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  1. I think Virt can figure it out, but he needs to grow up. He's in Utica so he can stop going out and take a few years to really focus on his game. A bunch of guys I played with (Junior) played with him in Abby. He was the kinda guy when the coach said to take a few laps, to take a few around the circle half heartedly then take a knee as the rest of his team did full laps because "He was better." Now admittedly he is in the Show, and obviously a great player, but that just shows he thinks he's already earned it. Kid needs to grow up a bit, stop hitting on UBC girls, and focus on his fitness and his mentality. I think when he got shat on at the World Juniors for messing up that helped a bit, but he needs to understand if he wants to be the first round pick and stud he thinks he is, he needs to work for it more. In regards to Willie, he obviously see's this and sure has messed up but you can't have a 19 year old kid thinking he deserves anything, they need to earn it. Admittedly with the team playing as terribly as they have been, maybe its time to bring him back so he can prove he's not a bust.
  2. After watching the high-lights of last nights game, I noticed a lot about Tryamkin. He made some bad plays down low, but also picked up a few assists, one thing I noticed a lot though. He had a lot of passion. It must be hard for a young kid adjusting to a different game, and a new country but he's done really well and I think the fact he has that much passion when he messes up and also when we score is a great sign for the struggling club. Also in reply to Jordan Subban... There's a reason this guys not getting called up a lot... He just isn't that good, I think personally he tends to get hyped up a lot because of his brothers name being attached to him. He really isn't anything special and obviously is getting over-looked by the emergence of players like Stecher and hopefully Tryamkin in a few years.
  3. People are going to complain no matter what, but realistically what both Sbisa and Dorsett bring to the table is exactly what we've needed the last few years. Sbisa is a good young defensemen, who with leadership from players like Hamuis or Bieksa could really become a steal of a deal in an era where defensemen are being payed exorbitant amounts of money or valued very high, just look at Free Agency. Dorsett, though may not have the size is always standing up for our players whenever the other team decides to start running around a bit, sure it's a lot of money but with the amount of good young talent coming up for the next few years, Dorsett will be an invaluable asset as a veteran presence, on and off the ice. We need more grit in the lineup and hopefully we can get Kassian back soon, having a third/fourth line punch of Kassian and Dorsett can help us become a team that don't get walked all over, like in past years.