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  1. Hey this is just a question to the fans man... and who's to say the next 2 of our first round picks will work out? Not to mention the ones we already got... like I don't know... Virtanen! (McCann! Shinkaruk later first round) i personally don't like giving up a top 10 pick...
  2. Maybe Granlund instead of Baer because he can play centre.
  3. Baertschi yes. But I see the Oilers wanting a defender/centre instead of winger. And a better d-man than Subban.
  4. Yes. But with the twins possibly moving on after next year I don't like seeing either Sutter or Gagner at 2nd C.
  5. If somehow the Sedins ended up in Edmonton the Oilers immediately become a huge contender for the cup! Imagine that depth!
  6. I think Canucks fans should expect Eriksson to have a better season! The guys a top six forward. He'all be a lot better than 24 points.
  7. What if... and this a a big what if... 2018 Trade Deadline... To Vancouver: RNH + pick To Edmonton: Danny & Hank (we keep salary) ... We get a good centre for 3-4 more years and a pick for the twins. Oilers get a great chance at the cup. ... or am I completely out to lunch here?
  8. RNH actually has a really good defensive game. Look up his numbers.
  9. I put down some trade suggestions just to see what other guys on here would suggest. I wasnt actually saying that those trades were ones I would accept as a Canucks fan. I personally think that RNH isn't worth our 1st round.
  10. If we can get him a contract why not give him a chance? We need prospects. Doesn't hurt.
  11. @OilersFeed I'm not exactly sure how reliable this source is but I'm reading that the Oilers are accepting the fact that they may have to start looking into moving RNH. With Draisaitl and Mcdavid locked up it might be too hard to keep the Nuge around. With the Oil close to the Cap they can't bring back a big contract forcing them to only ask for middle grade prospects and draft picks. In my opinion the Oilers are going to want defence. I think the Canucks should take a long hard look at making a deal with the Oilers when the time comes. If the Canucks are going to have any chance at competing with the Oilers in the next decade we need to be strong up the middle. Good centre depth is key to winning. Having Horvat, Pettersson, Nuge would be huge. It just makes me wonder what kind of deal the Canucks could offer to make it happen. - Sutter & 1st? (Do we want to give up a high first round pick?) - Chris Tanev & a draft pick - Any other defender and a 1st ... it will be interesting to see what kind of offers the Oilers get when it does in fact come time to move RNH. Original source: http://edmontonjournal.com/sports/hockey/nhl/cult-of-hockey/edmonton-oilers-are-gearing-up-to-sell-low-on-ryan-nugent-hopkins
  12. Rodin ain't getting 50 points man.
  13. Alex Kurfoot has narrowed his decision down to three teams! Vancouver Canucks Montreal Canadiens New York Rangers