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  1. Until Americans can have a serious conversation about systemic racism and policing problems little will change. The cycle of reaction following such incidents repeats itself to some degree and then is forgotten. As a country collectively they need to deal with these challenges or they are bound to deepen the divisions.
  2. For me it's the same each season. What new faces will rise to the challenge of playing in the best professional hockey league in the world.
  3. Let me add whatever the outcome of an interview consider yourself a winner. You have already achieved what very few other applicants have by being invited for a face-to-face opportunity to sell a potential employer on your qualifications for a given job. The experience of interviewing can only be helpful as your career unfolds.
  4. Personally I value Tanev greater than RNH. E-town is one of the last teams I would consider a trade.
  5. People who talk loudly on their phones as they walk around a super market. Oh, and people who ask dumb questions.
  6. It is totally within reason to think some elite players will also be injured during the World Cup.
  7. Apparently he is home in his gated community in North Carolina.
  8. All I can say about Lochte is, if you look like a loser, sound like a loser and act like a loser, 9 times out of ten, you are a loser!
  9. Man, you just cannot make this stuff up. This is so pathetic on so many levels it is difficult to know where to start. This guy single handily brings a whole new meaning to the word loser.
  10. Apparently food allergies effect 5 to 10% of Canadians and there is no cure for allergies. Guests need to explain their allergy clearly and ask their server directly if there is any, in this case salmon, in the dish they want to order. The food service worker needs to say they do not know if that is the case and then ask the kitchen for an answer. The employee and the employer are responsible and accountable for the result.
  11. I don't know Wideman yet I think he is a loser. I just don't buy that he claims his hit on Henderson was unintentional when everything about the video tells me different. I think Wideman has in one misguided moment embarrassed himself, his family, his team and the league. He will be forever remembered as the guy who flattened the official and refused to own up to his actions. To call him a loser is being kind.
  12. Bacon and brussel sprouts.
  13. So let me get this straight. You want to offer E-town (a divisional competitor) Sbisa (pay a portion of his salary not to play for the Canucks) and a 3rd round pick in the next draft for Yak. In return we receive the services of a Russian with an attitude and a porn star mustache who has managed to play his way off the Oil a team who have tied an NHL record futility by successfully missing the playoffs for the past decade. My opinion: No f'ing way!
  14. You know this stuff is not worth stressing about. As fans we have whined more than enough and this is a prime reason why a lot of other hockey fans like to use our team as a punching bag. I for one am done with bitching about the league executives, on-ice officials and those who support the competition. Let's take the high road and do our talking during the season and hopefully the playoffs. These so called experts don't know jack and we will prove them wrong starting this October. Go Canucks Go!
  15. To me an old school classic car is the 1967 Corvette. I think they came with a 427ci engine and 425hp.