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  1. Minnesota releases: Ryan Hartman Travis Zajac Felix Lauzon (RFA) Nikita Zaitsev Corey Crawford Minnesota recalls: Paul Butler Zachary Galambos
  2. Minnesota recalls Jason Varitek Jayson Vichorek Joakim Vera
  3. Two favourites in Yamamoto and Cassidy left us today. We'll be thinking about them...
  4. @BoKnows has been hired as Assistant General Manager in Minnesota.
  5. Dhaliwal is the best in the Vancouver. Enough with the slander. As for the Myers and Edler contracts, if none of you can see that mgmt purposely leaked that info to him so that the actual signings would look better to gain approval from the fans, I don't know what to tell y'all. Come for King Dhaliwal - best not miss.
  6. Good. I love Tanev but we could replace him with DeMelo for a less money and not miss a beat.
  7. Minnesota sends down Zach Galambos
  8. Thanks to @Bombastik der Teutone @Bomba for the quick negotiations, as usual. Unfortunately, Hutton just didn't look like an NHL goalie. After a failed Hutton experiment and now Crawford, thought I'd pivot away from ageing goalies and try something different. Allen is a guy that somehow became available and wasn't a geriatric. Hopefully he can fit in.
  9. Minnesota recalls Zachary Galambos
  10. Congratulations to the Minnesota Wild team for collecting their first win of the season on November 15th.