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  1. Anybody who actually believes the terms primary/secondary assists are meaningful analytics should go back to bean counting and stop watching hockey. Without question the most useless, nitpicky, idiotic statistic nerds have fabricated to date. Also, Jake's a beauty. Those 'primary' assists tonight must have been pure luck.
  2. Main question would be... why? The Canucks are not in desperate need of rhd, and already have several likely prospects behind a decent nhl group. Carolina doesn't need Lind and have no reason to trade out D prospects of their own. And before someone regurgitates the old speal that 'Carolina has a glut of D so they'd be looking to move one', Carolina has a glut of D because Carolina wants to have a glut of D. They are in a position of strength and could trade for someone much more valuable than Lind.
  3. You're wrong on every point. Have a nice day.
  4. Not even remotely the same play. Someone who can't see the difference also isn't likely to see why the Tkachuk hits were dirty.
  5. Kronwall kept his eyes on his targets. MT turns away at the last moment. Subtle difference, perhaps, but it matters. And as much as we fans (many of us) enjoyed seeing someone get Kronwalled, you don't see many positive reactions from the players in those clips. For what it's worth, I don't like the charge by MT. Either of the (two) hits could have been made clean had he simply held up a bit more. Gutless hits, gutless reaction to the 'challenge' after. Can't deny he was effective, however.
  6. Well, personally, I have no issue with what Kassian did. I would have been fine with the penalties assessed in game, but I can also see the reason for the suspension. However, it has been obvious for some time that the way Kassian reacted would be frowned upon by the league. One player cannot be allowed to engage another who is unwilling. Why the league not only allowed but essentially condoned Tkachuk's cheap hits, I have no idea. We are all aware of the DoPS lack of consistency. In the least, Tkachuk should have been penalized for charging on the second hit. He clearly took five full strides into the bodycheck. Nor do I like that he turned his back into the hits (first and second). How is a player in any control of his body contact once he turns his back? It's reckless.
  7. Don't mind the two games. Can't allow one player to pummel another who is unwilling. That said, enjoy the two game rest Kassian. Well earned. MT is a gutless puke.
  8. Yea, just slightly off on his timing. 2 games is reasonable.
  9. Every time I read a fan critique an NHL player's hockey IQ it makes me want to giggle 'til I vomit.
  10. If your P!$$ ends up in a pile then you've got bigger issues to deal with than watching a bad hockey game kid...
  11. Hrm I like Jake and Troy, but let's have a look and see if this proposal adds up. 1 + 1 = 2 2 + 2 = 4 average player + average player = top end upgrade player Yup, seems legit.
  12. No thanks to Kreider. Too ugly. Benning is clearly trying to build a good looking team here, people.
  13. Why do people assume that the Leafs want defensive players? If they wanted them, they would have bought them. Dubas wants to run 3 scoring lines and cheap spare parts for the 4th/3rd pairing. You're aware that they just fired the guy who has been asking for different players for a while now, yea? It may have been in the news lately...
  14. Inappropriate is a long fkn way from bigoted, prejudiced, and racist.