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  1. [Signing] Ducks sign Anton Rodin

    He's back! Hopefully he can finally carve out an NHL career.
  2. Lots of people crying over these signings before they even play a single game. All you haters will eat your words once the season starts.
  3. [Game] CDC Gambling - Rodin edition

    Nobody will claim him, he'll play in Brynas this year and that will probably be the last we see of him in the NHL.
  4. CDC Create a Player: RGMG 4.0 Edition (FULL)

    I dont need any updates for baumann unless he magically turns into a stud.
  5. CDC Create a Player: RGMG 4.0 Edition (FULL)

    Past over in the draft twice what a bust.
  6. CDC Create a Player: RGMG 4.0 Edition (FULL)

    Chase Baumann you bust!
  7. CDC Create a Player: RGMG 4.0 Edition (FULL)

    First Name: Chase Last Name: Baumann Date of Birth: (06/13) Place of Birth: St. Louis Nationality: American Second Nationality (Optional): Primary Position: LD Seconary Position(s) (Optional): RD Height (cm): 188 Weight (kg): 86 Handedness: R Jersey Number: 13 Junior Preference: Major Junior Starting Team*: Honeybaked u16? Random if theres no such thing. Player Type: TWD Role: Offensive Role:13 Defensive Role: 15 Total Role Points: 28 Staff Attributes:Adaptability: 15Ambition: 10Determination: 13Loyalty: 5Pressure:7Professionalism:10Sportsmanship:10Temperament: 5 Technical: Checking: 5 Deflections: 1 Deking: 1 Faceoffs: 1 Fighting 3 Hitting: 5 Movement: 10 Passing: 10 Pokecheck: 8 Positioning: 8 Slapshot: 13 Stickhandling: 10 Wristshot: 8 TOTAL SKILL POINTS: 80 Physical Attributes: Acceleration: 8 Agility: 10 Balance: 8 Injury Proneness: 5 Natural Fitness: 5 Speed: 10 Stamina: 12 Strength: 7 TOTAL PHYSICAL POINTS: 65 Mental Attributes: Agression: 5 Agitation: 5 Anticipation:10 Bravery: 10 Consistency: 15 Creativity: 5 Decisions: 10 Dirtiness: 1 Flair: 8 Important Matches: 11 Influence: 12 Pass Tendency 13 Teamwork: 10 Versatility: 10 Workrate: 13 TOTAL MENTAL POINTS: 125
  8. [SIM] RGMG 4.0

    Ill get my FA and RFA offers in by tommorow afternoon.
  9. 2027 RGMG Entry Draft

    Neil Caulfield
  10. [SIM] RGMG 4.0

    Finally New Jersey is back in the playoffs!
  11. [SIM] RGMG 4.0

    Looking for a goalie for my farm team
  12. [SIM] RGMG 4.0

    Perfect start to the season, but my team always trails off after the 1st couple sims.
  13. 2026 RGMG Entry Draft

    Garth Alexander @Nail
  14. 2026 RGMG Entry Draft

    Chase Baumann @kj29
  15. [SIM] RGMG 4.0

    Negotiating offers still on the 4th overall pick. Itll either be traded or used sometime this afternoon sorry for delaying the draft guys.