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  1. Actually, reality is that at this stage, you have zero idea of who will be available by then and how many suitors will be in the hunt.  If you plan your business strategy and make moves around landing a coveted asset that you have no idea if youll be able to obtain, youll often find yourself disappointing and jobless..   Thats reality.   I get in the land of NHL16 and fan obsessed proposals (which i love) it makes sense, which is why for the third time, Id trade Hammer and take the risk.  Playing devils advocate and understanding all sides of building any business is smart.  Guaranteed the Canucks will be carefully weighing what to do....  which is where I can see them strongly considering just re-signing him.  Its not what Id like to see, but its a real possibility.  
  2. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    i dont think this would shock the world.   bean has steadily risen in many draft rankings, and ive seen him taken top 10 in a few pro anaylist mocks   he very well could end up being the best offensive dman in this draft definitely not the best all around dman, but has potential to be a stud PPQB, which is something we havent had since the Hoff  
  3. lol...  thanks for the "news flash".   As I said, Id rather move him too, but its always good to consider the pros of signing him, and the cons of being unable to replace him.    If he isnt traded, hes not going anywhere.   All Im saying is that it aint wise to put your eggs into UFA.  If you do, you end up overpaying or missing out.  Sometimes the safe decision is the better one at the end of the day.    Again, Im not for that approach, but its "something to consider".  
  4. Consider this.   We trade Hammer, and arent able to get a young D in return.  Deal results in a late 1st or a couple 2nds.  He re-signs with the team he's traded to.  Reality is that late 1st or 2nds wont be apart of the Canucks for at least 2-4 years if ever.   We arent able to sign a top UFA dman...   Now wut??   edler tanev sbisa hutton pedan biega tryamkin really? what hapens if edler or tanev get injured?   We cant compete with a d core like that, regardless of what the forward group looks like, whom will most certainly still struggle to score goals again next season. The reality is that if we trade away Dan Hamhuis, we are risking putting this team into rebuild for far longer than it would be WITH him as a mentor and a capable D whom can eat big minutes and allow us to draft and develop another D over the next few years. I would also like to move Hammer for a 1st + or a stud yound D, BUT there is reason to be cautious and honestly just re-signing Dan would be a far safer move for the transition of the rebuild.   I think that IF you do deal him, you have to be really confident that youll be landing a top 5 D man at UFA...  Which is always a gamble, unless theres a secret handshake before you deal Hammer....  This conversation needs to take place.  Work out a contract, tell him its waiting for him in the off season.
  5. Willie On Team Performance and Virt/Vrby

    The thing about trading Vrbata, is that If I were scouting him for any period over the last month, why would I go and tell my GM to trade for him?   Vrbata has been ghost like.  hes still been decent at positional defence, and doesnt really cost the team, but his job is to create scoring chances and bury the good ones, neither of which he's doing at all....  which is also strange considering that his linemates ARE creating scoring chances, AND getting on the score sheet.  I agree with above comments that he is actually dragging that line down, and any pro scout should be able to identify that.   At this point, someone is going to really believe he needs a fresh start, but I seriously doubt many will part with much in the way of assets for him.  If I were desperate for a top 6 shooting RW, I'd offer a 3rd round pick and a B prospect at MOST.  Likely start with a B prospect thats playing in the A.   ZERO reason for MTL to part with any future assets for a rental.  They are a sinking ship.   Florida is possible, but there are better options.   Washington is set, they dont need Vrby. Pitts...  I guess its possible, but they cant really afford to give up much in the way of future potential.  Wed have to take back a project.  I dont want more projects.  We have enough of them.
  6. There are multiple reasons a team would inquire on a player, and Its not always to acquire them. in this speculated case, if I were Benning and one of my goals this coming offseason was to land a big experienced UFA winger that can help this team play a grittier style, Ladd would have to be on that list.  Thus there's some do-diligence being done.  Often when trading for a pending UFA, teams like to get an idea of what the future salary demands may be, this again could be what the Canucks are looking at. At the end of the day, the Canucks wont be giving up futures for a rental player, or even one they feel they can re-sign.  Its not about adding this year.  Its if they sell or stand pat.  Most of us hoping theyll sell Vrbata and Hamhuis.  Then the draft, then the potential to land a couple big names in the UFA market.  The rebuild/retool shall continue, but expect that a Ladd, Lucic, Okposo, Brouwer, Byufglien or mayyybeeee even Stamkos will be on next years roster.     sedin sedin hansen shinkaruk stamkos brouwer baertschi horvat virtanen gaunce sutter dorsett  
  7. canucks lineup on thursday

    Honestly, the trio of Burrows, Vey, and Etem have been quite solid of late.  I think coaching wants to see if they can build on their chemistry... Theyre working on McCanns strength and conditioning a tonne off the ice with a game dressed here and there, and thats EXACTLY what they should be doing.  If the teams healthy, he'll likely be a spectator more often than not. I have McCann pegged for top line duties in Utica next season.  Thatd be the next best step in his development rather than playing sheltered bottom 6 minutes with plugs...  also considering Utica is looking THIN on centermen....  Alawys a chance he comes in and out plays sutter for 3C, in which case our C depth will begin to look VERY nice as the kids continue to improve.  
  8. Definitely not scoffing at all.  But being 31 and playing that style, one would assume that the decline is on the way.
  9. Reality is that this team will very likely be in the playoff race until the end.  Hammer wont be moved, unless hes willing to pull a Vermette....  unlikely me thinks.   Trade Deadline: Attempt to move Prust, Burrows for picks.  (Likely no bites on Burr.  Prust maybe nets a 4th) Shop Vrbata.  Weigh the offers against the pros of keeping him.  I definitely move him if theres a good young player + pick type deal for him out there. Continue to look for the Baertschi/Etem type deals.  I know draft picks are gold, but if theres a player that can help speed up the rebuild, you look at it.    Buyouts Chris Higgins Alex Burrows   Draft Best Player Available but focus on D throughout draft   UFA Go HARRRD after Byufglien. After that I look at depth Ds and a potential replacements for exiting UFAs... Kris Russell and/or re-signing Dan Hamhuis Kick tires with Okposo, Boedker, Lucic, Brouwer.        
  10. Even if Vancouver made Stammer a 7 year 77 million dollar offer, hell take less to stay out east.   Id FAR rather keep on building from within on what weve got up front, and hit UFA dmen HARD.  There are going to be a couple big names, and a slim second tier.  Key focus is obvious...  Offence from the blueline, but depth is also very importnat   #1 - Byfuglien - 30 - R handed #2 - Yandle - 29 - L handed #3 - Goligoski - 30 - R handed   then depth Ds #4 - Russell - 28 - L handed (Best value) #5 - Hamhuis - 33 - L handed   All of the top 3 capable of 40+ points, but Id only look to Goligoski if the other two were taken.  We should be able to match top bid on Buff and Yandle...  Id freak if we got em both!  
  11. i dont know bout people here saying theyd give stamkos 10, but not kopitar.   fully believe its the other way around.  stamkos = overrated by easter media, and kopitar = underrated.  this game isnt all about scoring onetimers on the PP, which SS is extremely good at...  Kopitar is a far more valueable player imo
  12. issue here is term.  he should easily squeak out 5-6 years on the open market.   5.5 is very close to his appropriate number.  this is why they started with 3 years.  its a bargaining chip.  if he wants more, theyll want to drive the $ aav down.   personally i think backes is overrated.  not that creative offensively, not great defensively, and average on the draw.  hes a grinder that can pot 50-60 points.  he got value for sure, but I wouldnt want to break the bank on him.     for a guy who seems like he should be the prototypical playoff performer, hes got a whopping 5 goals and 13 points in 29 career games and has led his team to the 2nd round once in 9 seasons.  I hope they overpay for him.  
  13. Its an interesting discussion for sure   Theres zero doubt that the Canucks wouldve taken Drouin over Horvat in the 2013 draft if they couldve somehow gotten a higher pick.  Drouin could easily still be the more productive of the two, but clearly popular opinion is that Horvat is a better bet to be a player you win with.  He's got a far more rounded game despite his brutal +/-, hes on a team that doesnt score much and playing way over his head for his age.  He gets the vast majority of defensive zone draws and has a tough tough task playing against the other top centers of this league. Imo Horvat is going to be an elite match up center within 2 years.  ONLY way he gets dealt is if you feel youre getting an upgrade on him....  Thing is hes continuing to impress and force many eyes to wonder what kind of ceiling he has.  When one has such character and drive, its tough to accurately predict how good they can be, and right now hes trending in a way that is forcing team management to slap the untouchable label on him.     Drouin would be a stellar add to this rebuild, but with transition the Canucks are in currently its a very tough deal to make as theyll have to give up something with equal potential.  anything less would require a 1st round pick, and it doesnt appear thatll be on the table either.        
  14. meh i doubt that.   they could always change the plans up, but with henrik,  horvat playing the way he is, sutter locked in with term, and mccaan... there are far more concerning holes on this club that are needing to be addressed.   said it before, but i hope we throw our money at byufglien and brouwer.
  15. Im just fine with not signing Lucic.  Id far rather go all in on big Byufglien....  thered still be plenty of $$ to chase another solid UFA like Brouwer.  Heck, they could re-sign Hamhuis short term too.     sedin sedin hansen baertschi horvat brouwer shinkaruk sutter etem gaunce mccann virtanen   hamhuis byufglien edler tanev sbisa hutton   markstrom miller   draft bpa