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  1. I’d let Tanev walk unless he takes a sweetheart deal. focus on re-signing Marky and Toffoli, and make a couple hockey trades.
  2. so my game plan would be to let Tanev walk, and trade Stecher + Virtanen for picks. (8.5Mish). Virtanens value has grown and will require a raise... probably in the 3-4M range. I feel like players like MacEwen/Pod/Lind can ultimately fill his role in order to save on cap for better players, while turning current players into other assets. Canucks will have approximately 24M to play with for 20/21 Marky 4 years 5.5M Toffoli 5 years 6M Gaudette 3 years 3M Then Id look at taking a shot at Pieterangelo. 6 years 7M He’s 30 and likely looking for term. Could be a dangerous contract, but the reality is that Pete and Hughes are elc for next season... and Piet would round this defence core into a contending group for the next few seasons. The following year we have Sutter, Pearson, Edler, and Benn (16M) coming off the books to open up the extension space for our 2 stars... while also having Pod, Hog, Rafferty, Juolevi, Lind, Tryamkin et all ready for prime time to help fill out the roster. the year after, Roussel, Beagle and Eriksson all off opening up another roughly 11M for other additions/extensions... all while the cap inflates. Hopefully Van gets Pete and Hughes extensions done this summer, which won’t count until 21/22... 7-9M each imo. 20/21 season: Miller Pete Toffoli Pearson Bo Brock Ferland/Leivo? Gaudette MacEwen Roussel Beagle Sutter Loui Motte Hoglander Hughes Pieterangelo Edler Rafferty Tryamkin Myers Benn Juolevi marky demmer =contender imo.
  3. Completely agree... but if we have toffoli and Boeser still... that spot will be for podkolzin at that stage imo. Lind on the 4th with Beagle and Motte will suit him well too.
  4. Amazing job by Carolina. Already a young fast offensive team with depth, get stronger down the middle and add paced offensive depth off the blue line. Although they’re dealing with injuries alla Van.
  5. So long we’re increasing the price tag for Cgy and Vegas, it’s good that we’re involved regardless of outcome.
  6. Hence flipping the return which has been speculated
  7. I think Stecher goes in another deal honestly. I expect Juolevi and a conditional pick that Tor flips to be the price tag.
  8. I’ve wanted to see Barrie in a Nux uni for about 5 years. That hasn’t changed. Just because we have Quinn, doesn’t mean you can’t have another PPQB option, especially one with a RH bomb.
  9. Stecher also has better partners to help him out. Tor doesn’t have anything close to an Edler to pair him with. I’d bet Edler-Barrie would be a killer 2nd pair, cause Hughes-Tanev is clearly our #1 pairing.
  10. I’d make that deal. Always liked Barrie. The way I see it, this team is built to generate offence and allow Marky to handle the rest. Barrie fits that. Hell instantly have the best point shot from the blue line on this club. Shades of the Edler - Ehrhoff pairing.
  11. Eriksson is signed for 3 more years... Simmonds is UFA. Because of this, Simmonds has far more value. Loui is a dead contract... negative value in a cap league. If he can still defend in 2 years, he’ll then be worth what Simmonds is now... which ain’t much. And your not getting Butcher for Juolevi, who’s value has plummeted.
  12. I like Stecher. He’s a worker and can skate. Offence still developing. But I don’t love him in a top 4 role. He’s expendable for an upgrade for sure. ... either offensively or physically.