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  1. On a side note, what NHL moron decided 5 inch monitors are sufficient for officials to review plays on which to base critical decisions?
  2. Aside from a once-in-a-career goalie performance, the keys to a win tonight are hard work and to stay out of the penalty box.
  3. Politics aside, she is smart and savvy. Enjoy the view, you can always mute the sound.
  4. I am still in favour of covering McD like a glove. You have to hit him at every opportunity and don't let him behind the D. I realize this is not an easy task because McD is so fast, but he has to be made to pay a price each time he touches the puck.
  5. I for one do not ever want to hear the name Tambe again. Personally I am ok with the current management team and assess the results at the end of this season. If a change is due I am a fan of the old-school style.
  6. As fans it's difficult to debate the reality our team is in a real decline. Think how the players must be feeling. I truly hope management will re-assess the situation and current strategy at seasons end and take meaningful action.
  7. The Nuge is way over-valued for his 6 million dollar contract that still has 4 years to go. Not to mention the fact trading within the division should be a non-starter..
  8. Take another toke, write out what you just said, then repeat it back to yourself. If it makes sense then go with it, if it doesn't then call it a night.
  9. That was one pathetic performance. We may not be a skilled, talented team, but professional hockey players normally react to adversity by out hustling their opponents. On this night the Canucks were an embarrassment.
  10. In 1973 my buddy who worked for Labatts got us into the media seats to watch the WHA games and we had access to their private lounge between periods. Cheers!
  11. Ok, educate me. Why do you think this may be the final results?
  12. Tutoring. Viewing quality video.
  13. I am totally in favour of term limits in federal and provincial politics. A set day for elections is also an idea whose time has come. Premier and Prime Minister are a public service, they are not not meant to be life-time jobs. Mandated opportunities for political change may be a healthy route to go. Politicians who are in power for many years actually believe they belong there and that their opinion is best for the province/nation. A purely false assumption.
  14. The Canucks won't trade with the Oil, not now, not ever, again.