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  1. The article has a good point. Does anyone see any difference between the 6-3 loss vs the 3-2 win against Toronto aside from Ryan Miller stopping more pucks?
  2. I agree that every year is different but every year there are some good players available at the top of the draft. Even if you aren't able to draft Ekblad, McDavid, or Matthews you have guys like Draisatl, Bennett, Strome, Marner, Puljujarvi, Dubois etc. You don't need to win the lottery but finishing last guarantees you a player of the caliber of the names mentioned. I still think considering the Canucks lack of elite forward talent, a pick in this range is huge. Why does it have to involve trading the Sedins? The Canucks are a bad enough team already that selling a few key pieces could see them plummet to the bottom rather easily. With the current parity in the league, the Canucks don't have to get significantly worse in order to bottom out. Aquilini milked everything out of this franchise when it was successful, surely he can bear the growing pains of a few seasons of losing. Its not like the fans will stay away for very long either. When the Canucks have their own young elite talent, people are bound to show up to watch. Teams like the Coyotes have been bleeding money but can still manage to make the decision to rebuild. All it takes is a willingness to invest in the long term future of the franchise. A big reason for the empty seats fan apathy and its a direct result of the direction the franchise has taken. Many season ticket holders have cancelled because they disagree with this strategy of treading water for a few years. Why should they pad Francesco's pockets for a mediocre product when he refuses to take a few losses in order to build for the future.
  3. Brodeur didn't steal 3 Cups, the Devils were one of the best teams in the league and had the added benefit of a system that fit their players perfectly. Placing your faith on goaltending to steal you a Cup is not a wise strategy all things considered. Guys like Luongo and Lundqvist have consistently given their teams Vezina caliber goaltending but they weren't able to lead their teams to a Cup. Being outchanced and outworked all over the ice and relying on your goaltender to consistently bail you out does not work 99% of the time. There is no guarantee that a guy like Demko ever reaches the level of a Carey Price either. In all likelihood a successful outcome is if he can become a top 10 starter.
  4. I have the utmost respect for the Sedins but imo its a mistake to make important decisions that will impact this franchise long term based on what is best for them. You do whats best for the franchise and worry about everything else after. It would be another thing if the Cup window was still open but it isn't and I believe the Sedins understand that just as well as the fans do. tldr: Its a business, do whats best for the team not individual players, not matter how great they maybe.
  5. Why exactly is there so much crying over a recount from the conservatrolls? Who cares about the money being spent on it either? Its not like its tax payer dollars at work and a recount is going to be rather inconsequential anyway. So let Jill continue to try and stay relevant, nothing she will ever do will matter anyway.
  6. It's a really callous thing to do to someone especially without knowing the details of the abuse. Its not somewhere I would ever go no matter the circumstance. Burrows has apologized about it and I do feel like he was genuine about it. O'Sullivan doesn't have to accept the apology, I do wish he would stop whining about it every chance he gets though. I mean this is what the third time this has been brought up? I actually defended him the first couple of times. Regardless though the abuse that he went through is horrible and I am not sure how anyone can make light of something like this...
  7. I agree with you, he comes across as a true hater. You know exactly who he is. Can't say the same the about others in the media who are more passive aggressive in their approach but get a pass as they put on a pretense of neutrality. O'Sullivan hates everything about the Canucks and now the fans hate everything about O'Sullivan, at least everyone is honest about it. '
  8. Would you really watching this video say that these fans are more dedicated than the ones that stayed in the building? This is the kind of insane karmic justice that needs to happen more often.
  9. The NHL has a history of interfering in incidents such as this. If nothing happens at the game I hope some of you don't lose your $&!# on our guys. There is only so much you can do with the league breathing behind your neck. The team is finally starting to play better, the only expectation I have is 2 points, anything beyond that is just gravy on top.
  10. Jared Staal was also supposed to be the best out of them all. PK is not going to be the most objective person about his brother Jordan.
  11. To be honest I find most of these derogatory nicknames for teams to be too poor to be worth repeating. Aside from the ones already mentioned, I have also heard "Vansewer" before but its such a laughable jab considering Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Like I said though sports fans aren't the most creative when they come up with these names.
  12. Actually if I had an asset worth 700M I would hire the people that knew the business best to run it rather than try and make decisions by myself.
  13. I have been underwhelmed by Jake's play but the way Canucks fans have been writing him off and insulting him is a little too much. This isn't just on CDC by the way, Canucks fans can just be the harshest of critics.
  14. I think it could be a decent gamble. Strome still has a chance to turn into a decent top 6 center. He has proven that he can score at the pro level. This is a guy who at the same stage of his career as Jake put up 49 points in 37 games in the AHL. Jake hasn't shown that level of offense in the pros. I don't see much upside in him anymore. He is looking more and more like a 3rd line player. I would take Strome knowing that he has an outside chance of being an impact player, its something that I no longer see in Virtanen.
  15. And produced at a rate Virtanen hasn't come close to touching.