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  1. I was fortunate enough to attend the 1989 NHL All-Star game in Edmonton at the old Northlands Colisuem. We hosted out-of-town clients on a tourism promotion. Gretzky was in his first season with the Kings, scored 3 points, and was the MVP of the game. I was also worked with the City on the 1995 NHL Draft in Edmonton. Most fans in the arena that day wanted the Oil to select Shane Doan with the 6th pick. Of course we are talking about the Oilers and they didn't have the first overall choice, so this was another misstep.
  2. Man, I know we want the best for our team, but I have to wonder if we over-value our players when it comes to trade potential. I like Tanev, he is a solid d-man, but I am thinking this proposal may be a stretch in terms of possible return.
  3. Personally not a big fan of a large former players working in the organization. A limited number is fine, but I think the diversity of any group of people is in fact their strength.
  4. Well, I want to say kiss my star power, but I won't.
  5. Hey Man, I like your thinking. Poetry may be a stretch, but keep working it. Cheers!
  6. Visioning my retirement while sipping on a dry, double martini.
  7. Well the TSN experts have spoken, now it is up to the team to demonstrate "what we are". Everyone has an opinion about the Canucks and in a few months the reality will be known.
  8. Appreciate the ego-centric suggestions, however for those of us who are not fortunate enough to live in the lower mainland this means dick.
  9. Always liked to visit Seattle for play and work when I lived in Vancouver. It's close, has a good social scene and virtually anything you could want in a big city. The MLB and NFL fields are south of downtown between I5 and the waterfront.
  10. IMO McD should get the max $15M per season or 20% of the total team expense for salary. His agent woiuld be foolish to recommend a long term deal without going hard for the max allowed for one player.
  11. Not Yak, please!
  12. Chicago and Denver are a couple of NHL cities I would be glad to live in and play for their hockey team.
  13. Somebody mention "fast and gritty", sign me up for those aspects. I also value a more than average level of character and smarts.
  14. If I am not mistaken this is the case of a traffic stop where the girlfriend of the deceased was in the front seat next to him and their child was in a car seat in the back of the vehicle. He was shot by the cop and killed in cold blood after declaring he had a legal permit to carry a firearm. Really a sad case on so many levels.
  15. I'm on-side with a simple approach, just not sure the Avs would want to take on a couple of more players to expose in the upcoming expansion draft.