thing I can't stand about cricket is that they don't bother replaying the matches. How tf does a game just get "rained out"? Complete BS and the fact that it is helping shape the outcome of the World Cup is egregious.
  5. Toews

    NBA Discussion

    That's a future choice. I won't begrudge him regardless. Kawhi has proven that Lebron's so called 'feats' in the Eastern conference were not so impressive as the competition was fairly weak. The Leastern conference has been cake walk all these years because all you had was 'Playoff P' and Demar standing in the way of the "King". Like I have always said Lebron is an all time great player but his achievements are just as inflated as his head.
  6. That's it? Mine has over 9000 but I am afraid I cannot share it as it is proprietary information. Looks like you will just have to take my word for it, which on anonymous forum clearly holds a lot of weight.
  7. Toews

    NBA Discussion

    Happy for Lebron. He knows he is no Kawhi Leonard so he needs to go out and get a top 5 player in order to compete for championships. No one's legacy has taken a hit more this year than the so called "King", so he desperately need to win next year. As we saw Kawhi went through a much tougher Eastern conference than the watered down version that Lebron played the last few years. Lebron and his fans also love to pump up the 2016 Warriors as that "73-9 team" but as we are all seeing there is a reason Steph boarded that plane and went down to the Hamptons to recruit Durant. This same Warriors team also went down 3-1 to the Thunder and managed to dig their way out of that hole. They simply aren't as great as Lebron and his biggest fans would want you to believe. Don't get me wrong Lebron will always be an all-time great possibly top 5 but he shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jordan, who has him outclassed by a large margin. tldr: Kawhi is the best player in the league and unlike Lebron does not need to stack a roster in order to get his rings.
  8. Typical Trump fanboys. Rikishi was objectively the better choice.
  9. When Spicer left the job, I thought that Trump would run through these Press Secs like he does a plate of cheeseburgers. The job took its toll on Spicer. I think it would for most people when you have to lie to your country regularly on behalf of your boss or to defend the excrement that comes out of his mouth. But Sarah was definitely up for the task. She was not worried about her credibility in the least and as far as integrity she possessed none. I believe those are all the qualifications one requires to be successful as a Trump appointee. It was a match made in heaven. I am sure Trump won't have to look too far to find someone just as capable.
  10. My thoughts on the SCF: Seeing long droughts end gives me hope that ours can end soon as well. I don't see this as a negative at all. Vancouver's time will come, I just hope it comes soon enough for some our older fans who have waited decades. I am not someone who takes any pleasure at seeing people's dreams get crushed especially with the effort that it takes to get to this point in the season but seeing Marchand crying was cathartic. I have never been able to muster up enough energy to hate the rat but I did detest him for his antics the year after. I can forgive much of anything if it is done in the interest of winning but the rat's taunting and antics afterwards were disrespectful, immature and above all else unnecessary. You are the WINNER, its never hard to show class when you have won. Not every troll gets his comeuppance but I think it felt that way when he skated off and the Blues scored.
  11. Illegal immigrants should be prosecuted and deported but after due process is provided to them as in they have to prove that removing them from the country would put their life in jeopardy. Those that are positive contributors to the community should be provided work permits. What I see from most Americans is simply callousness and inhumanity, they do not care about the lives of these so called "illegals". They want them all gone regardless of motive, regardless of circumstance, regardless of consequence. Seeing some Americans cheering when illegal immigrants are being killed or pelted with tear gas is quite frankly sickening. Seeing them get all giddy over the suffering of other human beings just highlights how out of touch they are. But I am not all that surprised, the cold reality is that American decadence has always been paid for and sponsored by the blood of the millions of innocent people killed to maintain their global hegemony. The fact that they are throwing up their hands instead of extending them in the face of a humanitarian crisis is entirely predictable.
  12. I think I might have to be to make sense of your posts.
  13. I didn't know that the bar for "100% reporting accuracy" is never having to retract a single statement. Poor Alex Jones, until recently when he had to blame "psychosis" for his Sandy Hook conspiracies, he too had this impressive "100% reporting accuracy", having never retracted his "report" on gay frogs and Hillary being a lesbian robot.
  14. He deliberately misquotes me, by deleting a single word from my post twisting the meaning. Rather pathetic but that's what Trump supporters are like. They are the worst hypocrites, and they lack the self-reflection required to see it. It's a quality that they share with their Orange Messiah.