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  1. Inciting panic is a bogus excuse frequently given out by authoritarian governments to justify lying to their populace. Tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Transparency is what we need going forward not comforting lies and half-truths. An article was posted earlier by RupertKBD regarding trust between law enforcement and the general public, the same should go for the mouthpiece of the WHO whose words were distributed widely by multiple news organizations all over the world. We are lucky that we live in a country with somewhat competent leaders, there are countries where that is not the case. Your disregard is easy as a Canadian, not so much when you are living in a third world country with elected politicians who have never even held a science textbook let alone have an understanding of microbiology. We are now facing a situation where its an eventuality that people will die who shouldn't have died who have never died before. People will lose their homes/businesses so yes I want accountability. Its the least that we can hope for going forward.
  2. And I want to know why those mistakes were made? Whether it was just human error or did someone deliberately ignore/suppress something at the direction of someone else. What was known by the WHO and when they knew it is important to me. The same questions should be asked about the CCP and whether they delayed in their co-operation with the WHO. Did the CCP have data/info that they for whatever reason chose not to share or shared far too late? It is important that there be accountability for the entire cast of characters here. Its far too easy to focus on the loudest idiot in the room.
  3. Those are some impressive reasoning skills. Sleepy Joe is going to get destroyed in the debates. Anybody who disagrees is a liberal with TDS.
  4. Trump's diatribe about the WHO earned support from me even if it was probably just an attempt to deflect the blame from his bungling. I hope there are investigations done into the WHO on their public claims, what they knew internally and when they knew it and their communication with the Communist Party of China. The next time something like this happens again, we need to know if this is a trustworthy source or are they just framing the narrative for someone else.
  5. Toews

    NBA Discussion

    Right, you have nothing to say because literally everything makes you look like a massive hypocrite. Sorry but its just the truth. LeChina needed a superteam to win his first two championships just like KD. LeChina's fans have suggested that KD's championships should have asterisks. I think that is a very sensible suggestion, I suggest that the same be applied to LeChina's "fake titles" in Miami. Nothing you say refuted what KG said. LeChina was chased away from Cleveland by Kevin Garnett and the Celtics. Fact. Superstars usually stuck around for their primes with the teams that drafted them at least they used to back in the day. The free for all that happens now that has ruined the NBA was precipitated by the formation of the "Not one. Not two. Not three. Not four..." Miami Heat. No parity = zero reason to watch. Tell me the NHL and NFL don't put out far superior products to the NBA. It hardly matters how well you manage teams if you can't retain superstars. It's outrageous how criminally underrated Tim Duncan is. He might be better than LeChina and Kobe. The reason for your insecurity with Kobe is because of his mainstream appeal which threatens LeChina. Timmy didn't go by some stupid nickname like "Emperor Timmy", so he doesn't get nearly enough recognition sadly. Timmy was all class, all the time, which made him too "boring" for a lot of people. He wasn't a megalomaniac like LeChina, so the media ignored him. He too wipes the board with LeChina, snake (to borrow your word) needed to run to Miami to join a superteam to win championships. I think Dan Gilbert spells it out in that letter, Q U I T T E R.
  6. Well they do say opposites attract, so this one was doomed from the beginning.
  7. You guys might be joking but I think you touched on Trump's thought process. In Trump's mind Mexicans smuggle big bags of drugs into the USA and Canadians smuggle stuff out of the USA. This is my theory as to why he wanted to send the army to the Canadian border. Its because in Trump's mind, in a pandemic when everyone is rushing to grab supplies, the shoe smuggling Snow Mexicans suddenly became more threatening than the drug smuggling real Mexicans.
  8. Toews

    NBA Discussion

    Jordan played in a much tougher conference. LeChina was drafted into a mediocre conference which was further weakened by three superstars in their prime joining together on one team. Just look at the records and count the superstars on the teams LeChina faced in the playoffs vs. Jordan. LeChina has essentially been competing with Paul George, Demar Derozan, a perpetually injured Derrick Rose and a disappointing Dwight Howard. You can throw in Al Horford's Atlanta Hawks . How many players on that list are top 30 players, heck even top 50? The consequence of LeChina stacking his teams in Miami is that KD joined the Warriors effectively blocking LeChina's path for the last 3-4 years. LeChina only has himself to blame for his lack of championships, he took the easy way out and that enabled KD to do the same. Its laughable that LeChina's supporters hypocritically call KD a snake when their guy did the exact same thing. Tucked his tail between his legs and ran to South Beach to create a super team. Let's be honest you only hate KD because he stood in LeChina's way. Here is KG saying that the Big 3 Celtics ran LeChina out of Cleveland. No one would dare say this about Michael or Kareem. Sorry but that's all the time I have for today. I have better stuff to do than debate irrational LeChina supporters all day long. I am a fan of basketball. I am not particularly invested in who should be considered the greatest player ever. If someone wants to make the argument that its Kareem, Russell, Wilt, Magic, Kobe over Jordan I am perfectly fine with it. Heck I don't even have a problem with someone making that argument for LeChina. What I can't stand is disrespect for the all-time greats especially by ignorant fans who weren't even alive to watch some of these players play. This is why they make stupid comments, saying that Jordan was facing "plumbers". This mostly comes LeChina supporters, they sit there on whatever platform they can find and denigrate players both current and former all day to prop up one guy. I find it repulsive. You could say that I have less of a problem with LeChina, than many of his supporters who have little to no understanding of the history and evolution of basketball.
  9. Yeah it doesn't make sense to me either. Besides why would you cut it off at the deadline? What about trades that were made before the deadline but were also done under the assumption of a full season? If anything I might give team's a deferral, the opportunity to defer one pick to the following year. In that scenario the Canucks would have the choice to defer either the 1st traded for Miller or the 2nd traded for Toffoli to the following draft.
  10. Toews

    NBA Discussion

    His mid-range game is not at the level of Michael Jordan's. The embarrassing performance he put up against the Mavericks in 2011 is testament to that reality. Not to mention that the rules for defence have changed considerably since Michael played. To me quite clearly his accomplishments are inferior to two players, Kareem Abdul Jabar and Michael Jordan. Is he an all-time great? Sure, but not the best and to me its not close. LeChina fanboys annoy me more than anyone else, because they sit their and $&!# all over some great basketball players including making stupid comments calling all past players "plumbers and electricians" because the league hadn't yet acquired the financial success it does today. I have seen people make similar $&!#ty arguments against an all-time great like Gordie Howe. People's recency bias is the reason for this plain ignorance and disrespect for the greats. With that said I think I will bow out of this discussion. Its a waste of time discussing the fraud known as LeChina.
  11. FIFY and will also add that, you sir are a hypocrite. If you can't take it, then don't dish it out.
  12. "tend to" aka not all of them. But if you want to group yourself with the idiots then feel free to do so. Its like the saying goes, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  13. Trump needs to leave this to the experts so that people don't take lethal doses then. Anxiety and panic generally leads to stupid decisions and Trump supporters tend to be on the lower end of the IQ range already. The anti-malaria drug study was initially posted in the coronavirus thread before Trump had said anything about it. We understood even at the time that the evidence was not concrete and it was just an experimental study of a limited number of subjects. No one is refusing anything.
  14. Hillary will be in handcuffs as soon as Trump wins the election. We "heard it hear" about 4 years ago from your forerunners, again we aren't interested in these flights of fancy from supporters of the Orange Buffoon. A lot of us have been around for the entire 3464 pages of this clown show. Trust us when we say we have already seen every iteration of stupidity possible from Trump supporters. Not to mention a man who died ingesting fish tank cleaner because he too thought that Trump had given him the cure for a virus.
  15. Toews

    NBA Discussion

    Love the sport, can't stand the boring product the NBA puts out there. They need a revamp and thankfully the commissioner of the NBA seems to share that sentiment. You can put me on ignore if you can't handle my opinions. If I did want the attention I would go post somewhere my posts would be more visible than a fairly dead CDC NBA thread. Calling me a "troll" is childish, it just tells me you cannot actually refute my position because you simply don't have enough belief in yours. Deep down even you see LeChina as a fraud. I mean he was Jussie Smollett before anyone knew who was Jussie Smollett.