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  1. I'm a fan of matching colour schemes. These old school masks look awful imo... At least in Canucks colours. Luis were sharp. Even Miller had a nice matching contrast. This though... is in my opinion... garbage. As in I'll hate seeing it every time he plays. So out of place...
  2. I'd agree with this. Its not like upshall will be playing a full healthy season if signed. For a little guy he plays with a lot of jam. I really do think managment wants wants some of that jam with the unknown of dorsett. The white and upshall ptos are a clear sign of this. I do t get why people get upset about the kids being pushed out. It's honestly the best thing for their development. Many will get called up throughout the season, but they should also be in a solid and competitive atmosphere in Utica. Like fererro says, he's still waiting on a prospect being ruined by taking time with their development. Unless the kids are stealing jobs away from veterans, they should develop at a lower level imo.
  3. Well we wont have to see Sutter with the Sedins on the PP lol. Vanek has fantastic hands and touch. I imagine he'll work quite nicely with the Sedins. If he can stay relatively healthy, 25-30 goals is quite a reasonable projection imo. Pretty filthy in the shootout as well.
  4. Marketing 101. NHL knows it's its young stars that sell the game, and this showcase is an introduction of the years best new talent.
  5. One year deal... I have absolutely zero issue with. Hell be a decent TDL chip. The guy is still a PP threat and still has that amazing shot. What Id like best is it'll take some more pressure off the kids to produce, and even better, keep them in the minors until the last 3rd of the season or so.
  6. Baertschi Goldobin Hutton for Pastrnak Sedin Sedin Boeser Pastrnak Bo Eriksson Granlund Gagner Sutter Gaunce Burmistrov Virtanen
  7. Absolutely. Bo is a solid player, teammate, and future captain. But hes still in a tier below Drai.
  8. Holy hell there gonna be competition at camp. Utica should have a strong squad if these guys make it through waivers
  9. Reminds me of Troy Brouwer.
  10. Meh. He's at best an ahl player for depth call ups not a sufficient NHL bottom 6er. Ugly reminder of where this team was last season.
  11. Ottawa and Nashville are probably the only teams in the league that don't "need" a Dahlin.
  12. If chabot was available, he'd be gone right now And duchene would be in Ott. Edler to Ottawa still makes some sense though. But... why make this move in the offseason? I know everyone like myself is starved for transactions, but the ideal time to trade good veterans is the TDL. Other teams have have had a season to identify their needs and make injury replacements and are more often willing to part with more to either make the playoffs, or take a run. This is where we will need to be active. There should be a a whole lot of Sedin talk that pops up along with Edler and Tanev by that point. While those leaders have also had 2/3 of a year with the younger players. Sedins could go play for a cup and re-sign in Van, while getting the team they love some more top assets. We could have 3 x 1st round picks for the 2018 draft! Yes next trade deadline could be like Christmas for Canucks fans! Unless someone comes in with an offer that blows you away for either Edler or Tanev, keep those chips for the high stakes table!
  13. Nope. Were 2-3 years from having another top 6 C, unless one somehow comes via trade. Im sure management wants them to mentor the 2 young swedes of this teams future. My guess is they get a 2 year extension at the end of this year. UNLESS they cr@p the bed this year and are awful.
  14. This for me is the ideal development plan. They play together in Sweden for a year, then play in Utica next year, then burst into the scene in 19/20. I sort of expect that Dahlen will make the jump a bit earlier, but it's possible that if they grow in chemistry next season and have a prosperous SHL season, that they could jump straight over to the NHL. But my money is on the twins being extended and allowing for Dahlen and Pettersson to marinate some more at the AHL level. I think this year we'll see Boeser and Juolevi full time with sprinkles of Virtanen and Goldobin. Its the 19/20 season that the real turnover of this team begins as the twins retire and the new core is born, hopefully with Dahlen Pettersson ready to contribute right off the bat. There should also be a storehouse full of solid role players that can develop slowly and cause for a constant push of prosperity. While we go through some pain for the moment, the management group is really building something that should produce competitive longevity. Just a couple more seasons to go folks to see it come to form and then a couple more to see it peak. Enjoy the process! Makes the view at the top far more enjoyable!
  15. With roster as is... Sedin Sedin Granlund They looked great together before granlunds surgery. They get to see if that chemistry is still there. Goldobin Horvat Eriksson Goldy has far more offensive potential than baertschi and is a better fit for a top 6 winger. Horvat and Eriksson are smart 2 way players that should help offset Goldie's defensive issues. Baertschi Sutter Boeser Baertschi is a much better fit for line 3. As is Sutter who generally finds himself on the right side of the puck. Nice spot for boeser to slide into for his rookie season. Baertschi to Boeser has a nice ring to it. All 3 should be in for 40ish point years. Pretty solid for a 3rd line. Gaunce Gagner Rodin/Boucher Finally a bit of skill on the 4th line. Gagner should help rodin or Boucher get the most out of their shots. Green loves his Gauncer. Hell play a smart game that should allow for his line mates to showcase their creativity. Good chance Dorsett plays one of these wings as well. Dorsett Burmistrov MDZ Tanev Tanev should allow Del Zotto to get the green light and use his skating and offensive instinct to the fullest. As sad as it is, he is our best offensive weapon on the back end, and well actually see how poor our defence is when we realize that MDZ is one of our best defenders. Edler Stecher They had some good chemistry. Look for stech to take a step forward in production. And look for Edler to focus on being a steady physical D. Hutton Gudbranson Diddnt work great last season. Hopefully Hutton improves and Gudbranson plays a smarter game while using his size and strength to his advantage. Weircioch Biega Markstrom Nilsson Markstrom will get the starter nod given his experience with Green, but expect both these goalies to rotate fairly often unless one or the other develops starter like consistency. Juolevi on loan to Sweden To Utica: (should have a much stronger squad this coming season) Dahlen Virtanen Demko Chaput Megna Pedan Holm Subban Molino MacEwen Cassels Laplante etc I still have a feeling that there'll be a trade involving a dman and perhaps a good forward. I also think well we'll end up signing NJ prospect Alex Kerfoot who'll likely go to FA after finishing college. He's a 22 year old playmaking center out of Harvard. He's from Vancouver and his dad owns a part of the whitecaps I believe. Chances are good he'll be Canucks property but I think he'll end up in Utica for at least the start of the year. Still another solid B+ prospect to add to the system.