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  1. Weren't these the same supporters that complained about Clinton's connections to Goldman Sachs as well as her paid speeches?
  2. Agreed completely. In many cases kids have actually helped pay off taxes, mortgage, utilities, etc. When my Dad started a new business and had less capital lying around, I helped with the mortgage payment for a while without any expectations of getting that money back. My sister helped cover the bills for a while as well. As far as I was concerned it was just an expense for my family home and I was glad to help out. Even though I have moved out, it is still my home and I should not have to pay any additional taxes when my parents leave the home to me and my sister.
  3. You are absolutely correct, Aquilini has every right to be part of the decision making process. Its his asset and he can manage it how he sees fit. He does though have a responsibility to the fans to admit his involvement. Thus far he has hasn't admitted to any interference but there have been numerous rumors that have always circulated including Gillis' admittance that Torotorella was not his hire. The Canucks are a far bigger brand than the Jets or the Sens. They can afford to spend that much because they make money off of ticket sales, merchandise and sponsors. Sponsors especially bring in a lot of dough for a franchise, and the bigger the market the more money you make. The Canucks are the 3rd biggest market in Canada. Winnipeg and Ottawa are 6th and 7th.
  4. Ignore, it's his schtick.
  5. Nope, that would be you. I don't need to know anything more about either of those creeps.
  6. Agreed. Not the first country to do so either. I don't think it is a good idea either but it never hurts to test a hypothesis.
  7. Meanwhile your "guiding light" was a place full of old pervs like O'Reilly and Ailes.
  8. I was thinking a few days back I would start a thread on the French elections but I am glad I didn't. I am not responsible for the mess that is this thread.
  9. I wish I were a fly on the wall when Drouin and his agent sit down for negotiating a new contract. The Lightning can't possibly justify giving Drouin a big money contract when they stiffed Kucherov into accepting a ridiculously cheap bridge deal. But then if you are Drouin why should you settle for less? Its interesting how bizarre this situation, Drouin might be the Canadian holding out for more money while Kucherov is the Russian who gave his team a healthy discount. As far as this proposal I can't see the Lightning having interest in this. I think they would expect Montreal to add and I am not sure Bergevin will have the stones to offer up what Tampa might want added to Galchenyuk. Stevie Y is a shark.
  10. Its like referring to Kesler as a 40 goal scorer because he feasted on a ridiculously good PP unit.
  11. He joined the summer after the Hawks won their first Cup. Still an impressive resume.
  12. That doesn't make sense. Why would anyone be triggered by that? What made Alex special was that he carved out a great career with heart and sheer determination. Lindholm is by far the more talented player and he has put together that talent at the NHL level. He will have a much better career than Alex.
  13. Agreed Lindholm has also been fantastic defensively and still improving. He will end up with a far better career than Burrows.
  14. The Metro had the 4 best teams in the East this year. The sad part is that the Rangers got the much easier road to the conference finals than the three teams that finished ahead of them in their division. This playoff format is a mess but the NHL thinks building rivalries will generate more interest. I am not entirely sure if it is helping generate higher ratings and more interest from casual fans so I won't comment of the efficacy of their strategy.
  15. I hope at the very least this will provide the Saudi government the impetus to actually make some changes to their laws.
  16. I spent a few years of my childhood in Saudi and it truly is a depressing place for women. It affected my mom quite a bit, she couldn't so much as leave the compound without my dad with her. She could not even get behind the wheel of a car (I still don't think this has changed). Leaving the compound you had to be dressed head to toe in their garb. It's truly sad that in the 21st century there are still women being subjugated this way.
  17. They have Marner and Nylander as well. Hopefully some luck in the lottery this year and next will help close that gap.
  18. Game is all about speed right now. I think Pens are poised to win another Cup, their forward group is probably the strongest I have seen since the 2009-10 Blackhawks. It doesn't even matter that they have Fleury behind them and suspect D. They are so deep that they can roll 4 lines effectively, making them a matchup nightmare.
  19. This just shows their negligence though. She should never have been allowed to board with the stroller. Informing passengers about their policies is just common sense and you avoid situations like the above.
  20. Agreed. That's 2 min for slashing and 2 min for embellishment.
  21. Zach Hyman plays the way I want Virtanen to play. Use your speed to forecheck, use your physicality to muscle guys off the puck and create space for more talented linemates.
  22. Matthews is a beast. He will score 60 one day IMO.
  23. Kadri just seems like a dumb player to me. He is a dirty player for sure but half the time I am not even sure whether it is stupidity or malevolence that guide his actions