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  1. New image, new identity... New jerseys?

    This. Basically, stick-in-rink logo with current color scheme. Blue for home, white variant away. These are pretty much spot on although i'd like to see a shoulder patch. The stick on the blue one also looks a tad thin, the white one is perfect. For alternate jerseys, we can have a rotation of the skate, millionaires, and a green johnny canuck variant.
  2. - Fire Tortorella, interview coaches (Stevens, Trotz, up and coming assistants or AHL coaches) - Bring in new scouting staff - Retire the orca jersey. Use the current stick-in-rink 3rd as our Home and a white version as our away. Johnny Canuck alternate as our 3rd, black '94 skate jersey as a retro throwback. - Kesler to PIT for Pouliot, Sutter, 2nd or to PHI for a deal involving Couturier ++ - Edler to DET for 2014 1st rnd pick (16th?) - Try and dump Burrows if we can, otherwise hope he starts hot and flip him midseason or at the deadline. Keep Booth, only has one year left on his deal anyways. - Listen to offers on Garrison, Hansen. - Try and trade into the top 5 and grab one of Ekblad, Reinhart, or Bennett, packaging our 6th pick and DET's 16th from the Edler trade. - Entertain offers for the Sedins although I reckon it would be extremely difficult to move them. Otherwise let them play out their careers. - Stay quiet in free agency and tank for McDavid. - Keep the cap relatively clear then once McDavid, Ekblad/Bennett/Reinhart, Pouliot start developing sign some impact veteran UFAs and make a run.