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  1. He's also 27 not 25. Not that i care, it just a little misleading because some may say that this year is this guys peak.
  2. +1 I was going to say.... Kass plays pretty much the same game: just a little(*tiny) less bone-headed. Its probably just natural maturity, but its so nice to see him SHINE!!!! GO KASSIAN GO!!!
  3. It was nice to watch the Canucks win during the Leafs national commercial... Like omg im so tired of watching the media bashing everyone but the leafs... Why wasnt there a break down of how Mitch Marner was on the first goal.. ? He was doing his best Virtanen impression... I dont get the Marner - P Kane comparissons. Im thinking the fair comparison should be Ehlers . Infact one could argue that Toronto's 'kids' come off the backs of JVR, Bozak amungst thier other vets and soon to be vets. Their kids are putting up points on thier back plus on league allowed toronto powerplays
  4. Anything else leafs fan???
  5. FIRE WD. He's doing nothing for the W column,nor entertainment, nor development.... honestly id rather lose a wide open game than one where WD trying to save his skin...
  6. I wish we could score some goals, i dont know if WD knows what it takes to win at an NHL level. Which was the gamble when he was hired. I think this experiment needs to end soon , we need a coach who knows and can adapt to todays nhl.
  7. Come to think about it .. Even if we did draft Nylander or Ehlers i bet they wouldnt be givin the opportunity to play the way they need to put up points...
  8. How did i know this was gunna be a 1-1 2-1 game.. Look around the league WD .. Kids being wide open are putting up pts... Not givin 4th line duties .. Stop tryna win the 2011 bruins... Adapt... Got its like watching paint dry w this group...
  9. Do u suffer from a mental disability? Do you understand that it's ok to have differing opinions? You don't have to make sure every single person thinks like you dude. You must be a joy to be around in life... but that's ok ... Gudbranson will be as good as he is on the ice when he plays. . If your not a fan but like to troll other members that's ok too.
  10. Unbelieveyble. Strength to him and his family.
  11. I bet in another time, youd probably just kill me to get me to go away huh.
  12. If issis is recruiting here in na why couldn't the at least use their white trash counterparts u see in these propaganda videos?
  13. let the evil fester amongst the ignorant.. I hope all u ignorant mf are scared. . It's the abundant amount of you all that the rest of the world hates west.. so be guilty at least.. innocent people are dying around the world .. for traits like yours...
  14. Holy &^@#.. like the animals ? Soon to be extinct. ..?? Haha no way man .. there no escaping the destructive ignorance that rules the world..