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  1. Exactly this. Hannity/Carlson pretty much derive their talking points based on what is most favorable to the Trump administration. Why don't people incessantly complain about their coverage? Because no one who isn't a Trump supporter cares to watch their shows. If you have a problem with CNN then stop watching the damn thing. Ignore it like I do Fox News. I could spend half my day obsessing over what Hannity is saying but what the &^@# is the point?
  2. The concept of "cultural identity" isn't based on race though. I mean it can be in certain specific cases but by and large it simply isn't the case. My grandfather was Irish, yet there is no semblance of Irish culture in my family. As different cultures intermingle the concept of "cultural identity" deteriorates. I see it a lot in second generation of kids born to people from two distinct cultures, for example my best friend is half-Slovakian, he has no idea what it means to be Slovak. The only thing he identifies with is being Canadian, his cultural identity is that of a Canadian. Both his and my idea of culture is watching hockey and drinking beer, good luck with attacking that. I maybe "super-liberal" but I have never voted NDP, so we have that in common. We also have a disdain for religion in common, although I am not openly atheist partly because my mom is fairly devout and I know she will take it as a personal failure as a parent that I have not embraced those ideals so I pretend a little to keep her happy. Where we differ is that I simply don't see Muslims as a threat especially with how stringent our vetting is. I just don't see any cause to be worried, Canada is not like Europe.
  3. I have been saying it for a while now that clam isn't here to have any kind of discussion. He believes what he wants to believe and dismisses the rest as fake news. Blocking him is only effective if people actually stop quoting his posts.
  5. I am sure Calgary will be fine with a 38 year old Gaudreau playing a season or two for the Flyers before retiring. This is such a non-story. I would not care if Horvat came out and said something similar either.
  6. Mobbed? I doubt it but people would definitely assume you are a white supremacist. The same goes with if you wear a shirt with a MRA slogan, people will assume you are a misogynist. Celebrating your whiteness or celebrating having a penis while not inherently racist or misogynist does come with certain connotations. There are still other ways to celebrate your culture or advocating for certain issues that men face (such as rape) without assumptions being made about you.
  7. I understand that is your opinion but Obamacare has a much higher approval rating than the disaster that is the GOP bill. In fact the failure of the GOP in producing a better alternative is actually making Obamacare more popular than ever.
  8. Spicer resigns. Scaramucci apparently to replace him, as of yet unconfirmed though. Also read that Trump lawyer Kasowitz is also done, Cobb to take his place. Word is that Kasowitz to take reduced rule. Edit: looks like Harvey got to first. And Scaramucci is actually WH communications director. Spicer still needs to be replaced.
  9. Conventional wisdom says that Trump can't possibly follow in Nixon's footsteps. Just about every media outlet seems to be saying the same thing. But I feel like this is just going to goad him into doing it anyway. Trump doesn't think very far ahead, Mueller has turned into a hindrance that he wants to rid himself off. If Rosenstein and Sessions are the obstacles in his way then he will simply remove them and I doubt even his advisors will be able to stop him. I feel like trying to predict his moves is an exercise in futility, nothing about Donald Trump is predictable. Its a $&!#show the likes of which we have never seen, anything is possible.
  11. Why are you involving a poster that hasn't posted in quite some time? Sounds like you are still butthurt about something you think that poster did. Either that or she is an opinionated female poster which offends you because you are a stereotypical misogynistic MRA type. Either way your unprovoked attack on another poster is just par for the course considering all you have shown yourself capable of is childish insults and baiting.
  12. Being a more engaged player in the defensive zone doesn't make you worse offensively nor does it kill creativity. In fact it helps your offensive game if you are assisting in puck retrieval as it helps your team maintain possession.
  13. No doubt she wasn't interested in hearing the sex predator make a pass at her like he did the French first lady. Well played, well played indeed.
  14. People need to stop engaging the 12 year old that continues to post in this thread. I admit that I am guilty of it as well. Just ignore it and it will quietly go away to whatever hole it crawled out of.
  15. Kasich has pretty much lost all relevance because he hasn't bowed down to the Orange Buffoon. The cult will be out in full force for Donnie in 2020, being principled doesn't earn you votes these days.
  16. Trump supporters hate him because the man commands respect on both sides. He is a real hero and IMO things would be better today had he won in 2000 instead of Dubya. The saddest part is when random assholes on the internet call him "gutless" or a "panderer to the enemy" because he hasn't bowed down and kissed the ring like the rest of the gutless Republicans. I don't agree with him on a lot of issues and but he is still one of the last remaining Republicans with principles he hasn't sold out on to curry political favor. His biggest mistake was choosing a moron as his running mate in 2008.
  17. Thanks for the kind words Alf. You are right that things are just so expensive. I make a lot of little sacrifices every day that I hope will pay off in the long run. These past couple of years I have turned into a real super saver but sometimes it still feels like you aren't really progressing as much. More than anything I want to be my own man so that one day if I have kids they will know that I worked for everything I have in my life and didn't just receive handouts along the way. My dad grew up on a farm the oldest of 5 kids, money was scarce but he made it to college and paid off his fees with loans and scholarships. He then helped his each of his siblings get on their feet by helping them with their careers or homes. I could never come close to supporting that many people with the way costs are these days.
  18. Lol yup, see the glimmer of hope in his eyes then snatch it away.
  19. I would do that just to give OJ some hope before shutting that $&!# down. Troll the man then send him back to prison.
  20. That's a steal of a contract. I haven't checked but I think it includes 2 UFA years? Regardless its well worth it for the Blues.
  21. I owe my parents roughly 70K-80K, most of that going towards my education. For my sister's education my parents had to take out a lien on the family home and she paid it all off herself with interest. She is too nice to lord it over me but I can tell she thinks I had it much easier which I can't really deny. Being the youngest in the family has the disadvantage (or advantage depending on your perspective) that nothing is really expected from you. Its a matter of pride mostly, my Dad doesn't need nor expect me to pay any of it. The last time I brought it up he was outright dismissive as if he did not think I was capable of paying it off. So proving him wrong is important to me especially since everyone still thinks of me as the kid in the family which is really annoying. I don't know if it will make much of a difference in their behavior, they are much too used to seeing me in that light but hopefully it will have an effect on my perception. My mom tells me that I shouldn't bother as my Dad has already wasted quite a bit of their money on his alcoholic brother and his moron of a son. But damn if I am going to be like one of those moochers.