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  1. Coool. I wanna watch it too. :)

  2. Nicee. I'm going to watch the Lion King either today or tomorrow. :D

  3. Haha. I might watch it again......maybe.

  4. It was entertaining :). I didn't realize how cute it was till now.

  5. Cool. Did you like the movie?

  6. OH OH OH and I'm going to watch it tomorrow :)

  7. :OOO I'll never know

  8. Guess what I watched.......again. :)

  9. Dark and cold :(. Well not really. I just can't find my slippers D:.

  10. It's great. Got my TV, laptop, snacks. It's perfect. :) How's Vancouver?

  11. Okay thanks :). And yeah it's all good. So how is the planet of nowhere?

  12. No, go right ahead. Do you mind if I?

  13. :) Do you mind if I friend you?