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    It is exciting though with hodgson being the comparable to toews and schroeder to Kane. Hodgson may not be as talented but his intangibles will probably make him the better player all around just like how ppl perceive toews. And obviously the same thing about raw talent can be said about schroeder and Kane. Although all indications point to schroeder actually being defensively responsible. The future looks bright
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    If schroeder pays to go to camp this coming training camp is it against the rules to stay at teammates place or does he have to provide his own accomadations? What exactly does he have to pay for? Just the plane ticket?
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    I'm not too worried about Joyce's report. All other indications say he is a great leader and good teammate. If he had any problems with his coach we would have heard about it. He is young there is nothing to worry about. Telling his coach who he is going to play with could just as much mean the same thing as telling his coach who he would like to play with...