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  1. NIGHTFALL 1 It was an unfortunate night for @Time Lord who had found himself cornered by all inhabitants of the dungeon. They grabbed him and threw him to the hangry moderators. He was: Elsewhere, @112 (lmao) was waterboarded to death by the corrupt members of the dungeon. She was: --- ALIVE: 1. @Blue Jay 22 2. @luckylager 3. @Intoewsables 4. @falcon45ca 6. @DarthMelvin 7. @Master Radishes 8. @hoggers 9. @SixFootFiveAndJackedAF 11. @Zfetch 12. @milk and honey 13. @Lewitelli 14. @Stamkos 15. @Maple DEAD: 5. @Time Lord 10. @112
  2. Final Vote Count Time Lord (5) - Intoewsables, Maple, luckylager, falcon45ca, Blue Jay 22 SixFootFiveAndJackedAF (3) - milk and honey, Stamkos, Darth Melvin Blue Jay 22 (2) - SixFootFiveAndJackedAF, Time Lord Intoewsables (1) - 112 falcon45ca (1) - Master Radishes hoggers (1) - Zfetch @Time Lord has been lynched and may have last words.
  3. Short-sighted move but he's back for now and I wish him luck that he can finally get the team in the playoffs.
  4. Reminder that nightfall is just under 4 hours ago. Special actions due 30 mins before nightfall.
  5. Vote Count SixFootFiveAndJackedAF (3) - milk and honey, Stamkos, Darth Melvin hoggers (3) - Zfetch, falcon45ca, Blue Jay 22 Time Lord (2) - Intoewsables, Maple falcon45ca (2) - Master Radishes, 112 Blue Jay 22 (2) - SixFootFiveAndJackedAF, Time Lord
  6. ANNOUNCEMENT: @112 has been subbed in for @Aladeen.
  7. Vote Count SixFootFiveAndJackedAF (4) - 112, milk and honey, Stamkos, Darth Melvin hoggers (3) - Zfetch, falcon45ca, Blue Jay 22 Time Lord (2) - Intoewsables, Maple Zfetch (1) - Time Lord falcon45ca (1) - Master Radishes Blue Jay 22 (1) - SixFootFiveAndJackedAF
  8. Vote Count Time Lord (3) - Intoewsables, Blue Jay 22, Maple SixFootFiveAndJackedAF (3) - Aladeen, milk and honey, Stamkos hoggers (1) - Zfetch Maple (1) - Darth Melvin Zfetch (1) - Time Lord falcon45ca (1) - Master Radishes Blue Jay 22 (1) - SixFootFiveAndJackedAF Let me know if it's wrong
  9. Nightfall around 11 PM EST (8 PM PST). Early Arsenal game tomorrow :D After that, all nightfalls at standard 1 PM EST (10 PM PST)
  10. The host/GM exists for a reason. If there is an issue that individuals, for whatever good or bad reason, can't address among themselves, they should be contacting the host/GM as the next step in mediation/progressive discipline/whatever you want to call it. 11/10 times, a fair resolution will be made, whether that involves somebody addressing an apology during or after the game, or an explanation being given for whatever behaviour or action that is causing the dispute. It is understandable if SixFootFiveAndJackedAF was not keen to how Aladeen plays or unaware of the quirks of his IN-GAME personality. He can learn that over time. It is, somewhat, understandable if SixFootFiveAndJackedAF did not know that the 'report' feature is used for very, very serious instances of misconduct only. While everybody interprets language and comments differently, I would CONFIDENTLY say that enough of us would all collectively point out when something is actually over-the-top, out of line, and worthy of being reported. We've done so in the past successfully. But him being a new player and not knowing this is forgivable. It is NOT understandable for SixFootFiveAndJackedAF to act like he's doing the community of some sort of favour by reporting one of our most dedicated and respected players simply because he couldn't be bothered to come to me first about the nuances of his dialogue style or felt that he could deal with matters in his own hands. He is more than welcome to bring in his own experiences from other forums into ours but I don't think its unreasonable (or unhelpful for his own sake) for us to ask for a bit of co-operation in return. If he honestly felt like Aladeen crossed a line or was being a bully, he should have came to me to clarify if he had done something wrong rather than going over my head. I am not a mod but I've been around the mafia community, and the whole forum, for enough time to know what's good and bad. Our whole community is all for new players. In fact, we are really grateful to have not just new faces playing but really experienced faces coming into our community who are both actively and positively contributing to our games. It's clear that a lot of the dialogue and conversation between Aladeen and some of his accused are charged by rage and frustration and not rationality. Let's try to move past this by calming down and weaning our way out of this topic. I will speak to Aladeen again to clarify his participation in this game. If any separate or new issues should arise, please contact me first and I will do my best to resolve the situation. Game on
  11. Mfw people are taking the jail theme seriously and tryna get Aladeen locked up.