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  1. Think more on the end of recovery... major surgeries can take a long time to overcome, and definitely will effect conditioning, as it’s tough to go 150% on training when you’re rehabbing. still think Juolevi will be a solid 2nd pairing D, along the lines of a Matt Niskanen.
  2. Shopping Kris Russel. Will retain for this season. young forwards and picks are of interest.
  3. Yah... guess I should’ve shopped him. Lol in any case, NJ is happy to add four new pieces to this depth starved organization that continues to retool. We’re betting that Nashville figures it out, and believe they’re capable of making deep playoff runs for the foreseeable future. Acquiring Arvidsson and Duchene to the lineup, and increasing the depth and youth of the organization with Hayton, Zadina, Donato, and Skeji... Eichels talent was being wasted on a team in the division of death without the depth necessary to compete, while also nullifying cap constraints with players than can be moved to the minors... Turnaround is coming. Don’t be surprised to see this club sneak into a wild card birth! Arvidsson - Duchene - Dadonov Zadina - D.Strome - Pageau Nieto - Carter - Donato Bratt - Hayton - McGinn Barrie - Ristolainen Skeji - Vatanen Russel - Simek Ceci Bitetto Markstrom
  4. Awesome to see the goal rate vs that level of competition at D+1 very promising player for the top 6!
  5. Who would trade for him at his salary? Hes going back to Utica
  6. I don’t think the Canucks are moving on Tanev. His injury history will actually help the next contract, keeping his number reasonable for the minutes he absorbs when healthy. Stecher is the piece to go in a deal like this imo.
  7. Personally I’d trade Marky... Vancouver won’t be winning much this season. It’s about asset management in this case. I’m clearly a Demko believer.... Shop for a veteran backup... turn Marky+ into a top 6 F, or picks
  8. Agreed. NJ had to figure out the Hall situation, but certainly if that club tanks and adds assets via Hall deal, they’ll be headed in the right direction imo, plus they’ll have capital freed up for free agency.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/Sportsnet/status/1195894161054085120?
  10. NJ unhappy with start. Ownership pushing a retool. Everyone but Eichel on the block.
  11. In my opinion, the Canucks cal are 2 top 6 wingers away from cup contention. Since we are currently sitting on Petey and Hughes elc... the window is open. I think they should be aggressive in finding at least another top 6 wing for Bo. This team is close. I’d be open to moving Pod, Juolevi plus a contract for another Miller type pick up. Zucker would increase team speed. Another guy that can produce 20 goals and 50 points...
  12. No one ever talks about the few pros of having the bad contract... it does actually allow for better depth in the system as you can have a Baertschi Goldy Eriksson pass thru waivers, and still have NHL player depth ready when injuries strike. Not only that, but you have options for specific roles now that Green can deploy... its honestly a fantastic accumulation of solid role players... and its what gives Vancouver Calgary and Arizona the edge over Edmonton and Anaheim after all 82 get played.