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  1. Canucks should have drafted Max Domi

    Horvat looks brutal, I bet he gets sent down tomorrrow. He's not ready at all, really should have drafted Domi. He's suppose to be an amazing two way player but he getting destroyed in faceoffs, board battles and his line can't create any offensive pressure. He's also giving the other team so many offensive chances. Shinkaruk has had a better 2 way game than him and he's suppose to be one dimensional. So many goals scored on Horvat this preseason.
  2. Canucks should have drafted Max Domi

    After having more time to stew over this, I still feel like Domi was and will be the better player. I think he would have easily been able to crack our weak roster this year in a top 6 scoring role. Horvat will never have his offensive talent and we'll pay for it. Like another thread here states, we only have 2 top 6 playmakers. With Domi's speed and vision he would have been a more offensively gifted Brad Marchand that plays with a real edge. Was reading polls and threads on other hockey forums on this exact question and non bias Canucks fans for the majority have said Domi is the better pick at #9 and the better prospect.
  3. Canucks should have drafted Max Domi

    Nothing against Horvat but we needed a player that has elite level offensive abilities. Based on the last 2 seasons our team has had so much trouble scoring and putting up points. With the slow decline of the Sedin twins combined with kesler always getting injured, our team offensive output will most likely decrease again this season. We already had a similar player in Gaunce so I don't like how we drafted the same player in Horvat. Max Domi has just elite everything and he's already 195 lbs and has had proper NHL training since he was a kid. Size is not an issue with him, and Canucks basically passed up on the next Martin St Louis. I think he would have made our team the upcoming season and been a fixture on the top 6. Right now he is owning it up at WJC development campt and outplaying Horvat too. This is a player with absolute elite level playmaking abilities and elite level skating. No one on our team has the explosiveness and speed of this kid. If we wanted a safter pick we should have used that on someone with our 24th overall pick. Thoughts?
  4. Jordan Schroeder Talk

  5. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    It is exciting though with hodgson being the comparable to toews and schroeder to Kane. Hodgson may not be as talented but his intangibles will probably make him the better player all around just like how ppl perceive toews. And obviously the same thing about raw talent can be said about schroeder and Kane. Although all indications point to schroeder actually being defensively responsible. The future looks bright
  6. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    If schroeder pays to go to camp this coming training camp is it against the rules to stay at teammates place or does he have to provide his own accomadations? What exactly does he have to pay for? Just the plane ticket?
  7. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    I'm not too worried about Joyce's report. All other indications say he is a great leader and good teammate. If he had any problems with his coach we would have heard about it. He is young there is nothing to worry about. Telling his coach who he is going to play with could just as much mean the same thing as telling his coach who he would like to play with...