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  1. Agree, reforestation is key. I assume it is mandatory in these logging permits, and if not it should be, that for every tree that is cut down at least two more are planted.
  2. In a weird way this conversation reminds me of something I believe is attrubtted to Jonas Salk and it goes something like this. If all the insects would disapear from the earth within 50 years all life on earth would end, if all human beings disapeared from the earth within 50 years all forms of life would flourish".
  3. Hey, if this means I don't have to wish Leivo a happy birthday for another week I am all in. Cheers!
  4. Political parties should have been exempt from this subsidy program from the start.
  5. I say bring it on, time for some pro-hockey. If the Canucks should have home ice we win the first round. Book it.
  6. Man, I would be really reluctant to give up on a young player the team has already invested a great deal. I hear your argrument about centre depth but would rather look at whatever alternatives may be feasible.
  7. As a fan I am already over the season. It was an unusual ending, your basic once-in-a-lifetime scenario and yes it is over. Time to focus on next year and what that looks like. Of course I have no knowledge of how owners cope with such a significant hit to budgets, not to mention the NHL brand and the leagues partnership commitments. I can understand however how individual players may feel about the health and safety of their own family vs exposure to life-threatening situations playing a game. Time to call it a season.
  8. Got to go with mr. & Mrs. Barker's little boy Cam, with an honourable mention to Izzy Goodenough.
  9. What about Malhotra (pardon the spelling? I believe he is player worthy of consideration.
  10. As someone who is semi-retired I am grateful for a decent pension. I keep busy looking out for a 99 year old mother-in-law and a divorced daugther, plus a couple of grand-kids.
  11. YEGCanuck


    I have a thing for the Okanagan valley, although when I lived there in the '70's it was a lot less crowded. Have to say though there nothing like living by the sea.
  12. Sorry, I would say no thanks. Jake isn't going anywhere
  13. William Harrison Withers, Jr. a soul legend. Lean on me, brother.
  14. YEGCanuck

    what is,

    Playing baseball and soccer on our street in New West when I was a kid. Also had a chance to see a stock race at an oval dirt track in south Burnaby. One of cars lost a wheel and tire which rolled across a road and onto a shcool yard of a high school (MacPherson Park) I happened to attend many years later.
  15. The Messier mistake was a pathetic period in the history of the Canucks. Classic failure. Trust the team has learned a lesson.