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  1. Still just as obtuse I see. Poor kids, can't go on field trips because of one clown's bigotry.
  2. Aww its cute that you think your words bring about any emotional response other than pity.
  3. Did the accusation hit too close to home? #triggered
  4. You seem salty. Are you dating your first cousin?
  5. Can't we just enjoy the Bruins losing without bringing up 2011?
  6. That last streak is still ongoing. Bruins will now face the Islanders who are fighting hard for that last playoff spot as well.
  7. Qpac and Rasmussen lean conservative as well. Things are not looking good for Donnie. I would have been concerned a few weeks ago but I think pretty much everyone accepts that Spicer is a Trump shill and a lying sack of $&!#. Lol
  8. He at least got half of that comment right. That's 50% more than the usual!
  9. The first statement is absolutely true. I would say its definitely a strength of yours to be able to admit that you are out of your depth here. The second statement though is an embellishment. We all know that your "facts" are actually "alt-facts".
  10. I thought that Tillerson fired "Deep State"? Did he not get rid of everyone working on a particular floor?
  11. Its your opinions that are baseless. Rupert actually does his research which is probably why he has been schooling posters like you since this thread was created.