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  1. Valeri Nichushkin vs Bo Horvat

    This is the first post of yours that I can recall reading, but if you had any amount of credibility, you lost it here.
  2. Valeri Nichushkin vs Bo Horvat

    There's been a similar debate going on in Winnipeg since 2011 with Scheifele and Couturier. Couturier made the team year 1 and everybody was freaking out about it because Scheifele didn't. Now he is still a 3rd line center and will likely never be a 1st line center, whereas Scheifele is a 2nd line center that is looking good enough to be a 1st line center (at least on the Jets very early on). Fact is being more NHL ready does not determine who is the better player, some players have all the skill but just need to fill out, thus having them spend a few years developing. Others come in big and physically ready but don't turn into much. Give it 5 years at least before you decide who made the right decision, it's impossible to tell now.
  3. CBC continues to ignore West and the Canucks

    You should feel embarrassed for pretty much all the things you've said in this thread.
  4. Perfect. A 5-6 d-man, a player that would have been bought out had he not been injured because he and his contract have absolutely no trade value, and a 5th. For Galchenyuk. Oh and a defensive prospect. We're you thinking Beaulieu or Tinordi?
  5. Overated/ Underated Game

  6. Official NHL 14 Thread

    3rd week of August every year that I can remember. EDIT: I guess the injuries don't bother me as much because I just get excited about calling up young talent.
  7. Official NHL 14 Thread

    You guys know you can turn down injury frequency, right?
  8. Jason Garrison so far?

    That's pretty much what I was trying to say. I don't think Garrison is a bad player, and I don't blame him for taking the contract. If I get offered too much to do a job then I'm not about to step up and tell them I'm not worth it, I'm going to take the money. It's management's fault for giving him that contract at that length. Again, it's not that I'm saying he shouldn't be playing the game, but he is getting paid to put up points and regardless of how stellar his defensive play is, it's not enough because you don't pay purely defensive D that much money. I hope he proves me wrong, I hope he starts producing, all I'm saying is it's a risky contract to offer to an unproven player because of the length and if it doesn't pan out and he's not earning his paycheque, it makes the most sense to buy him out because of the cap going down. He has a full season after this one to turn it around, but he has to be better than he has been.
  9. Jason Garrison so far?

    Again, like Ballard, I will never consider Garrison a "bad" D-man, but you don't give a guy who had half a good season that much money for that long. And for everyone who is saying that his D has been good enough, again, the two best defensive Ds in the game make 3.5, and Garrison isn't even close to their level, so if he's not producing offensively he's not earning his cheque. If he's still playing this way at the end of next year, he is getting bought out.
  10. Jason Garrison so far?

    The two best shutdown D in the league make 3.5 and 3.4, so if you're happy with him not producing points at 4.6 when he can't hold a defensive candle to Mitchell or Scuderi then it's a good thing you're not a GM, because you'd find yourself in cap trouble extremely fast. If this is his offensive output than he's not worth 4.6, regardless of how well he plays defence and hits. I believe other GMs may have offered him 6+ years, but I highly doubt it was at that price. I doubt he got offered over 4 once he hit 5 years with anyone else. I'm not saying it's a bad move right now, if you get a 33 point (82 game schedule), solid defensively Garrison, then he's worth the 4.6 and maybe even more, but the fact is he has not proven that that's what he can do regularly. You just don't commit to a player at that price with that term because of 1 good season in the salary cap world. I'm not bashing Garrison here, I don't think he's a bad player, I am questioning the management team who gave him that amount of money based on what is really a small sample size of games, it's a huge risk and it could very easily be comparable to Ballard's contract in 2-3 years. Hell, if he continues to produce at 0.18 PPG for this year and the next then Gillis has received an extremely lucky get out of jail free card with the second buyout next season, and I guarantee you that nobody will step up and use his defensive play to defend him when Gillis uses that card. Because you don't pay strictly defensive players 4.6 million dollars a year. Oh and just for the record: All he talked about was length of the contract. That was the argument he made. If you would have read what he was saying rather than automatically assuming King of the ES made a post that you probably disagree with than you might have noticed it. Instead you just decided to insult him and, I can only assume, sat and waited for the +1's to roll in. It restores my faith in these boards a little bit that you have yet to receive any.
  11. Jason Garrison so far?

    Wow, that was a disproportionate response. I generally don't agree with ES often, but I can usually see where he is coming from, and can definitely understand this one. 4.6 isn't a bad cap hit for a shorter term deal and I'm sure he could have gotten more elsewhere, but he wouldn't have been given 6 years elsewhere. Yes, that's the price you pay in a market that isn't offering a whole lot of D-men, but in situations like this (a 27 year old D-man coming out of nowhere and having 1 "good" season [16 goals and 33 points in 77 really isn't that great] on a Florida D-line that doesn't really have anywhere else to go for offence) you pay high short term and give them a chance to prove that it wasn't a fluke. 4.6 is too much for 6 years for an unproven player. It could pay off huge, but if I were a betting man I'd say it won't.
  12. Kelowna Rockets (WHL)

    Can someone who is able to go to the games tell me how Ryan Olsen is looking? Is his 31 points in 33 games legit or is he feeding off of his linemates? What kind of style does he play? Consistency? I'm from Winnipeg and if he's playing at almost a PPG as a 6th round pick for the Jets just this past year, and he's doing it through his own play with the size that he has then that's pretty significant.