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  1. To me an old school classic car is the 1967 Corvette. I think they came with a 427ci engine and 425hp.
  2. Thanks for coming out.
  3. "While reading some of the trade threads lately, it still surprises me of the emotional attachment and overvaluation of our current roster". Point taken. Most fans tend to over-value their team's players. It seems like a natural tendency and therefore makes it difficult for us not to view a trade from a different perspective.
  4. It may be premature, however you can imagine Boeser mirroring Linden's career. He also has the smarts to eventually become a hockey executive if has an interest.
  5. The Canucks have had some very good "under-average sized" players in the past. Hopefully Carcone will follow in their footsteps.
  6. I think another aspect of these cases that needs to be examined is how the 911 system functions. An anonymous caller makes a report and the dispatcher conveys that message and the police accept it as fact. Even in an alleged emergency situation there needs to be greater caution and another step short of the use of deadly force.
  7. Poorly trained, overly aggressive cops can make for a deadly combination. This is a systemic problem throughout North America.
  8. I remember Jarvis from his playing days with the Habs. Excellent work ethic, knows the game and a solid hire.
  9. Didn't Nilsson play for the Oil and they traded him because he wasn't good enough for their team. That tells you all you need to know about his game.
  10. The team identity will evolve after the boys play a couple of dozen meaningful games together.
  11. I would do a deal for Eriksson given the right term. While the local boy aspect is tempting I would pass on the Hastings hunchback and would be cautious about over-paying for other free agents.
  12. Loved Pat Quinn ever since I saw him drive opposing players through the boards at the Pacific Coliseum. R.I.P.
  13. The NHL is simply proving beyond a doubt they cannot stand for free thinking, informed opinion, tell it like it is managers. The league would be better off focusing on cleaning up the image of the annual draft. The TV production looks like a gong show compared to the NBA. Not to say the basketball boys have all the answers, however you would think the NHL is capable of showcasing their product to the world more professionally in a manner worthy of a multi-billion dollar enterprise.
  14. F'ing brilliant!
  15. So you want to get a guy they call Nugey. And what makes you think he is a first line centre? Get your stuff together.