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  1. Everything Ive heard about Vilardi is he's still projecting as a center. They used him to get the most of Logan Brown whom was the top center. Im sure they couldve used him more at center but clearly liked his game with Brown on the wing. I just think Vilardi is a versatile forward. He honestly reminds me of Bo Horvat with a better offensive game. Hes one of the few players I think could make the jump into the NHL as an 18 year old. Not that he should, but just that its possible within the right role.
  2. I think Miller will be the starter, and Markstrom will back up again. The benefit here is that even though Miller wont cover up the fact that this will be a bottom 5 team, he can help mask it and the young players should have a chance to be in most games. What they should do... Use the cap space to take on bad contracts with draft picks , and/or hand out 1 year deals to a couple journeymen like paranteau or stafford wholl be sure to become TDL fodder. This would also allow for us to see whats really there in Markstrom. In that case, I think someone whom is not a threat to take his job would be good, so Ill say Bachman. Marky Mark has solid history now with coach Green, and should have his trust right off the bat.
  3. Not to be repedative but outside Boeser Goldobin, were looking at the 4th line. Boucher will get a look I think. Sounds like they're planning on chasing some filler players inn free agency. Paranteau, Pirri, Gagner... aka the guys we should've been in on last year, I'm expecting a signing like that which will take a spot or two away. I also wouldn't rule out a trade but I'm really not so sure what they'll do. I anticipate a top 9 of Baertschi Horvat boeser sedin sedin goldy granny sutter eriksson The 4th line will be wide open for prospects. Winger candidates include: Boucher gaunce virtanen dorsett Milano labate 4C is completely unknown and for me is the most uncertain role for the team. Ideally the perfect spot for Patrick or hischier to sneak onto. But also a role that they may look to free agency to fill. I also expect D and G to look mostly the same. I think when they break down the forward group they'll decide that they don't really have the space for a forward acquisition unless upgrading Baertschi or Sutter.
  4. lol what does that mean?
  5. http://www.tsn.ca/ Willie Desjardins has been fired by the Vancouver Canucks. The 59-year-old just completed in his third season as head coach of the team. The Canucks ended the year with a 30-43-9 record, finishing seventh in the Pacific Division and 13th in the Western Conference. Desjardins joined the Canucks prior to the 2014-15 season, replacing John Tortorella. The Canucks reached the playoffs in his first season after completing the regular season with a 48-29-5 record. They were eliminated the first round of the postseason. The team regressed last season, finishing the year with a 31-38-13 record. Desjardins joined the Canucks after two seasons as head coach of the AHL’s Texas Stars, with whom he won the Calder Cup in 2013.
  6. Correct. He's an NHL defensmen that has some great qualities. His mobility for instance. But I don't like his defensive awareness, nor do I think he has the skill to be overly productive. I see him as a #4 D. I don't think he's trash or anything but I do think he's overrated, which is exactly why it's a good time to deal him imo. He's been out played by stecher and tryamkin this year, and I'm guessing juolevi won't be far behind on the list of players to pass him on the depth chart. Vancouver shouldn't be any worse for ware without him. Id rather move elder as well, I just don't think he will waive nor do I think he'll be able to fetch another young asset. Tanev may be dangled but I think the price will be too high for other teams.
  7. Edler won't agree to waive. You can put him in the Sedins camp. Vancouver is his home. Tanev will get a good young player. I highly doubt they trade him for a pick as the primary piece huttons name has been floated around. I'm sure all sorts of options are being considered
  8. I think Hutton is overrated. That's why.
  9. I don't entirely disagree with some of this, but I have watched every game this year and have missed about 10 over the last 23 years... some of that was radio coverage... but I have seen their careers in entirety and I can honestly say that they are making many more poor decisions. It's not just an agility/speed issue. Their IQ is also clearly suffering... they're making multiple bad decisions. Improving defensively could also attribute to less turnovers which henrik in particular has become accustomed to. His giveaway to takeaway ratio is -23. Bo horvat is +9. Sutter is +10. Pretty easy to see which center is costing the team. Most of those turnovers also occur in the offensive zone leading to odd man rushes and scoring chances. Not it just foot speed my friend. Bad decision making is henriks biggest flaw, and if he doesn't have a smart defensive winger to bail him out, which ain't chaput or megna, the they'll just be a detriment. Also why burrows hansen sutter and even granlund have had success there. They help bandaid the issues. Simply put the sedins have gone from underrated to overrated
  10. I'd be down for that Hutton + late 2nd for pettersson/necas
  11. Some time in June
  12. I agree... If we get a top two pick. I think therell be some wheeling and dealing to come by draft day. We very well may have two 2nds and Hutton on the block in order to get another first round prospect. I could see us leaving the draft with both Liljegren and one of Pettersson/Necas. I think Buffalo will be an ideal partner if they lose out on the lottery. Theyre looking like theyll pick between 8 and 12, and have LHD as their top need. While there are a couple options in Valimaki and Hague whom should be a few years out, they could have a mobile young Ben Hutton start in their top 4 next season. Id say thered be some level interest on their end.
  13. Perhaps something like: Baertschi Horvat Boeser Granny Hank Goldy Dank Sutter Eriksson Virtanen Gaunce Dorsett Boucher Edler - Stecher Hutton - Tanev Tryamkin - Gudbranson Sbisa? Juolevi Miller Markstom Should be a decently competitive lineup until injury arrives. Nolan Patrick centering the 4th line would give us some nice depth options a C.
  14. Id say we're already at that point. Awful DZone starts. They get owned on the defensive side of the puck. Constant low percentage passes that used to work, most end up in turnovers. Slow to lose pucks, weak in puck battles. Brutally Predictable on the PP. For me their greatest asset is in the locker room. They honestly need to simplify their game and focus on being better defensively. If they could do that, they could be productive 3rd liners and man a 2nd PP unit. THis is where theyd still have value. Issue for the franchise is that theres not yet a top 6 thats better offensively, and if that doesnt change, then they will likely continue to decline vs grade A match-ups among other teams. They are with the team for at least another for better or for worse. Hopefully the new coach decides to play them with a skilled winger instead of AHL fodder.
  15. Tiger Williams is an idiot. I had a friend that worked with him closely when he coached the Vancouver Voodoo and she worked in team marketing. Nothing positive to say. Total Ahole. I wouldnt take any opinion of his on any subject to heart.