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  1. If this team can stay relatively healthy, meaning they don't get slammed with having henrik, sutter, elder, and tanev all out again, I think they'll be a good team. my lineup prediction... sedin sedin hansen baertschi sutter eriksson Burrows horvat dorsett etem granlund virtanen i understand the want to put eriksson with the twins, and they will on the pp and when pressing for a goal, but they really need to spread the offence between the top two lines better (which willie d likes as well) and having a possession player like eriksson will be of huge benefit to sutter, baertschi, or perhaps rodin. horvat and dorsett play quite well together and with the responsible Alex burrows, should form solid checking line... Not much offence, but that won't be how they're deployed. Key for horvats development this season is defensive awareness. Like baertschi, they don't want him to be relied upon for top 6 production just yet. Then pair speed on the wings with some power on the 4 the line to create a good forecheck and hopefully keep the opposition in their own end and force 3rd pairing dmen into mistakes. idk where or how Rodin fits in, but I'm willing to bet that he gets a good look with the twins and Hansen plays with horvat and burrows.
  2. My bet is that we get a decent player off the waiver wire. There are going to be some young players with potential that fall just off their teams rostered depth chart that can and will be useful to the Canucks trade is possible, but not much to work with outside trading tanev or elder which imo would set the team back regardless of the winger brought in
  3. I think Hudlers agent is just using Vancouver to squeeze what $$ he can out of the other team(s) he wants to play for, be that NHL or Europe. My bet is the Canucks miss out, which Im fine with either way.
  4. Plenty O defenders hit their peaks in their 30s including those you mentioned. Currently, recently... Burns, Kronwall, Giordano, Campbell, Boychuk... just to name a few off the top of my head. All Im saying is that its not un-common for defenders to hit their peak in their early 30s. Not all defenders, but a good number of top pairing Ds, if you look at their careers you often (not always) see that they were more effective as 30-34 year olds, which makes sense as defence is such a cerebral position.
  5. I still think Edlers best could very well still be yet to come. Many dmen have their best years in their early 30s. If he can stay healthy, i wouldnt be shocked with a 45 point season.
  6. Actually it was because Pronger was banging a local reporter.
  7. Most would agree including myself. However part of what they needed is a face lift, or an identity change. Moving Hall was the fastest way to do that. They got shredded in that deal, but Klefbom - Larsson will be a solid top 4 pairing for the next decade. McDavid will further set himself apart as the best player in the world very shortly... Draisaitl, RNH, Puljujaarvi, Lucic, Eberle, Maroon, Kassian... They now have size and elite skill in the top 9. Nurse will be a stud, bet on that. IMO they are ONE Dman and a couple bottom 6 role players away from perennial contender-ship, and they have a HUGE window to find that player with assets up front to find him. Also a mighty attractive spot for UFAs to head... Dont be surprised if Shattenkirk finds his way there.
  8. The issue again is depth scoring. Who is going to give us 50-70 points outside the Sedins and Eriksson? Who is going to scratch 40 points off the blueline? Canucks at their best had Sedins, Burrows, Kesler, Raymond, Samuelsson, Edler, Ehrhoff all hit that mark with 30-40 point production from Malhotra, Hansen, Hamhuis, Bieksa, Salo, Torres... and they added a young Higgins to that group. While i do believe this group is definitely underrated by media, the question marks about offence are legit. Defensively we're really betting on a lot of youth and in-experience. Injury to any of the main cast could mean disaster. Say Henrik and Tanev go down for a prolonged period... This team is screwed. I do think that we could get surprised by the likes of Horvat, Baertschi, Virtanen, Larsen, etc... But realistically they need four or so pieces to make significant swings in production.... Its just a bet that very much against the odds. Teams that dont score generally dont win consistently unless theyre exceptional defensively which this team is not... I'm not sure how this year will play out, but I dont think Ill be surprised either way. Odds are theyre a bottom 10 team.
  9. People forget that Vrbata played a large portion of that season with Bonino. He was really only with the Sedins for the first half of that season, and on the PP. They then decided to switch it up and Vrbata continued to have success on the 2nd line. Stayed that way through the playoffs...
  10. Im not extremely against what the Canucks are trying to do... well see how it pans out, but I do agree that the asset managment is confusing. Hamhuis + McCann + 2nd >> Gudbranson Now hopefully Gudbranson comes in and helps to even up the deal, and well have to watch from a distance to see how McCann plays out, though they could have had him and Baertschi share the middle 6 LW, or parlayed McCann into that elusive 2nd line LW with size... This team seriously lacks offensive depth and there arent assets you can move without leaving a gaping hole. We're getting stuck to having what we have and waiting on youth. Reality is that there isnt an offensive center in the organization. All bets are on Horvat getting better offensively and Henrik playing the #1C role into another contract... Thats a big gamble imo.
  11. Tanevs is being seriously undervalued in terms of market value by most posters. You cant add a top 4 RHD from another team without paying a significant price. Its been this way for YEARS now. Look no further than Hall for Larsson. While I think Larsson is the more attractive asset between he and Tanev, your still looking at obtaining a high quality top 6 winger in return. Goalies and wingers are the cheapest assets to deal for. D men and centers are nearly impossible to acquire unless being dealt for eachother or getting r@ped in a trade. So pls stop this Tanev + Virtanen + 1st for Landeskog nonsense. Chris Tanev is only being traded if theres a top 4 RHD to replace him.
  12. Since we added Eriksson, have Hansen, and Boeser on route.... Jake Virtanen could be trade bait imo. We wouldnt be looking to move him and I dont think hed be on the table for Kane. But for Landeskog... Id be looking into that. Van would still have to add, but you get a character heavy Swede to play in your top 6 for the next decade or so... That might be worth a lottery protected 2017 1st round pick to get bantered about. To van: Landeskog Barrie To Col: Tanev Virtanen Sbisa (usable cap dump) 2017 1st (lottery protected meaning if they win a lottery, the pick moves to 2018 unprotected) pretty competitive roster after that move imo: sedin sedin hansen landeskog sutter eriksson baertschi horvat burrows/rodin etem granlund/gaunce dorsett edler barrie hutton gudbranson tryamkin larsen Deal doesnt really make much sense for Colorado though.
  13. I dont like the idea of trading either of Tanev or Edler unless theres a top 4 offensive D coming back this way. Our D finally starting to look a bit more balanced. Trade away one off the top pair without replacement... A deeper balanced D >>> finding a 2nd line LW to take pressure off of Baertschi to score. Baertschi should imo have pressure on him to score either way. Its his role in the NHL, and he's now had 138 games of experience. Next year should be the year he breaks out as it generally takes around 160 games of NHL experience before a player really feels confident in the game that got them to the show. They clearly like the chemistry between him and Horvat, so if anything, Id think they want to keep Horvat in the 3C hole to take pressure off of him. Sutter needs some kind of 2 way LW with grit, but moving one of our top pair Ds isnt practical if we truly want to compete itd be like taking one step forward, two steps back. I like the promise of Stecher and Juolevi, but the truth is that neither of them should be playing in the NHL next season, regardless of how well they show in camp. The BEST thing for their development would be to continue to grow at lower levels. Juolevi in an excellent situation in Londons development program. He'll want to take another step offensively. Stecher is making a huge jump from college to pro. Let Coach Green ease him in and break down his game so that when adversity strikes, he can overcome it with that knowledge he'll glean from Utica. We have enough young Ds on the roster thatll be struggling with confidence at times. Larsen, Tryamkin, Pedan will be switching in and out with each other. Only D I could see being moved is Sbisa to open up cap room and allow a full time role for Tryamkin as I believe that Larsens presence on the PP will be too important to be scratched. Who would take a flyer on him? I think he'd have to have a solid world cup.... but if that happens I could also see the Canucks being content with keeping him on the 3rd pair and adding some sandpaper from that spot... A long term deal for UFA Kris Russel is not an ideal fit to replace Edler/Tanev either. He's a vastly overrated D with horrible corsi #s relative to his team. Hes a third pair D thats looking for a top 4 contract... This years Cody Franson. Benning needs to stay the hell away from that idea. he can skate and block shots.... a Tanev with BAD possession stats. Heres my thought. Move Virtanen to the left side. He's played and scored from that side in Junior and he'll be playing with Sutter and Hansen whom are both sound defensively to help make up for his lack of awareness. He'll get to shoot from the off wing thereby getting better angles to release his wrister. He plays a north south game with the use of his body like both of Sutter and Hansen. That would allow Burrows to factor into the top 9 and play the veteran safety net role for Horvat and Baertschi. The biggest issue with this move is the likely lack of offence the 2nd line would produce. Likely 3rd line production... The other thought is to keep Hansen with the twins and give the 2nd line Erikssons puck possession ability and offensive touch. He also plays the left side if Willie D is too uncomfortable with Virtanen on the left. Top 9 #1 sedin sedin eriksson virtanen sutter hansen baertschi horvat burrows Top 9 #2 sedin sedin hansen eriksson sutter virtanen baertschi horvat burrows Really to trade for Kane, the Canucks will have to part with Virtanen. Im just not sure trading for a potential cancer is worth giving up on what Virtanen might evolve into, and with a better character to boot. Landeskog would be worth moving Virt, but thered be some needed additions to this deal. Itd have to open up. Here is where Id look at attempting to flip Tanev for Barrie. To Van: Landeskog Barrie To Col: Tanev Virtanen Sbisa 2017 1st (lottery protected) Then we roll with: sedin sedin hansen landeskog sutter eriksson baertschi horvat burrows/rodin etem granlund/gaunce dorsett edler barrie hutton gudbranson tryamkin larsen pedan Gawd this is a long offseason...
  14. Im fine with adding Hudler. Consistent 40+ point getter, adds solid scoring depth to the top 9. Sign for 2 years and expose him at the expansion draft. sedin sedin eriksson hudler sutter rodin baertschi horvat hansen etem granlund dorsett rodin gaunce virtanen to develop