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  1. Too much hype with Rodin/Larsen... I'm not sold on them yet. I see them being a heathy scratches most nights, baring injury or back to backs. Judging by contracts and everything else this is most likely the opening night roster. The only question marks up front IMO would be Etem and Virtanen, everyone else seems like to be a lock. sedin - sedin - erikson baertchi- bo - Hansen 'burrows - sutter- virtanen etem - granland - dorset elder - tanev hutton - gubarnson sbisa - trynamkin Miller marstorm
  2. If TL wasn't here Burrows would be long gone!
  3. Ahl
  4. Bottom line we got shafted... But OJ was the best available
  5. First of all I hope he's right....although Button is always wrong
  6. Ahhhhhhh no
  7. Next......
  8. Sedins- Erikson Baertchi - Bo - Hasen Burrows - Sutter - Rodin Dorrset - Granland - Etem/Virtanen elder- tanev 'Hutton- guddy 'Sbisa - tryamkin miller markstorm
  9. ya no smoking at Rogers is pure torture. There should definitely be smoking section.
  10. What could have been that tkachuk - boeser combo though?!?? Pair it up with Bo - baertchi combo.... And we still got the twins with maybe erickson.... Sprinkle in Virtanen...Goal scoring would NOT be an issue rite now or year from now. And how our defense is setup at the moment and goalie situation is fine. Danny - Hank - Erickson baertchi - Bo - Virtanen Tkachuk - Sutter - Boeser Etem - Granland - Dorset
  11. Calgary won. Tkachuk fell on their lap.
  12. Have u watched his games? I've never seen someone ice the puck in pure panic as much as him
  13. Chychrun is the next Dana murzyn and everybody knows it
  14. I know what ur saying, but I was just picturing s forward for us... Or trade down to get a d man
  15. Tanev = undrafted college free agent joulevi = 5th overall =/