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  1. hah yeah its sick my friend made it you can search him up: TheAgent

  2. sick sig of stamkos man. did you make it?

  3. why is thou getting suspended? :P

  4. where you been? check your pm lol

  5. It was pretty fun. I was late though which sucked. Juuust missed Raymond's goal. :(

    As soon as I sat down I asked the guys beside him... "So is the loud section" Said no. So I said "Well it's about to become one!" Lawl, they were 4 drunk guys by the end of the game. One of them gave me his popcorn bag. Probably costs like 8 bucked to buy, heh.

  6. no :( the guy that was selling tickets said "he had to do something in burnaby" and that we could only go there and pick the tickets up. my friend told him to meet us up at rogers arena but noo haha. f**ck! it was a crazy game too!! how was it ??

  7. So did you end up going? =P

  8. 2 posts you grumpynoob


  10. if you can pull the whole no eye thing ill give you props LOL!

  11. yep yep

    going as one for halloween :o though it might not be as detailed

  12. holy sh*t your a zombie :o