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  1. I haven't experienced what you have so I cannot relate at all but I will give my 2 cents. IMO going backwards and pursuing a failed relationship is not worth the time. If it failed once then there is a good chance it will fail again. I am going to say what you are feeling might simply be nostalgia. This girl might have been the best relationship you had but that could just as easily mean that the relationships that followed were not very good in comparison. Try and figure out exactly why you broke up and everything that made the relationship untenable. Try and look at things objectively and not through rose tinted glasses. If you find that those issues are now reconcilable then you can start thinking about getting back in touch. My recommendation as always in these cases is to look forward and move on. There are plenty of good women out there, who you can start fresh with and avoid all the past baggage. Reject any notion that there is one individual that is perfectly compatible with you because it is false.
  2. Nobody cares to hear sob stories on how people turned into Nazis. The Nazis of old were psychopaths, if after learning about their actions your first sign isn't disgust then you are just as messed up in the head as they were. Worshiping psychopaths is not normal behavior, it shows signs of serious mental problems. We should be outing these people to their friends, families and workplaces/educational institutions.
  3. As expected the players on that list are a who's who of mediocrity. But that's perfectly fine, we have all the elite talent in the world so giving up picks for mediocre players is totally acceptable.
  4. There has been violence on both sides...both sides... Not all the humans were there to eat chicken, some were vegans. Believe me some were vegans...
  5. Yeah it is an absurd argument that anybody is "changing history". History wasn't changed when these statues went up and history does not change if these statues get removed and put in more appropriate locations. In any case I find it very difficult to care about these statues and whether they exist or not but then again I am not African American.
  6. Nobody is denying history by advocating for the statues to be removed. These monuments can easily go in museums where they don't remain a daily reminder to African Americans of the subjugation and oppression of their ancestors, the reverberations still felt centuries later. Lets face it none of these monuments really make a difference to the people who claim its a "destruction of heritage". Putting these monuments in museums still preserves them and the space can be appropriated for memorials for those that died in WWII, Korean war and the Vietnam war.
  7. First you have to define what the goal is before you declare a particular strategy a failure. You have 10mil South Koreans who are within a stone's throw of North Korea and will be the first casualties of a military solution. Experts have already said that is a situation fraught with complications and will require the deftest of touches. Does that sound like a job for Donald Trump? My answer is... &^@# no.
  8. Looks like she interested in the sympathies of a Nazi sympathizer.
  9. Quite likely the Chinese showered him with flattery and played a little word bingo while he spoke. When he finally put the phone down they probably had a serious adult conversation with the likes of Mattis and McMaster.
  10. The effects of Trump's presidency will be felt for decades after he is gone, especially the actions of people like Scott Pruitt. People don't realize how difficult it is to fill certain positions. Those marine biologists that were fired by Pruitt will not all be easily replaced in 2020. The same goes for other scientists and intellectuals that this administration has chosen to let go off in other agencies.
  11. A post about what should happen to the bodies of terrorists. Like I said I hate terrorists. There are more recent posts but this adequately explains my feelings towards cowards who blow themselves up at a concert full of children.
  12. And I have made multiple posts pointing out how Muslim terrorists should be stomped out. Go look back in the gay night club thread or the London attacks thread or just about any &^@#ing thread. The reality is that I did not get to some of newly created threads. I have not posted in the "Clown rally in BC" thread either because I hadn't gotten to it. Are you &^@#ing going to go through my posts now to check which threads I have posted in and which I haven't?