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  1. Anyone wanna help me with a Law homework question? Been stuck a certain part of the case now (See replies)

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    2. luckylager


      So "I" is liable


      There you go @XXCanucksXX


      @Fateless answered your question and lucky just learned something too. 


      CDC is a great community 

    3. -AJ-


      What a throwback to my Business Law course like 3 or 4 years ago.

    4. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      @luckylager @Fateless has it right I think, Baker breached his fiduciary duty as a partner. This is why you need a good insurance policy if you get into a partnership. 


      To me this is a question that hinges on "fiduciary duty". 

  2. The Workout Thread

    So i was dead-lifting, put too much weight on, didn't use good form and hurt the right side of my back around the lats area. What do you guys suggest i do, just give it rest and massage it? Put heat on it? Although i read there's no need to put heat on it because there's enough heat on it or something. And honestly, i'm slightly constipated. I became slightly constipated around the time i hurt my back, but do they have any correlation at all?
  3. The Workout Thread

    I have a quick little story to tell... I'm trying to get bigger and i'm some what new to the gym. So i was working out shoulders beside some big guy and I was struggling lifting the weight, so this big guy tells me i'm doing too much weight. He tells me to hop off the machine so he could show me a little trick. He lowers the weight by half and tells me to do short little half reps (and he does 15-20) and THEN he tells me to do full reps. So i do them and now, 45 minutes into my workout i just NOW start feeling a burn. So does anyone else do this instead of trying to grind out 6-10 reps? I'm so grateful that this guy took time out of his workout to help someone he didn't know and he could have saved me from injuring my shoulder (as your shoulders are the most injury prone part of your body). If you see anyone else at your gym doing a workout wrong, try helping them.
  4. It must suck when you get injured and your team suddenly goes on a long winning streak lol

    1. Baka


      Drying your tears on 100 dollar bills

    2. AppleJack


      Edler is that you???

  5. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    Interesting article about possible brain damage for GSP: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ufc-joe-rogan-believes-georges-st-pierre-suffered-190100645--mma.html
  6. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    Yea, he looked completely different than he did before his other fights (a lot skinnier). Right when i saw GSP,i noticed how skinny he was and honestly thought he would lose. Hendricks was noticeably stronger than GSP, wasn't sure why firas zahabi was telling George to take down Hendricks and every time George attempted to take down Hendricks, he would eat a bunch of elbows, dat slide tho when GSP tried taking Hendricks down You're last 3-4 posts were spot on, i applaud you. according to TMZ... Dana's an idiot, GSP doesn't owe the UFC or the fans anything, how is GSP suppose to focus knowing his dad is in critical health? And I don't get why everyone's going off who won the fight over GSP's face, GSP bruises easy... And Dave Meltzer explains the judges decision perfectly, its not the judges fault, its the UFC and their point systems fault. Dave Meltzer:
  7. The Workout Thread

    I think you're over-looking things due to your depression. People with depression often over-think things and make small situations into something bigger. Maybe the guy just wanted to see if you were the guy from his gym when he drove past you, and nothing more. I remember when i dealt with slight depression (due to a death in my family) i always thought that i was gonna get jumped and thought I was getting set up and couldn't trust anyone (not even my closest friends). But anyways, I would try going to the other gym but if that isn't working for you, go back to your other gym, lay off the caffeine and talk to the people you think that wanna jump you. Just start off with "Hey, sorry to bother you but i was wondering if you knew any pre-workout supplement i can take? I've been taking caffeine for some time now and i've noticed i've been jittery, frequently staring at people and its actually been causing me to be slightly depressed". Even if you don't need another pre-supplement, just talk to them anyways, it'll help. Anyways, don't be worried at whoever judges you, you're there to workout, it boosted your mood and you feel better so postives > negatives and besides, the caffeine making you do weird things, but its also helping you workout. Hope you can solve this situation, be sure to give updates
  8. According to police, this is the bikers 2nd year doing this meetup, where they gather up and ride together to times square. A ton of people that actually saw the bikers commented on various articles, most of them saying something along the lines of how the bikers were looking for trouble. Commenter on article: Source: http://nypost.com/2013/09/30/bikers-attack-suv-after-driver-rams-riders/
  9. “It’s not an advantage to have a degree anymore, but it’s a disadvantage if you don’t have it”

    1. 112


      That's ok, I like being an underdog.

    2. NightHawkSniper


      So it's an advantage to have not it?

    3. Kryten


      It's an advantage to not have to pay $100k for an education that doesn't get a you job with enough juice to pay off the loans for 10 years (not to mention the riciculous interest rates). Great country we live in.

  10. Its ridiculous how obsessed females are with guys eyebrows lol

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    2. Erik Karlsson

      Erik Karlsson

      pluck pluck pluck

    3. key2thecup


      go to a local indian beauty shop, get em threaded for 5 bux

    4. key2thecup


      dont pluck, youll prolly not get the desired result, threading takes like 2mins and they will give you the look you ask for

  11. I wonder if married couples allow/get mad at their spouse for watching porn

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Depends whether or not you are watching it with or without your spouse.

    2. Niloc009


      Depends on the spouse, I'm sure.

  12. CFL Thread

    Anyone else have a feeling that was going to happen?...
  13. CFL Thread

  14. CFL Thread

    WOOOW! Paul McCallum saved us
  15. Common sense tells you that there was no doubt that Lu would be willing to play for the nucks