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  1. I enjoy Mike Commodore's tweets about Mike Babcock. The hate is real lol.
  2. I think you mean Hodgson. Horvat's comparison was with Nichushkin.
  3. No actually merely comparing Jake with his peers is invitation to get flamed on here.
  4. I think what may have worked against Nylander were the rumors that he was a talented but entitled kid. His father had him switching teams in his draft season every couple of months it seemed like and that only aided that notion. If he interviewed poorly that may have been enough to raise some red flags. JB has emphasized how much weight they put into character.
  5. He never should have been on the team last year. IMO unless a teenager can show that he is above and beyond better than the competition, he should not be on the team. Virtanen just barely made the team last year and they should have given him his 9 games and sent him back to a team that was hosting the Memorial Cup and would have given him ample playing minutes. Instead he got barely any minutes was even scratched a few times. He went into the WJC with low on confidence and that combined with the atrocious coaching led to a poor tournament. He managed to grind out the season and turn it around but we have yet to see the best of Jake Virtanen because he is consistently being put in a position that is way above his head. Going back to junior has never really harmed young players, bringing them in early before they are truly ready has been known to. Take the examples of Ryan Strome, Max Domi and Christian Dvorak. Going back to junior helped them considerably.
  6. You inserted yourself into a conversation that had nothing to do with you only to post something that was completely irrelevant to the discussion. When called out on it you chose to throw a temper tantrum, which isn't the first time you have chosen to do that on this forum. I will never pretend that I have been entirely civil in this thread because that would be a lie but I do not respond aggressively unless provoked. I got tired of your one too many passive aggressive responses to my posts. Also I am not going to stop posting just because you don't care to read my posts. You aren't going to get me to not respond to any of your posts addressing me either.
  7. You are such a whiner Hippy. You can dish it out but you certainly cannot take it. Don't even pretend as if I am the only one who hasn't been civil in this thread. Your arrogance though is rather off putting. You aren't nearly as intelligent as you seem to believe. Go cry somewhere else, its funny you should talk about how old I am when you come across as such a man child. Donald Trump has clearly rubbed off on you. Also your little threat of blocking me was entertaining. You are so pretentious lol, Idgaf if you block me. In fact I encourage it so I don't have to deal with more tantrums like this one.
  8. Its also funny how just about every single person posting in this thread thinks they are being objective. I actually feel bad for the mods having to clean up the spam, bickering and the insults.
  9. So you are just posting BS without actually finding out what the conversation is about. Gurn and I are still waiting for the quote from Hillary accusing Obama of election fraud. Not some random people from Clinton's campaign but an actual quote because that is the claim that Ryan Strome made. But in typical Trump follower fashion you swoop in to copy paste a bunch of links which contain no such quote.
  10. He is playing with Matthews and they seem to have chemistry right off the bat. He is ppg in his last 16 games dating back to last season. Just the luck of the draft, the Canucks might just have drafted 5 NHLers (which is seriously impressive) that day but missing out on Ehlers/Nylander hurts.
  11. It seems like you misunderstood what was being said. Gore never said before the election that he would refuse to concede if he lost. His appeals were made after votes had already been cast.
  12. Unable to comprehend English now? You rode in to save Strome the trouble of supporting his claims only to post some random BS. I hope you did block me but I doubt it considering you claimed to do so with Cerridwen as well.
  13. So you chose to interrupt a conversation without following what was being discussed to post something totally irrelevant. Not only does this make you look incredibly foolish but you also come across as a complete tool. But then again you have demonstrated that consistently in this thread so this is just par for the course.