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  1. um.. Ya so Hartnell doesn't have negative value.. He is a 20 goal scoring 50 point winger who plays physical. He is better than Brouwer and he's likely going to get $4M/season on his next contract. Someone will pay for him, Columbus might have to take less than he is worth but they will not have to pay someone to get rid of his contract. If you want to move from 5th to 3rd we would need to take back Clarkson.
  2. I wouldn't mind giving it a try but I think a power forward would be the best winger for them.
  3. Damn and I thought I had injury issues. I've had about 6 stitches on my ankle, after a freak accident where I fell off some bleachers and and caught my ankle on a bolt on the way down, several puncher wounds in my abdomen and about 8 cubic inches of my bicep ripped out, after 2 dog attacks, and several broken ribs and more concussions then I can remember playing hockey. Plus several strains and pulls on my groin, I was a competitive speed skater and hockey player even went to a Durham Fury tryout with Chris Tanev.
  4. from generalfanager so it looks like they have to give us a second round pick of equal or greater value to their second round pick in one of the next 3 drafts
  5. The easiest way to create more offence would be to switch to ball hockey blue lines, where the attacking team needs to get the blue line to gain the zone but the defending team needs to clear the red line to clear the zone. This would mean the attacking team doesn't have to tag up as much creating more offence. And it doesn't cost anything its just a rule change no need to build new rinks or renovate existing ones.
  6. Yes but at least the other team would get some penalties too...
  7. yes but on HockeyDB he shoots
  8. I got a Krona mixed in with my change at lunch today, I think I'll take it as a sign that the Swedes will have a good game.
  9. wow Positive Canuck is actually being positive did I travel to topsy-turvy land.
  10. I just want to point out that they cite General Fanager as the source for that info so not sure how legit it is. I mean they say they got the info from them selves...?
  11. Carlson still works for making your point he had 55 points last year for the Capitols and already has 17 this year, and he's a 25 year old right side defenceman. Of course he's not as good offensively as Karlsson but he is 6'3 215 pounds.
  12. umm... 13/16 games we've played this year have had 5 or more goals scored and the other 3 have had at least 3 goals. So I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say there isn't enough scoring and complain about 1-0 games when we haven't been in any and there have only been like 3-4 all season for the whole league. Unless of course you would rather have lacrosse scores of like 10-11 it seems like you're just complaining for the sake of complaining.
  13. You do know Calgary is doing bad as well right...
  14. Unless WD decides he wants to keep Gaunce instead