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  1. If your P!$$ ends up in a pile then you've got bigger issues to deal with than watching a bad hockey game kid...
  2. Hrm I like Jake and Troy, but let's have a look and see if this proposal adds up. 1 + 1 = 2 2 + 2 = 4 average player + average player = top end upgrade player Yup, seems legit.
  3. No thanks to Kreider. Too ugly. Benning is clearly trying to build a good looking team here, people.
  4. Why do people assume that the Leafs want defensive players? If they wanted them, they would have bought them. Dubas wants to run 3 scoring lines and cheap spare parts for the 4th/3rd pairing. You're aware that they just fired the guy who has been asking for different players for a while now, yea? It may have been in the news lately...
  5. Inappropriate is a long fkn way from bigoted, prejudiced, and racist.
  6. Who are you trying to convince?
  7. If it is merely dumb then why are people offended? You think it is somehow appropriate to take something out of context and yet argue that semantics are a cop out? Seems like the perfect excuse to justify complete ignorance, one of the defining traits of social justice activism.
  8. An 'immigrant' is not a race, or people. Was he speaking to the well off British couple that moved in down the street? Was he speaking to the parents of a Lebanese kid I coach, both of whom came to practice/games recently with poppies on their jackets? Cherry's comments were subjective. People chose to be offended, as they always do.
  9. So because he said "you people", a term generally conflated with prejudice, the flapping hands on the left decided to be offended? If you take what he said literally, then he was specifically speaking to 'the people' who do not acknowledge the tradition. He didn't say 'all of you people...' which would actually imply the offense that is setting off these virtue signalling fakes.
  10. Some of you have extremely narrow vision. I don't understand how people can profess to be hockey fans and yet have no grasp of what is actually happening on the ice.
  11. Mmm... pretty girls... Sorry, you were saying how Beagle, Motte, and Eriksson were standing there looking dumbfounded on that first goal last night..? Or...