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  1. It's been known for days that he was going to re-sign back here anyway? It's a big rumour as to why other teams have been lowballing, they know he's a max 4 month player.
  2. also, I've seen some more familiar faces. Hi c2x, hi Mike o/
  3. It's amazing how many of the old names I remember are still around. Enjoy yourself! Maybe I can fly out for a future one haha!
  4. You guys having a shindig? :D
  5. Sounds about right. We outsource all our web development stuff - while I can tinker with wordpress other CRMs are beyond my knowledge, but mobile friendly sites are like the number 1 thing people neglect IMO. The amount of clients we have that just have...terrible, terrible mobile sites in terms of speed and functionality is frightening, when you consider mobile searches (and voice searches) are very, very quickly over taking desktop searches.
  6. Haha well if you ever have any jobs going or hear of anything that you think might suit, let me know. I'm always willing to learn new stuff and I'm not tied into my profession. And thanks, it's nice to be appreciated some times!
  7. Digital marketing and seo Currently I do a lot of the back end techy stuff, uploading bits and pieces writing meta putting our proposals together, writing newsletters. Making everything tick really.
  8. Portsmouth. Which is probably where I was before when I was around, because it's where I studied. I live about an hour in land, back at home again, now. Same county though.
  9. Well I have to finish out my current apprenticeship at my job, see what happens pay wise there (because I love the office, the job and my coworkers but I don't currently get paid enough to live on) and then consider it. Would be a big move though, The furthest I've ever moved away from home is an hour down the road :D
  10. I studied Journalism and English Literature. I now work in Digitial Marketing & SEO and am GAIQ certified, although it's just an online test so it's super duper cool haha.
  11. If Canada would let me in I'd come ASAP. Unfortunately, I don't think I could get a canadian job, haha! What are you studying?
  12. I'm 25 now, I'd hope I wasn't still in school It's pretty dry at the minute though, cold as hell though.
  13. Just wanted to pop in and say hello everyone. It's been a while o/
  14. Did the Jets turn down a chance to move into the top 10 of the draft? Sources suggest that a huge trade offer was made to the Jets at the last minute that would have allowed them to move up in the draft, however GM C2X would have had to part with one of his top young d-men (rumoured to be Tyson Barrie) to make the move. This turned out to be the spanner in the works as Barrie is seen as to important to the Jets moving forward. Another big Name hitting the UFA market? This year looks like it is going to be absolutely choc-a-bloc with talent, with Marian Gaborik being the latest name looking certain to hit the market, joining other stars like Joe Thornton and Evgeni Malkin. Talking about Malkin and Thornton: It looks like there's one Western Conference team hell bent on acquiring either one of the star centers and it appears they will move heaven and earth to land one of them. I will try and find out which team this is as currently I'm hearing there are a few major players in the Malkin+Thornton markets (not surprising, considering the talent level of these players), but I will try and find out the one making waves currently. Is Brandon still Sutter-ble in Boston? With Sam Reinhart having been picked 1st Overall by the Bruins, high up sources with in the Bruins organisation have quietly started offering Brandon Sutter as they try and lighten their load through the middle. Sources suggest they are listening to any and all offers at this time.
  15. Looking forward to Free Agency: With teams always looking to keep their best players locked up through their prime years, you may be forgiven for thinking that a lot of the big fish will be snapped up by their current clubs before they even make it to free agency. However, I'm hearing a lot of whispers that indicate that the opening few days is going to be a busy time as a lot more big name players hit free agency than ever before. Bouwmeester already on the move: Since Colorado made it public that they could not afford to bring back J-Bo for next season there have been numerous teams interested in the veteran d-man. I've been hearing that there is interest from teams such as the LA Kings, Edmonton Oilers, Nashville Predators and the Columbus Blue Jackets and that the Avalanche have already received a very good offer, although I am still waiting on news of what club has made the offer and the intricate parts. My sources indicate that the deal is almost complete and once some financial concerns are ironed out should be completed in the next day or two. Florida throwing in the towel? With Florida currently behind in the Stanley Cup Finals, rumours are starting to circulate that long time GM OurTimeToShine could well be looking to make some whole sale changes to his roster for next season. I've heard from a source close to the GM that OTTS has voiced his displeasure at how his side has performed in this final and how they have not been able to perform in the clutch moments. The series isn't over yet however so if he does get back in to it, I wouldn't be surprised to see a different tune in his winning press conference. Fresh Life in Canada: With the resignation of Zen and the firing of Ovechkinator, two Canadian teams have been looking for new GMs this summer. Calgary found theirs in Drouin while Toronto have hired Gally to take them to the next level. Both GMs are fresh faces in the CDCGML and their respective clubs will be hoping they can shoot them back to the top of the CDCGML ladder. Expect both GMs to stamp their mark on the teams early, I'm hearing both teams will be active on the trade front and in free agency. Dustin Brown Hiccup? It looked like Dustin Brown was heading for a new long term contract in Ottawa, but I'm hearing that there's been a huge derailment late on in negotiations and the star winger could well now hit the open market. If he does, there will be huge interest in the talented forward.