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  1. Unbelieveyble. Strength to him and his family.
  2. I bet in another time, youd probably just kill me to get me to go away huh.
  3. If issis is recruiting here in na why couldn't the at least use their white trash counterparts u see in these propaganda videos?
  4. let the evil fester amongst the ignorant.. I hope all u ignorant mf are scared. . It's the abundant amount of you all that the rest of the world hates west.. so be guilty at least.. innocent people are dying around the world .. for traits like yours...
  5. Holy &^@#.. like the animals ? Soon to be extinct. ..?? Haha no way man .. there no escaping the destructive ignorance that rules the world..
  6. White people argument about racism and their privlage.. 'oh that old thing??? '
  7. Misinformed like the claim of insinuation that we are letting in terrorist from the middle east.. lol they're here because they have no where to go... why??...
  8. Uhh yess Arrogance is a north American trait ... go ahead get your *better than me * on..
  9. Ppl 'know' all these things about 1.8 billions people on this earth because tv or media told then to. Ignorant MFs Media heads like these are obviously for publicity, clicks etc... and VPD ?? Who the &^@# knows what's going on there. .. didn't they tweet a few weeks ago that kids were dying ouy here from weed? ?? If only everyone had a little respect and have courteousy for other ppl, we would have a peaceful world... but people in North America seem to think they're exempt from making this world a $&!#tier place...and just straight out deny that we have a race issue.. awww well .. let just let the white privlage prevail and continue to take our values from media... Hope yall had a Merry Christmas and have a very happy valentine's day. . But be sure to open up those wallets. Or you will look like a loser. .. maybe even a terrorist. .. Ffs. . Thanks for showing us what a terrorist looks like, and to be terrified in vancouver tho *(I thinks that's the whole point ) (furthering the white privlage) *white priv example. . Yesterday at a Dr appointment, a while lady walks in off the street says she has no appointment but get *squeezed in (busy af btw) Anyways she comes and going in like 15 minutes.. meanwhile an Asian man comes in with the same situation but.. she offers him two spots. . One Next week super early or 2 weeks for an afternoon appt.. it sure helps to be white if u want health care. . White people wouldn't understand.. i watched white middle aged woman treat someone who looked like her get what she wanted.. just scale this idea up and we have our modern society..
  10. Team Lucic here. Just think how much more intimidating we become . He would give our kids like virt and bo more confidence to play their game. BAE - BO - LOOCH Just buy out Burr. .
  11. Sedin sisters ? Please. U see those lunch boxes Danny has Attached to his arms?
  12. 20, he's only 20.. I feel like at his age, we are just watching his ceiling raise.. Watching Bo and his Bae reminds me of the smaller modern version of nazzy n Bert. With Horvat's explosiveness he reminds me kind of like a Seguin lite.
  13. Anyone know how many days he going down ? I really hope he picks up an offensive edge down there.. sure I like his hits, but he needs more confidence out there rather than just looking to make a hit disregarding a loose puck. .
  14. When is Kassasian com in back anyway?