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  1. [Trade] Jaromir Jagr to Panthers

    Can't wait to see him play till he's 50
  2. Xbox 360 GM Connected NHL 15

    Team list has been updated. Teams are going by pretty fast!
  3. Xbox 360 GM Connected NHL 15

    Hey! I'm starting a GM Connected league in NHL 15. After a 6 season very successful GM league in NHL 14, i'm onto NHL 15! $20 point code or 3 month gold card will be awarded to the Stanley Cup winner! The league has a chat room on the Groupme app. Coming into the league will require you to join this chat room. Sims are every 3 days on a strict schedule. CPU trades are not allowed. Pullback wrist shots are not allowed. Message Lord Yoshii on Xbox live if you're interested. Anaheim Ducks - Arizona Coyotes - Boston Bruins - Buffalo Sabres - Calgary Flames - TAKEN Carolina Hurricanes - Chicago Blackhawks - TAKEN Colorado Avalanche - TAKEN Columbus Blue Jackets - Dallas Stars - Detroit Red Wings - Edmonton Oilers - Florida Panthers - Los Angeles Kings - TAKEN Minnesota Wild - TAKEN Montreal Canadians - TAKEN Nashville Predators - New Jersey Devils - New York Islanders - TAKEN New York Rangers - TAKEN Philadelphia Flyers - Pittsburgh Penguins - TAKEN Ottawa Senators - San Jose Sharks - TAKEN St Louis Blues - TAKEN Tampa Bay Lightning - TAKEN Toronto Maple Leafs - TAKEN Vancouver Canucks - Washington Capitals - TAKEN Winnipeg Jets - Thanks! I'll actively be on this forum for any questions asked.
  4. GMC League in NHL 15 (360)

    I am. Lord Yoshii on xbox live.
  5. Isles-canucks-wings-jets

    Yes Erikkson will fix their goalie problems.
  6. Proposal for better picks

    I stopped reading after the first trade LOL.
  7. Bo Horvat Talk

    Can they even call up Horvat if they wanted to?
  8. Draisaitl vs Dal Colle

    Anybody in this top 10 gets me excited.
  9. The Leafs prospects are not good?? Reilly & Kadri alone say hello. & I'm not too sure you saying a rebuild will start means we have a better shot next year than Toronto. Leafs are a really young group and once they have a head coach that doesn't rag on his team, they're going to be a force.
  10. On second thought I'd like to switch to Florida from Calgary.
  11. High Impact is like NHL 94... I vote Hardcore.. & I just created my league & Barkov is still 3 star yellow
  12. Florida only has huber though.. Shore is only 3.5 star.. I'll stick with them.