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  1. Good. Wouldn’t count on another healthy season. Prefer someone with more offence/speed/physicality in the top 4 as well.
  2. I feel confident either way, and I think that’s where team management is sitting... there are a tonne of options out there for team tinkering. Markstrom is solid and I’d love to see him back, but that $$ could be used in adding a salary via bargain trade... as there’ll be plenty of squads looking for cap relief.
  3. Brock won’t be in this deal. Only reason to trade Ekblad is to lose the high salary. They have too many... ownership lost tonnes of money... time to shed salary. They’ll want picks, prospects, and serviceable replacements that won’t break the bank. This is also a rare occasion that Eriksson is attractive because his cap will help them reach the floor and have to pay him less... if that’s a direction they like. Eriksson (Retention), 2021 1st, Stecher, Gaudette, Hoglander for Ekblad
  4. I was thinking of Ekblad as a target before hearing this speculation... good omen y’all. Florida is looking to cut salary. This is the perfect deal to move Eriksson, not as the base return, but his cap vs $$ will be appealing, as will off loading Ekblads contract. I think they’re actually looking for inexpensive pieces like Gaudette, Stecher, Virtanen, and Demko (if they can leave Bobrovski unprotected for expansion). They’re already top heavy, and won’t be looking to add a large salary. I can totally see this deal getting done. Likely a top 2021 pick in there as well.
  5. I’d easily let Toffoli and Markstrom walk to make a real pitch at Pietrangelo. Re-sign Tanev, and we finally have the D core to make a run with. Edler Pietrangelo Hughes Tanev ????? Myers
  6. Gaudette + Stecher? Miller Pete Boeser Debrusk Horvat Toffoli
  7. I’d rather look at UFAs. Brendan Dillon would be a sick 3rd pair addition imo. Plays both sides. Wouldn’t break the bank. Give our back end some more truculence to offset the young offensive kids like Rathbone/Juolevi.
  8. Fans should remember, trading Brock for Dumba isn’t just a talent for talent deal. Boeser is the better player, but Top 4 RHDs are far harder to come by than top 6 wingers. we’ll also be bidding vs other teams, likely with more desirable assets. Personally I think defence is a far larger concern for this team, and if you don’t draft it, you have to overpay for it via trade or UFA. Question is, are you comfortable giving up a good player that you’ve watched develop for years and invested in... cause that’s what it’ll take to get this kind of asset via trade. One of Boeser/Demko in this deal if it’s to be made... . I’d rather take a run at Barrie and keep the assets.
  9. For sure.... I just don’t think anyone will sacrifice anything worthwhile knowing he’s likely going to be on the FA market.
  10. What’s the going rate for 20 goal scorers at his age?... my guess is 3.2-4.5 Just money better spent elsewhere for most
  11. Not with his arb rights. The fact that he was on pace for 20 will price him out of Van. Interested teams may as well wait until he’s a UFA instead of giving up assets... plus it’s doubtful that any team will want him at his arb # with the flat cap.
  12. There isn’t a trade market for Virtanen. Canucks will walk away. Virt will be UFA. Stecher probably could generate some interest. But still I can’t see us obtaining more than a 3rd.
  13. The NJ Devils are proud to announce the first overall selection in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft!!
  14. Remember when we were drooling over this kid?! Hoping for him in the Loui deal?... yah. Glad we got Marky lol