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  1. Nail at the league minimum would be an over-payment.
  2. In one word, No!
  3. Man I will be happy as $&!# just to see the boys play in another seventh game in the finals.
  4. Here is another suggestion, how about zero trade proposals that include the Oil.
  5. Please don't even think about it. Eberle is soft, slow and grossly over paid. Don't trade with the Oil, period!
  6. I would make that trade everyday.
  7. I for one would not touch Eberle with the proverbial ten-foot pole. He has proven himself to be a soft player and grossly over valued by the Oil. Stay the hell away.
  8. Hey man it will be difficult to f' up a selection in the top five. I could be out-to-lunch but I am thinking Jimbo may trade down this year to pickup an extra prospect and/or draft choice.
  9. If we actually select a player at the five spot it will be difficult to pass up on a stud center., That being said quality offensive defensemen are few and far between.
  10. My vote is No. Perhaps Canada can play a role to help mediate tensions. It is interesting to note the similarities between Kim and Trump. Two overweight, authoritative figures with bad hair who are mentally unstable.
  11. I was at the game. A really pathetic performance. It was a tough to watch and I think the boys just wanted to stay at home. I am thinking (hoping) it can only get better.
  12. Man, love the sense of humor on this board. Kudos! In the playoffs if the opposition is to stop the Oilers they have to hit to hurt. McDavid and Talbot. I realize that may be easier said than done and you will pay price, however that is one suggestion on how to stop the Oil.
  13. Count me in, my son and I are interested as well. Hopefully by the the time next season roles around there will be a friendly exchange rate.
  14. Most of the players mentioned will likely have a leadership role in the development of the team. That being said I am not so sure the "face" of the franchise has emerged or has even been drafted yet.