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  1. Elite Prospects new Duo Article

    Strange comparison for me there. But I see what you’re getting at. The two are completely different players imo. They’re both smart and hustle, and both have a clutch element to their game. But... Dahlen is an average skater, which is something that could improve, but his hallmark is his smarts, his hands, and his ability to finish, and specifically effective offensively below the circles and around the net. Burrows was smart, and figured out how to play with the twins, otherwise he was a bottom 6 pest with very limited offensive upside. When I think comparison for Dahlen, I think Gus Nyquist, Mike Cammalleri, Radim Vrbata... Skilled Top 6 - 20-35 goal, 40-60 point winger. Great piece, but not a core element.
  2. Man they are in trouble... such poor management of that team. Subban >> Weber Sergachev >> Drouin Galchenyuk > Domi Hughes/Zadina >> Kotkaniemi Whatll they do next?
  3. Horvat or Pettersson for #1 Center ?

    Hughes will likely convert to wing at nhl level
  4. Battles at camp

    I’m hoping Pettersson is a fit at C to start. The trickle down effect of that makes so much more sense in the scheme of matchups Leipsic/Goldy/Granlund - Horvat - Boeser Baertschi - Petterson - Eriksson Roussel - Sutter - Virtanen Schaller - Beagle - Gaudette Gagner I do like that our bottom 6 is a little greasier and faster. Plus all those players could pot 10-15 goals imo.
  5. goals,goals...from who?

    Lol. I was correcting based on team total. Posted to early I guess.
  6. goals,goals...from who?

    Boeser - 37 (32A) Horvat - 27 (34A) Petterson - 23 (36A) Baertschi - 18 (29A) Eriksson - 17 (18A) Virtanen - 17 (15A) Sutter - 14 (18A) Granlund - 14 (18A) Leipsic - 14 (22A) Goldobin - 14 (12A) Gagner - 11 (17A) Roussel - 9 (10A) Beagle - 9 (21A) Schaller - 7 (9A) Edler - 7 (27A) MDZ - 7 (21A) Pouliot - 4 (24A) Stecher - 4 (27A) Hutton - 4 (17A) Tanev - 2 (21A) *Hughes - 2 (37A) Biega - 2 (6A) Gudbranson - 2 (10A) Markstrom - 1
  7. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    That’s fair, I just disagree. Sutter mostly played with Eriksson and Granlund last season. Though they were deployed primarily as a matchup line, they were brutal offensively... which is not 100% on Sutter, but it has something to do with it imo. All im saying is that I’d rather see Pettersson play and dominate the AHL with Hughes* Dahlen, Lind, Juolevi, Gaudette, Demko, Gadjovic, Palmu, Jasek, etc... rather than flank Brandon Sutter... just seems like great opportunity for him to build chemistry with his future teammates and also be deployed as a center in a top 6 role... at least for a few weeks. Let him get warmed up and confident at the A level, and if he’s too good for that league, then you promote him, and Id bet he’s better prepared to faster translate his game at center to the NHL. There’s zero reason to rush his development. The Canucks look dreadful on paper with or without him. Give Virtanen, Goldobin, Granlund, Gaudette, and Leipsic opportunities in the top 6 right off the bat if you’re going to play Sutter there. There still might be a nice surprise or two within that group. IMO You build a champion team in the AHL first. It’s what Detroit became known for, what TB just did, and what TOR is doing. I’d rather Pettersson be a part of that, than getting his ars kicked more often than not. (That’s not a shot at the Canucks, it’s a nod to the rest of the league. Man there’s a lot of good teams!) You might aswell do that while while you have an abundance of mediocre veterans and tweener prospects that aren’t waiver exempt and signed to multi year contracts.
  8. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Every time I try to draft up this lineup.... I get frustrated. What a stupid collection of mediocre veteran wingers and 4th line centres. We desperately need to find a legitimate top 6 C. Offensive wingers will be stifled by playing with Sutter and Beagle. I want to see a top 6 of: Roussel Pettersson Boeser Baertschi Horvat Virtanen But honestly I have zero clue what to expect this lineup to look like. They say they think EP should start on the wing, which I do agree with, except for the fact that there isn’t any real options in the organization that should fill that role. The only wingers role I want him playing is on the left side with Horvat and Boeser, otherwise just send him down. i don’t see realistic room for Gaudette, Dahlen, Goldobin, Juolevi, Lind, Gadjovic or Demko... and even Pettersson... but perhaps that’s not the worst thing to have these players play big minutes in Utica, and develop chemistry together. The losing roster I do expect to dress: baertschi horvat boeser granlund sutter eriksson roussel beagle virtanen schaller gaunce gagner goldobin Everyone is intent on having Pettersson in this lineup, but if he doesn’t have a skilled center to play with, why not just have him learn the position himself in Utica with Dahlen and co. Imagine Hughes and Juolevi on that team as well! Calder cup would be a legitimate goal, and I would need to subscribe to the AHL!
  9. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Gaunce over Leipsic for a team likely praying for goals? Dont know bout that.
  10. Difference is draft lottery, and Virtanen over Nylander... Otherwise I’d say Canucks are on a similar trajectory, but weren’t able to have their prospects translate into the NHL as fast. Leafs had higher picks before Vancouver bottomed out like Kadri, Reilly, and Marner as well. Vancouver isn’t too much further behind imo. Once the skill blooms, strong UFAs will be drawn back here too.
  11. I agree. I can also see managements logic behind loading up on bottom 6ers... If they are going to stay young in the top 6, which it looks like they are, they still plan on managing their minutes, and have essentially invested in two 3rd lines. It’s actually an underrated way to win in the league still... Have good checking depth, and good special teams. This is what Vancouver is hoping to win with this season, and quite frankly I won’t be all that surprised if they do far better than most pundents would suggest.
  12. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Some vids out there, but chatting with a buddy yesterday who’s friends with friends of Pavel Barber (skills coach). Says Virtanen is working extremely hard and seeing significant progress within his edgework and stick skills.... My buddy isn’t a Nucks fan, but says word making the rounds in the hockey community is to expect a breakout season from Virtanen, from those working with him this offseason. Not that it means much, but it’s great to see him working so hard on becoming that top 6 scoring threat, and that word is spreading quickly amongst the inner circles.
  13. 2018 Canucks Summer Development Camp

    Hadn’t had a chance to comment on the scrimmage, and probably redundant at this stage, but here’s my thoughts nevertheless: DiPietro. Definitely showed that Jonathan Quick like agility, battle level, and reads. Lost his net on the Palmu goal and over committed, but he could imo become a star within his compete and ability to come up with 10 bell saves. Kind of goalie that just locks it down when on his game. Palmu. Most intriguing is the way he confidently protects the puck with patience, almost daring defenders to try and strip the puck. Showed some fantastic vision and looked like a pro amongst amateurs. Got caught a few times defensively, which is probably his biggest weakness, but that line generally controlled play when on the ice. Madden. This kid just catches your eye when he’s got the puck. There’s reason to be excited about the combination of creativity and skill set he seems to show every time he’s out there. So shifty. Really liked the play where he sort of button hooked at the right blue line with the pressure of two defenders, and found a seam to lay a sweet back hand pass across to find a streaking teammate. This could have been our sleeper pick for this year. I see a bit of Sean Monahan in this player. Lind. As mentioned by others, Kole looks big out there. Hard to read feistiness in this format, but he’s got an appealing skill package. Good size, good shot, good vision, good skating, and can be a real prick to play against... he’s got matchup, top 6 winger written all over him. Sort of reminds me of Owen Nolan. Woo. I actually liked his game quite a bit. Made some very intelligent passes in the offensive zone. Got pucks on net, and was the most physical player of the scrimmage. Looks to be that minute munching all around matchup Dman and reminds me quite a bit of Matthias Ohlund. Hughes. Showed some flashes, but relatively quiet. I thought he tried to do too much at times, but you see the skill and confidence. He’s someone that’ll imo really need his teammates to finnish... which should be interesting to follow come main camp. I expect him to turn pro. I can’t really think of a comparable for him. He’s such a unique player, and I’m so looking forward to watching him grow at the next level. Canucks know his game is rover, so I’d expect Green to deploy him as such. 3 on 3 this year should be a treat. Rathbone. Man does this kid like to attack the net. I was really impressed with his aggressiveness to engage in contact. Good speed and some nice mitts. Could be yet another sleeper. Best of the rest? Lukosevecius. He was just a consistent threat. Good battle level. Didn’t pass up on chances. Showed good finish. Underrated skill with this player. Thanks but no thanks? Soy. Dont get me wrong, he made some nice plays and was one of Blues best offensive forwards, but there was a play in the 1st that I just can’t shake where he was set up in front of the net with time and space and only the goalie to beat... but he chose to peel off and pass to the point. For me it just showed lack of confidence in finishing. That’s just a play that you take advantage of and he missed the opportunity. From there I kept noticing his lack of finnish, and I don’t see him translating to pro.
  14. Whaa laa heww ahh you dooing Loo!? Toetoe clazy!!
  15. Unofficially... but that’s what I’m suggesting...