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  1. Danny - Hank - Hansen Baertschi - Bo - Erikkson Granlund - Sutter - Burrows Chaput - Gaunce - Megna/Skille Putting Bo on 1st line so he can play against the other teams top D pairing and there checking line isn't a smart move. Him and Baertschi aren't enough to go head to head like that, they will get shut down. JB needs to bring in a top 6 winger to help Bo just to stand a chance. Let the twins face the top D/checkers for now and Bo's line match up and take advantage of the lower pairs IMO. WD hasn't tried Erickson with Bo all year, I'd like to them get a shot together at least once this year, I mean he's tried Louie with every other combo why not Bo?!?! He's the 6 million dollar big acquisition and have to get him going if this team wants to succeed in the future. WD drives me crazy I have never seen a head coach reluctant to try new things.... just keeps doing the same stuff over and over...
  2. Yeah it's not looking good. 3 liner with no power play time, does not get used in any important/keys times in the game.
  3. Nope. Green just doesn't trust him at all. Even when we pulled our goalie at the end still didn't throw him out there. Not looking good.
  4. Another lack luster performance by Virtanen tonight. In close 4-2 game he did not see any icetime after the 8 min mark of the 3rd period. Yikes!
  5. I did miss this weekends games, but what did he do that was so dominating in your opinion? So your also saying I need my real estate licence in order to judge a hockey player? And I don't know the Utica economic base, so therefor I don't know hockey.. hahaha good one. Maybe we should get the top selling agents for Remax and Sutton to be our new GM, coach and head scouts..... lol hit the showers pal.
  6. Boeser Demko Juolevi Gaudette Lockwood Briesbois Are the only ones with a real shot to make the team in the future. I hope I'm wrong and there are others who surprise me. I have completely given up on Virtanen... I watch almost every Utica game and he is invisible down there. Every time I watch him play I get so frustrated. Its not always about goals and assists, you can have great games, look dangerous, be a force out there and just be snakebitten or run into hot goalies but that's not the case. He just doesn't look motivated at all, shows no flashes or signs of the player he should be, barely touches the puck and Travis Green hardly ever uses him in key situations ie. overtime/shootout/late in the 3rd. Green leans heavily on guys like Grenier, Valk, Archibald, Bancks, Labate, Hamilton, Zalewski just to name a few and they all get shifts in OT before jake and more the half the time the game is over by then. When your fitness and comitment levels are being questioned and your nick name is "big country" we have a major problem on our hands, especially in this city. It's becoming more evident everyday he is the Bryant Reeves of the NHL. I'm not gonna jump the gun and say trade him cause face it, an under achieving prospect ain't gonna get you much in the market....it never has. My advice to Jake, buy a house in Utica its the smarter then renting in long run.
  7. Too much hype with Rodin/Larsen... I'm not sold on them yet. I see them being a heathy scratches most nights, baring injury or back to backs. Judging by contracts and everything else this is most likely the opening night roster. The only question marks up front IMO would be Etem and Virtanen, everyone else seems like to be a lock. sedin - sedin - erikson baertchi- bo - Hansen 'burrows - sutter- virtanen etem - granland - dorset elder - tanev hutton - gubarnson sbisa - trynamkin Miller marstorm
  8. If TL wasn't here Burrows would be long gone!
  9. Ahl
  10. Bottom line we got shafted... But OJ was the best available
  11. First of all I hope he's right....although Button is always wrong
  12. Ahhhhhhh no
  13. Next......
  14. Sedins- Erikson Baertchi - Bo - Hasen Burrows - Sutter - Rodin Dorrset - Granland - Etem/Virtanen elder- tanev 'Hutton- guddy 'Sbisa - tryamkin miller markstorm
  15. ya no smoking at Rogers is pure torture. There should definitely be smoking section.