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  1. YouTube Thread 2.0

    Someone give me 3 reasons why Young Thug is not the best rapper alive and why he won't save the rap game.
  2. Gotta love this weather!

  3. Linden For Gm

    Yea that's a great idea! How about we make Messier the head coach while we're at it?
  4. Eh eh eh, Rocking a Canucks jersey in San Jose!!

  5. Banned the user above you

    banned for having a hilarious sig
  6. Just wondering, you don't happen to go to Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary do you?

  7. Hahaha :P. Yea, the teams starting to look a little more clear, can't wait until the pre-season to see how the new guys do!

  8. Marley is definitely KING !

  9. thanks for the friend designate....i had to look at your display name history to get an idea of who you were...the team is starting to take shape eh?