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  1. Illegal immigrants should be prosecuted and deported but after due process is provided to them as in they have to prove that removing them from the country would put their life in jeopardy. Those that are positive contributors to the community should be provided work permits. What I see from most Americans is simply callousness and inhumanity, they do not care about the lives of these so called "illegals". They want them all gone regardless of motive, regardless of circumstance, regardless of consequence. Seeing some Americans cheering when illegal immigrants are being killed or pelted with tear gas is quite frankly sickening. Seeing them get all giddy over the suffering of other human beings just highlights how out of touch they are. But I am not all that surprised, the cold reality is that American decadence has always been paid for and sponsored by the blood of the millions of innocent people killed to maintain their global hegemony. The fact that they are throwing up their hands instead of extending them in the face of a humanitarian crisis is entirely predictable.
  2. I think I might have to be to make sense of your posts.
  3. I didn't know that the bar for "100% reporting accuracy" is never having to retract a single statement. Poor Alex Jones, until recently when he had to blame "psychosis" for his Sandy Hook conspiracies, he too had this impressive "100% reporting accuracy", having never retracted his "report" on gay frogs and Hillary being a lesbian robot.
  4. He deliberately misquotes me, by deleting a single word from my post twisting the meaning. Rather pathetic but that's what Trump supporters are like. They are the worst hypocrites, and they lack the self-reflection required to see it. It's a quality that they share with their Orange Messiah.
  5. Sure let's play. Trump fans are often extremely delusional and especially prone to flights of fancy. So this would just be more par for the course...
  6. Apropos that the Trump fan is the only one that is "Confused'.
  7. I can only think of one poster who spends just about every waking moment complaining about Trudeau. Ironically this person goes around accusing others of being "obsessed" with US politics for not sharing his obsession with Trudeau. Let's see if he can see the contradiction in his two accusations, 'obsessed with US politics' and 'self destruct if Scheer wins'.
  8. I wouldn't worry too much about this. Ryan accuses anyone who isn't guzzling down copious amounts of CPC or UCP sauce as being a "far lefty", its lost all meaning now that everyone by now has been accused of being a "far lefty". He would have to get out of the oil patch to come up with higher IQ insults. In any case I just had to needle Ryan while he is hard at work defending Kenney. 5 posts in a row on this page whiteknighting for Jason, impressive work. Back to my self-imposed sabbatical.
  9. Taking a 30 day break from all optional online activity. Reading a book made me realize how many hours I spend mindlessly browsing. Not to mention my almost compulsive need to check my phone at the slightest hint of boredom. I do believe it is an addiction that I have but one that is easy to justify when you see the same behaviour all around you. I thought about waiting till the end of the season but I figured it would be easier to stay motivated while the message is still fresh.


    Book is below, for those who are curious. Will report back on my progress in a month's time. Hoping that I last longer than a couple of days lol.



  10. It's been 8 years since I graduated high school and I feel the exact same way especially after you go travel around the world. I don't think it's about just providing kids with resources which we have. We should be challenging them which we don't do enough of. It definitely feels like the curriculum was designed not to make sure that it suited the learning habits of the average student but so that poorest student can still achieve a passing grade. We coddle the kids and they emerge often unprepared for the next phase of their life.
  11. Pray tell, how many Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg games have you watched this year?
  12. Ok, what do you think was Gillis' strength? What exactly contributed to us finishing one win away from a Cup? Gillis' drafting was abysmal, you are seemingly objective about that but you cannot seem to give him credit for where he succeeded which was to put enough depth around the core to take us one win away from a Cup. I hope you won't be this dismissive of Benning's accomplishments four years removed from the job. Look at Gillis' picks! But Benning gets a pass... for now.
  13. Has JWR put forth a legal position as far as why she refused to consider a DPA? I am sure through all the meetings and phone calls, her cabinet members were able to convey to her the consequences of a guilty verdict which according to the latest reporting is 6500 jobs. What is her legal justification for refusing to consider an alternative that would have lessened the impact on ordinary employees? If she has none then this whole thing has been a sham from the start. A claim of "political interference" just tells me that she was wholly unprepared to do this job which requires one to work closely with politicians. By definition anyone discussing anything with her in the capacity of her position could be accused of political interference. It seems JWR thought her job entailed that she call the shots without input from anyone else. I wonder how much her appointment had to with meeting that quota of 50% female cabinet members. How much was she vetted for this job? IMO her appointment is the biggest indictment on Trudeau, as is his meekness throughout all of this.
  14. If I was convinced that Benning had put together a contender or had the ability to do so, I wouldn't be advocating that we replace him. I think Benning is good at half his job, on the amateur side of things I can trust him moving forward making the right picks for us but I simply don't have any trust that he will have the foresight to dodge landmines like the Eriksson contract or the Gudbranson trade or the plethora of picks we have bled to find gold and only been left with a lump of clay instead. I think I have been fairly patient these past 4 years. There were periods where I wavered in having faith in this management but they did win me back with some moves which I will always appreciate but I think it's time to move on and bring in someone with a different vision. Probably not a popular position with many posters here but it is what it is.