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  1. Someone give me 3 reasons why Young Thug is not the best rapper alive and why he won't save the rap game.
  2. Don't do my young guy Kassian like that
  3. Gotta love this weather!

  4. Yea that's a great idea! How about we make Messier the head coach while we're at it?
  5. I luled at your sig :P

  6. Eh eh eh, Rocking a Canucks jersey in San Jose!!

  7. banned for having a hilarious sig
  8. Just wondering, you don't happen to go to Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary do you?

  9. Hahaha :P. Yea, the teams starting to look a little more clear, can't wait until the pre-season to see how the new guys do!

  10. Marley is definitely KING !

  11. thanks for the friend designate....i had to look at your display name history to get an idea of who you were...the team is starting to take shape eh?