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  1. Loui Eriksson | #21 | LW/RW

    Wishful thinking imho. This is a 'What have you done for me lately?' league. A player in his 30s whose production has dropped off simply isn't a desirable asset. How many of us are chomping at the bit to trade for the likes of Lucic, Kesler, Bobby Ryan or Andrew Ladd? Unless you are trading for one of these contracts or significantly retaining some salary, no one wants our problem. I don't think Benning comes out and essentially admits that he gave Eriksson too much money without exploring his options.
  2. Noel Francisco to take over apparently. Wonder if he is the lackey Trump wants or will we see another firing.
  3. Lol Pettersson almost looks a little disappointed.
  4. Why not just get dump Kavanaugh and put up the next lemming on the list?
  5. *** Big Brother 20 Thread ***

    Correct me if I am wrong but Sam has 1 HOH win. I think that was JC's first comp win. If they had known the competition they would probably have evicted JC.
  6. Blame white supremacists for co-opting a phrase to suit their racist agenda. That's why the article says "primarily used by". It's the same reason why "female rights activist" has positive connotations while "male rights activist" (MRA) has a negative one because the ones that call themselves MRAs aren't interested in actually promoting male rights and more interested in denigrating female rights due to their misogynistic views.
  7. There is no proof that doing more than nothing will solve anything.
  8. NFL thread

    Game planned for Tyrod, struggled to adjust to Baker?
  9. Should the Canucks Go After Panarin?

    Yes, but it depends on what his priorities are. He cited that playing on a legitimate contender was a big reason why he signed with Chicago. If he is leaving the Jackets then that's likely what he is looking for, a team that has a shot at a Cup.
  10. Damn just when I was thinking the Kings offence seems impotent.
  11. Not watching any of the intermission, thanks to that condom ad.
  12. Who cares what our record will be this season if we can see plays like that.