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  1. saying his mistake cost us the game is one thing but saying he was the reason we lost is another if we didnt have him tonight we still would have lost
  2. Everyone is talking like MDZ was the only reason we lost tonight but Eriksson, Pettersson, Goldobin, Hutton, and Gudbranson were the only minus players on the team. MDZ even scored one of our goals but CDCs got to blame someone
  3. LOL_dre

    Michael Del Zotto | #4 | D

    A player who was plus 1 was the sole reason we lost?
  4. he will be on team Lindros for training camp and Brassard will not be participating due to injury http://oshawagenerals.com/article/generals-to-hold-training-camp-august-27th-30th
  5. Nando Eggenberger will be playing with the Oshawa Generals next year
  6. LOL_dre

    Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    I agree would rather give Jensen or Grenier a chance at making the team over Rodin. That being said I wouldn't be upset to see him at camp on something like a PTO.
  7. LOL_dre

    Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Prust Has never played Center full time in the NHL in his 7 year career he only has 287 faceoffs, Vey had 502 last season and he spent time on the wing. If Virtanen is going to make this team we will have to move a vet out.
  8. LOL_dre

    Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Prust doesn't play center I don't know where these guys are getting that from. He takes about the same amount of faceoffs as Chris Higgins. I don't really think Jake will need a player like Lucic to babysit him he's a big boy and will be able to take care of him self.
  9. LOL_dre

    Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Well you are most likely right about when he will be effective some things you have to consider are that we only have 2 years from his draft to sign him or he becomes a UFA and that he will be 21 in 3 weeks. We need to sign him at the end of this season or we will lose him. It would mean he starts in the AHL at 22 and would likely play 2 - 3 seasons there.
  10. LOL_dre

    Nicklas Jensen | RW/LW

    Basically this he will start the year in Utica and it will be up to him if he stays there. He needs to impress this year to get a call up as there are other prospects making pushes for both wings.
  11. Not sure but I kind of wish that we took Markus Jensen instead. He had similar numbers to his brother in the danish junior league but because he's 5'11'' instead of 6'3'' he wasn't able to have enough of an impact at 16 in the danish men's league to attract any CHL teams
  12. LOL_dre

    Nicklas Jensen | RW/LW

    Consistency was the only major part of Jensen's game that was holding him back lets hope he figures it out for next season. It would help our transition so much if he was to emerge as a consistent goal scorer for us even if he only ever is as good as Matthias this past season.
  13. LOL_dre

    Sven Baertschi Talk

    He had more points then Burrows who had time with the Sedins and if Burrows wasn't with the Sedins he was playing right wing on the second line, I'm not convinced Kassian could have played consistently well with the Sedins. Baertschi only joined the team at the trade deadline and he hadn't done anything to that point which showed he deserved a regular spot in the NHL let alone being gifted a spot on the second line. But he has shown he that he is a much better player in our system than in Calgary's so he does have a good chance at earning that spot next year. And as for Matthias his career high points is the same as Higgins career high goals. For that month that Matthias was ripping it up Higgins was in the top 30 in left wingers for points. Last season Matthias showed that he is a streaky scorer who is good defensively but doesn't use his size. I don't see anything about him that makes him any better then Higgins.
  14. LOL_dre

    Sven Baertschi Talk

    CHRIS HIGGINS WAS OUR SECOND BEST LEFT WINGER LAST YEAR PERIOD! Seriously why is it so hard for people to understand he was given that roll because there was no one better for it and until someone shows they are better then him he will keep it. Now maybe Baertschi will be better but until he proves it he will be behind Higgins on the depth chart. The only play that you listed that benefited from any favouritism was Vey.
  15. LOL_dre

    Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

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