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  1. Up and down mate, up and down.
  2. Sorry for my recent quietness, I am watching stuff in the background and am still reachable on discord most nights, just had some personal $&!# that stopped me being able to be on as much as I'd like. All sorted and back now, sorry <3
  3. Los Angeles are still on the hunt for another top 4 dman, and potentially a bottom pairing guy too, hit me up on here or discord with offers.
  4. It's resting bitch face alright, geez I can't help it
  5. Very happy to add Andrew to the mix as well as bringing back Mike. Will make a longer statement later but for now just know I am ecstatic.
  6. Release: I believe I can do this (I checked with Mike and everything!) but I would like to release Mikhail Grigorenko after he signed for 3 years in the KHL. Source:
  7. Toby Enstrom available, looking to move cap. Hit me up if interested.
  8. I'm glad to be here (in fact I think this may be a return, I may have actually been a GM here before I think!) We'll be assessing the team over the coming days, but in the mean time feel free to open talks with me on any players you may be interested in. I will answer my PMs at least daily, but am also available on discord. I am from the UK, so please don't be mad if I don't get right back to you, our time zones are very different :D
  9. +13 pounds on his listed weight on Elite Prospects. Is that a GOOD +13 or a BAD +13 though..?
  10. Happy Birthday Canada!
  11. Thanks everyone <3
  12. First of all Congrats to Mike on hist first ever Championship victory. We're coming for ya big guy! The Los Angeles Kings are proud to select, from the Windsor Spitfires, C: Gabriel Vilardi.
  13. Well that's a good way to kick off the draft.