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  1. I did not cause a ruckus in CSL on May 8th, 2020. That was not me. :woozy_face:
  2. Honestly, I have zero interest in this league. I was totally fine with being fired and I only agreed to return because I didn't think it was fair that some GMs had to suffer because of the league potentially folding. There are some great guys in this league that didn't deserve to be punished but at the end of the day, I didn't see myself being active going forward and that's not fair to them or me. For those of you that reached out to me yesterday, I am really grateful and I'm sorry if my resignation causes further problems. Good luck.
  3. Uhhhh personal life just got super busy and I won't be able to host. Also, this is effectively my last post in the mafia community and probably CDC. I want to apologize for abruptly having to end this before it started. Thanks for the friendships, memories, and everything else!
  4. Watch yourself. If you come for the king, you best not miss. Consider this a warning.
  5. Dallas recalls Angelo Esposito, Ruslan Bashkirov, Todd Thompson, and Anders Lindback.
  6. Wtf lol... Leipsic is not a victim or being unfairly targeted. How hard is it not to be smarter with how and where you decide to share your thoughts and opinions? Yeah, he's not the only human being to have these heinous thoughts, let alone the only NHLer, but he got caught. He got caught while holding a position of power, being part of union, being an employee of an organization that competes in a league that operates with billions of dollars and millions of stakeholders. This $&!# has consequences. Maybe, Brendan should have been smart enough to create a burner if he wanted to crack jokes with the Angels Zeeeeeee. People going out of their way to doxx him and send abuse are just as bad but let's not pretend Leipsic is another poor victim of 'cancel culture'.
  7. is like N'Golo Kante. This work rate to recruit people is incredible ffs.
  8. Ok, so who's actually in? Can somebody compile an actual, accurate list?
  9. On second thought, Dallas will be vetoing their Loui Eriksson deal. We will be offering 1 or 2 year deal in RFA or in worst case, trading him if conditions become untenable. After 3 and 1/4 straight seasons of playing 1st line and 1st PP with the same line-mates and posting 57, 51, and 64 pts respectively, we see no reason to pay Loui Eriksson more than 3.5M, let alone 500K more - the cost of another player, since guidelines indicate that 50-60 pt players should be paid within a 2.5 - 3.5 range. He has clearly been given the most optimal situation from the beginning and we don't see how he can reasonably exceed his threshold unless we: a) improve his line-mates (Brenden Morrow - 67.5 pt average over 4 seasons, Mike Ribeiro - 75.5 pt average over 4 seasons) b) improve our PP (his aforementioned linemates, Andy McDonald - 75.5 pt average over 4 seasons, Sergei Zubov - 49.5 pt average over 4 seasons) c) are the benefactor of sim RNG (i.e he ages and his in-game stats become better, the competition becomes weaker and he becomes better by default, etc) We will take whatever penalty - should one exist - for going back on an agreed contract. Apologies. We'd also like to apologize to the RFA agent. Between deciding to use guidelines for some players, in-game stats for others, and actual stats for whoever else, our organization should have anticipated you were just going to decide on random as to what basis to use. In this case, we felt you would have followed guidelines and actual stats to make the decision and we didn't figure that you would add an extra 500k for "meme'ing you bro" as part of his contract. In future, we will learn to anticipate your justification a lot better. On that note, keep up the great work! Over a 4 year period, it is evidently hard to develop consistency so a 70% success rate on contracts thus far can only mean that we'll hit 100% in about 3.5 seasons or so!
  10. Dallas will temporarily release Tim Thomas and Sergei Zubov. This is goodbye for now. Dallas will permanently release Darryl Sydor, Kevyn Adams, Richard Matvichuk, and Jay Pandolfo. This is goodbye forever.
  11. Tonight, on the night of the trade deadline, Dallas completed three trades. First, we acquired veteran center John Madden from the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for our second round selection in this year's draft. John had been a long-time target of ours due to his effective two-way play and we were happy to get a deal done. We have prided ourselves on being a strong defensive team and adding a player of John's calibre should strengthen us. Shortly after, we made a deal to acquire Jay Pandolfo and Kyle Brodziak from the Phoenix Coyotes in exchange for our third round selection in this year's draft. Once more, this move was about securing the services of an effective defensive presence to improve our bottom six. Jay will be reunited with John which should make that line a very tough line to play against. Kyle, while still out with a season-ending injury, should be good to go for next season as a center option for our bottom six. Finally, we topped off our business by acquiring Jason Blake from the New York Rangers in exchange for Trent Hunter and prospect Colton Teubert. While Jason is not the winger he once was, we feel that he can still provide a bit of scoring and reliable two-way play to help our team out. To ensure that we are compliant with the salary cap after our transactions, we have sent down Angelo Esposito to Iowa and have waived Kevyn Adams, with intentions to assign him to Iowa. While Angelo had performed admirably in his short time with us, we felt that more time in the AHL would help round his game in the long-term. We'd like to thank @Monty, @Zfetch, and @Jaku for providing quick and easy negotiations throughout the day.
  12. Dallas sends down Angelo Esposito. Dallas waives Kevyn Adams.
  13. Btw, if any of that $&!# happens again, I'm calling the game and ending it early. If there's a problem, come to me first.
  14. Current numbers mean a vanilla game tbh. So, we either wait or we settle for a quick game.
  15. Best of luck to Tim Thomas, Sergei Zubov, Loui Eriksson, and Jere Lehtinen.