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  1. Good experience for Horvat and he was one of the better team canada forwards on a pretty poor roster. Hope he takes away from the tourny, gets mad about it and improves himself even more. Horvat and Ekblad played like NHL players, a lot of individuality on TC roster with too many people trying to do everything themselves and had poor structure to their game.
  2. Strong 2 way game today. His line is the best team canada line at 5 on 5 hockey by far
  3. A bit of a tough game for horvat today. He will bounce back strong though. Not as strong on the puck as usual. Hopefully team canada doesn't get the flu bug from dumba
  4. It's still silly how people thought we would have all 3 of our prospects on team canada. Obviously people don't watch or research these prospects enough. Horvat is on a whole different level than shinkaruk and gaunce. I agree, horvat is much superior to gaunce in every way imaginable. Today he displayed some of his under appreciated playmaking abilities. Such a stud
  5. Gaunce and his speed would have been exposed greatly in a tournament of the best U-20 in the world. Gauthier who probably beat out Gaunce for the 4th line center role is a better skater than Gaunce in every way but still looks a little slow out there on the ice. I know people will say he played on international ice in Bellville but poor skating is poor skating no matter how you shake it. He ever improves in this regard and he may make it as a 4th line center in the NHL. He also needs to add more jam to his game.
  6. You can see his role get bigger as more games get played. He's probably one of Sutter's top 5 forward that he will go to and ride when the games start to mean something.
  7. Reinhart and Horvat were the best forwards for Canada today by far.
  8. Horvat was so under appreciated today by TSN analysts and fans in general. Looks so much more polished than everyone. Watching the Subway super series and now the game today, I really don't like Laughton's play. Seems like a puck hog that tries to do too much instead of making the smart play.
  9. Unless he moves to wing I can't see him as anything other than a 4th line centre on this team for the next 3 seasons or so. He's not going to pass horvat on depth chart, horvat is a superior player now and in the future. He should be traded in a hockey deal to improve our wing positions that are lousy.
  10. http://m.youtube.com...h?v=Kwx9yr0YFXw Someone is ready for wj camp
  11. He was real classy tonight. When he went on for his 2nd star, he stopped by a little girl handing out awards to take a picture with her. Then gave her his hockey stick before heading off the ice. Class act
  12. Torts doesn't like Gaunce which was why he didn't last till the end of Camp even though he played pretty well for the most part. He's going to be trade bait depending on our situation in the standings come trade dead line. Lets be real, he's no Bo Horvat so it's no real loss. Plus Cassels is already better than him on the depth chart
  13. http://metronews.ca/news/london/879384/decision-delayed-on-london-knights-captain/ Looks like they'll be waiting to name a Captain till after the World Juniors. I'm guessing this probably means it's going to go down to either Josh Anderson and Bo Horvat. On a side note.... CBC is doing a segment on a Vancouver Canucks prospect? Blasphemy! Only person I like on CBC is Elliot Friedman so i'm glad it's him covering the story. Can't wait to see Horvat on National TV
  14. He skated his way off the team canada roster. I hope he's working with a top notch skating coach. Everything else about him is NHL calibre
  15. Everyone knows he's an amazing 200 ft player which is why I think they'll use him in a checking role as opposed to a scoring one. The camp roster seems to reflect this based on the make up of players selected.