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  1. Going to watch Nolan Patrick play a playoff game in Medicine Hat on Friday. Looking forward to watching him live for a full 60.
  2. No you dont only NMC has to be protected
  3. Vegas can only select a specific amount of forwards and defensman. Perhaps another team needs a forward to expose, and yes there are requirements of players that you have to expose at every position... like games played over the last two years. You have to have a specific amount of player that meet those requirements. so if another team needs a player that meets those requirements, we'll Vancouver may have one that counts as a forward or dman and perhaps could net a draft pick out of it... or perhaps they add a pick to biega for vegas and they get to keep gaunce and sbisa, which you'd think would line up the ability to trade a dman
  4. I'm curious if the Canucks have a deal in place with vegas to take Biega for a pick. Vegas will likely want to take other dmen, which they can only take so many, so the Canucks are finding a loophole to expose biega as a forward. Theyd keep sbisa, and possibly look at trading a dman. thats my hypothesis
  5. I agree. I like juolevi, but I also see him as a future Tanev with 30-40 point prowess, which holds great potential.... but if they can find that true ppqb which they will have a few great options in this upcoming draft, I think that they really secure the back end of this club for the next generation. As as much as they need a playmaking top 6 C, having a stamp on the entire back end with what looks like an all star calibre goalie on route, it's the best way to rebuild any club. CBJ being a great example. I can't see any scenario that this team finishes well next season, and will have yet another chance at a centre, while I think it's important that they get the young dmen developing asap. In 1-2 years there should be a culmination of prospect forwards ready to push for roster spots. So imo there's no rush to getting that centre immediately, unless they can grab a top 2 pick. Bottom line for me is drafting top dmen in back to back years gives the Canucks more potential than they've ever had at that position, and that is key to building a new core/foundation. Lots to like about some of the kids they've got already, but no one is screaming 1st pair offensive force, and no one I'd call a triggerman outside subban who's still a gamble as a top 6 NHL dman, and since there's no real stud forwards this year, probably a good draft to focus on solidifying other positions at the top end.
  6. Ive said all along that Juolevi will be a safe bet to become a top 4, 22 minute, all situation defensman. There is a TONNE of value in that. Nobody saw Tkachuk breaking in as he has. The Oilers wouldve taken him over Jesse if they thought he would turn out this well, and CBJ may have even taken him over PLD. Right now the 5th player taken looks like the 2nd best player from the draft. It happens. The Canucks NEED to rebuild, and you do that by drafting Dmen first. You win by being strong through the middle of the ice and on the back end. We took our top rated D man in the draft. Wingers help, but arent generally X-factors in building real contenders. They can be added to the core, but shouldnt be apart of it unless exceptional talent like Kane is there Still think we need to draft a cornerstone Dman. And if we dont land Patrick, Hischier, or Vilardi, Id be happy with drafting a top end RHD this year as well.
  7. Like Boeser last season, the plan was for Gaudette to play another year in the NCAA. I expect that he'll make a roster push for the 18/19 season. Boeser will sign, but his focus is with his current season as it should be. What Im hoping for is he agrees to play in the AHL for Uticas playoff drive. Its the next logical step for him. No need to rush onto a cellar dwelling NHL clubs final few games.
  8. Well, thats too bad. Was really hoping for this player. He didnt say no to Vancouver. He said yes to Pittsburgh, wholl have spots for him as Bonino, Kunitz, and Cullen all move on. Likely not too many people refuse that opportunity, plus its closer to home.
  9. I tend to agree that Boucher should be playing more than Megna, BUT... Horvat, Granlund, and Baertschi are examples of players whove thrived under Willies slow and steady development plan. Cant say the Ive been overly disappointed with the prospect development results thus far.
  10. Zero chance the Canucks dont protect Gudbranson and Sutter. Sutter aint an offensive juggernaut, but hes miles ahead of Brendan Gaunce. I could see the argument around Sbisa and Gudbranson, but when looking at the right and left depth chart, the Canucks have less depth on the right side. Also consider that Sbisa is 2 full years older than Gudbranson, and has JUST started to figure out positional play. Both started as teenagers, and both play similar styles, but Gudbranson is bigger and meaner while he should hit his stride in a year or two. Its not uncommon for Dmen to become smarter players in their late 20s. Gudbranson is a month removed from being 24. Still all the potential in the world to be a solid mean and physical shutdown defender. Hell prove his value, but like Sbisa you may not see the fruit for another year or two. Sbisa and Gaunce will be exposed. While Sbisa would be the better player currently, there may be enough other defenders available via other teams. I think Gaunce gets selected. Hes young and ready for a full time bottom 6 defensive/PK role. Should look good beside Richardson on a 4th line in Vegas.
  11. Rasmussen is a safe player to take. All accounts say he`s got top end character and maturity, he gets 90% of his offence from standing within 2 feet of the crease. The unknown is if hes closer to Mark Scheifele or Bryan Boyle. As I said, safe bet to be a solid NHLer, but not exactly the player type thats having success in the current NHL. Id be phenominally happy with any of: Hischier Patrick Vilardi They will be in the NHL within a year imo. I assume Liljegren will go in the top 5. Given the need for dmen in the NHLs bottom feeders (Arizona, Colorado, Detroit, Buffalo, Dallas), theres a decent chance Mittelstadt will be available between picks 7-10. He will be a solid pick outside the top 5. Tippet is a strong prospect, but with Boeser and Virtanen, I feel like we have Tippets game elements covered on the RW. Tolvanen is another uber skilled winger, but again with recent pickups Goldobin and Dahlen along with Granlund and Baertschi, his addition could also be somewhat redundant, though he would likely serve as an upgrade down the road, the clear cut need for this team is a legit top 6 center, and (still) top pairing PPQB Dmen.
  12. ZAR would be a solid pickup. I feel that Vancouver actually has a very good chance of signing him seeing how wing positions will be wide open for competition. I
  13. I suspect the Canucks will be rather quiet on July 1. I do think they will be active looking for scoring on the trade market, which perhaps may open up a spot on defence, but at this point, they might as well just see what theyve got in another year of development for Stecher and Hutton, while giving Subban and Juolevi a look. I suppose even if they trade Tanev, they could look like Edler Stecher Hutton Gudbranson Juolevi Tryamkin Subban McEneny Pedan Juolevi should have a year in the A, but could conceivably be an NHLer given how his game is built off IQ. Realistically theres no reason for the franchise to go and add more Dmen. Theres plenty wholl be deserving of a shot within the organization. If anyone, theyll target a depth journeyman if Tanev or Edler are moved, to help provide leadership. I have wondered if theres a trade to re-acquire Kevin Bieksa if they do move Tanev.
  14. Pretty frustrating. IM sure that at least 90% of us are only watching the game to see the young players PLAY. ...Actually most of us likely would like to see the kids play and the team come up short to give us the best odd at a top 3 pick possible. So we have the first glimpse of a potential gamebreaker... The first we've had in YEARS! He scores and looks good doing it, half way through the 2nd.... and he only gets 23 more seconds of ice time... Seeing him skate off looking defeated, I felt bad for him. I dont get it. I know we were up by 4 and killing penalties, but certainly they could have found him a couple more shifts. Fing pathetic.
  15. Love these last couple pickups. With the moving of Burrows and Hansen, the serious injury to Dorsett, this teams has no deterrents up front. Cramarossa helps with that element, and I think is on this club 100%, unless he gets claimed via the expansion draft. Remains to be seen if MacEwen can make the jump to the AHL, and/or NHL, but if he can skate, pop in a few here and there, hit, and trow them knuckles well, I dont see why he wont be a candidate to be a 4th liner. Really depends on how responsible he is defensively. What Im most pleased about is the fact that management has clearly recognized that theyre going to need some guys to hold other teams accountable with all the young blood thats going to appear here over the next few seasons, and if they can do that via waivers and UFAs rather than using draft picks, that shows me that they are clearly using this draft to focus on skilled forwards. Some may be of the "power" variety, but I think its safe to say that their draft rankings will be skill focused, with size and other attributes very secondary. Hopefully we get that SJ 1st!! AND CBJ 2nd!!