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  1. My opinion... The rebuild couldn’t move forward with the Sedins. When they retired, THAT for me is where it started. Before that, we’ve just sucked since the 2011/12 regular season... which is when the full rebuild should’ve been the direction. This is the first year in forever that we have our picks! Super stoked to lose out the rest of the year and WIN one of the 3 lotteries.... I’m convinced it’s fate. (I’ll remember I know better once we drop two spots.) Not the craziest of drafts... but pretty deep with forward talent through the first round, so we should walk with a solid prospect to add.
  2. 70seven

    Time to Change Gears on the Season!

    I’m convinced it’s fate we draft top 3 this year. I felt the curse lift with the Sedins retirement. Hughes will add a completely new dimension to this team, and we will attract a top end UFA for BOTH the blue line and a scoring winger. All these injuries are leading up for this team to falter down the stretch. Doing the simulator tho... holy hell the odds are good for Colorado.... Joe Sakic might have pulled Hughes/Kakko + Girard ++ for Duchene lol.
  3. I live in Alberta... Oilers fans are horrid. Easily my most hated franchise.
  4. At least the Coilers got crushed again
  5. I can spell. I have big fingers and a small phone. And no, that performance was far more embarrassing than a spelling error.
  6. We should be losing 6-0 Markstrom literally the only Canuck that came to play today
  7. Love this deal at first glance. Always liked Pearson. I drafted him in Fantasy the year he was drafted as an overager, and have had an eye on him since. Not the best foot speed for the current league. And not great in the IQ department. He can win puck battles, fearlessly go to the net and burry 15-20 a year, which this team will gladly take. He he should also see some healthy PP time. I’d honestly have him replace Bo on the 1PP as the net front, and have Bo QB PP2 off the half wall. Considering I’ve wanted Gudbranson gone since he arrived, this is a lovely trade. I expect we’ll see: Goldy - Petey- Brock Pearson - Bo - Leivo Granny - Gaud - Roo Motte - Beagle - Eriksson Should get interesting once Sutter, Virtanen, and Baer are back. Going to to be an exciting offseason!!
  8. 70seven

    Quinn Hughes | D

    Until we sign Erik Karlsson this summer.
  9. First game without guddy = shutout. LMFAO