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  1. Erik Gudbranson. Jake Virtanen. Derek Dorsett.
  2. Agent J.P Barry says Alex Kerfoot had a very productive and informative meeting with Linden, Benning and Green. #Canucks I was reading today that there has been some progress between the centre and the Canucks management today. I like it but it's getting me pretty damn worried about Horvat not being signed yet. GMJB lock both these guys up asap please!
  3. Personally I like either having Eriksson or Boeser with Horvat on line one. But I do like what I saw with Boeser on the PP with the twins. Maybe he can help them get to 60 points a piece and the twins can help Boeser chase the Calder.
  4. Brock Boeser is by far predicted to be our top goal scorer. That blows my mind. It goes to show how "good" the Canucks are when the fans think a rookie is going to lead our team in goals! It would be sweet if he does. But man...
  5. Believe in Markstrom! I think he finally has a chance he can be #1... prediction... 59 games... 3 shutouts.
  6. Really? Because bo is voted as leading "point" scorer and Boeser only has 5% leading scorer for goals it's the opposite. I think ppl understand my poll.
  7. 1. Points 2. Goals
  8. The depth chart is a sight for sore eyes this season! Last season we had half an AHL roster playing for the Canucks. I really don't want to see Chaput or Megna in a Canucks uniform this year.
  9. Would be nice if our top line could all score 25 goals a piece
  10. Pretty crazy how a lot of fans are thinking Boeser will score the teams most goals
  11. I like that! Eriksson - Horvat - Gagner D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Boeser Baertschi - Sutter - Granlund
  12. Yeah I was told to make it into a poll so I had to figure out how. Sorry kinda new to this whole thing
  13. 2017-2018 predictions! I thought it would be fun to create my first poll. Summers been a drag and it's fun to predict our upcoming season. What do you think?