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  1. Oh ya and there was a really strange play where all three forwards got kicked outta the face off, there was mass confusion on concordias behalf and Carl came in and won the offensive draw. Haha it was pretty funny.
  2. I hope their is a gentleman’s aggrement inplace. He was only -1 in an 8-1 game. I know our rhd depth could be better and he would look good in the pipeline.
  3. Hey folks, just watched unb vs Concordia last night in the first game of the usports championships. Carl Neil plays for Concordia, they got rolled lest night by unb (yay!) however what I saw of Neil I’m alittle disappointed the Canucks let him go. Smooth skater, made some great passes Had a lazer of a shot. Made great choices with and with out the puck. He wasn’t very physical however that might be the knock on him. He took a nasty hit from one of our guys (might have been from behind) he got right back up and played with a nice chip on his shoulder. Oh and he lead d men in points this season as a rook