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  1. I read that the Caps are 1-9 in the playoffs against the Pens all time. That right there is just historic ownage. the Caps winning would be like the time the Sox beat the Yanks, and finally broke the curse. This is the year to do it, the Pens have played a lot of hockey over the past couple of seasons.
  2. Nah, the Jets can go suck an egg as well.
  3. Pittsburgh proved last year that you don't need elite defenseman to win.
  4. That's plainly false. Hippy has never decried referring to "Islamic militants" as terrorists.
  5. Tampa will be well rested to face either team.
  7. I like Hughson from when he used to call Canucks games. He seemed to genuinely love the team even when the media was against everything Canucks. Even then he was not a homer for us and he isn't one now.
  8. Yes, some form of mental illness is often the case but referring to him as 'crazy' means often no effort is made at understanding who this person was and what led him to do this. The same goes when people refer to mass murderers as "animals". Dehumanizing them doesn't help us understand them any better.
  9. I think it depends on how one defines the word. As per the most prevalent definition terrorism only refers to acts of violence committed to further political aims. A guy like Paddock isn't considered to be a terrorist under this definition which I disagree with. In any case I advocate that people use the word as they see fit rather than stick with the "official" definition.
  10. Lmao at "leftist identity politics/news coverage". The right is most guilty of playing identity politics in the face of such tragedies.
  11. Keep in mind this is an American news outlet posting details before any of the Canadian media. I would wait for further confirmation.
  12. Having lived in places where there was minimal traffic surveillance or venal cops, I can tell you this is a bad idea. I don't want to see people driving their vehicles on the sidewalk to avoid traffic congestion like I did in India.