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  1. Putting a big body (Tryamkin) in front of the net means a defender has to try and move him. While this is occurring, there is essentially a 4 on 3 with traffic. That's more space for the twins to do their ridiculous cycle, more space for that far side guy to sneak in, more space for the D to control at the point.
  2. Your logic is misleading. While it is more likely that we pick 5th, than pick first, or that we pick 5th rather than picking 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 6th. It is more likely that we pick in the top 4 than we pick 5th. I see a 48.4% chance we pick in the top 4 and a 37.8 chance we pick 5th. Can't just take the numbers for face value. You have to compare and calculate.
  3. I like those odds.
  4. If clb loses and we win we tie and win the tie breaker to jump to 27th
  5. Are you new?
  6. Should see him next camp
  7. Can we make it a CDC mission to have it become Eiffel 65 - I'm Blue
  8. This sounds like a Conservative attack ad. Sven, might be okay some day, he's just not ready. Great hair though
  9. Tanev deserved it. 6 blocked shots. Beasty. I'd say Miller had more key saves as well as more in general than Andersen.
  10. It wasn't an own goal. It was a deflection. Deflecting goals off defending players are awarded assists.
  11. Thats your 10th post.
  12. Nobody mentioned Hutton being traded. Read it again. He was saying the the emergence of Hutton, Hammer is expendable.
  13. Same here. Can't stand it. There are two kinds of fans in any fan base. Homers and Hockey fans. I like the hockey fans cause we can talk puck rationally, they and I can see faults on our own teams and have a real discussion. The homers say negative things like FK your team, you have sisters, they're old and suck. Just generally hateful tripe towards the city and/or team. Some may say well we have those fans everywhere. I agree. But until you live in a city with a rival NHL club, you really don't get the full effect. I agree here. I personally cant stand their voices, but they certainly weren't anti-Canuck. Even sang their praises a bit. Was called fairly.
  14. It makes perfect sense. In the offensive zone the twins will cycle in the corners/behind the net leaving Sutter in a better position to come back defensively when the rush turns the other way. In the defensive zone he is able to get back quicker play the center position and break out to one of the twins. This line gives us both the mobility of a center playing in each end and a faceoff man for either side. Could play huge in our successes.