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  1. Bo Horvat Talk

    Can they even call up Horvat if they wanted to?
  2. On second thought I'd like to switch to Florida from Calgary.
  3. High Impact is like NHL 94... I vote Hardcore.. & I just created my league & Barkov is still 3 star yellow
  4. Florida only has huber though.. Shore is only 3.5 star.. I'll stick with them.
  5. Calgary or Florida.... haha god damnit.
  6. Hudler (83) Glencross (84) D.Jones (81) Stajan (81) Stempniak (82) Giordano (85) Wideman (82) All on the block. Rebuilding, so offer anyone under 25 for these fellas. Cammalleri (87) is also on the block, looking for a 4.5 star prospect for him.
  7. As much as I want Calgary....... if it's possible I would like them, but if it's not plausible it's fine.
  8. Wouldnt it be completely updated on release? The rosters.
  9. Ill look at Phillys roster and let you know!
  10. Cammallari, Glencross, Hudler, Wideman, Giordano OTB. I'm interested in Rundblad. See anyone you like up there?
  11. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Anybody else see Datsyuk as a 90-91 in real life?
  12. You guys better watch out for Calgary in 3 years.
  13. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Double post by accident, phone was messing up