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  1. Thoughts and opinions on TL and 112's votes on Dral?
  2. 1. <3
  4. @MH <3
  5. 10. MH is a potato.
  6. Some thoughts after reviewing: 1. I thought BW's opening post was useless at best. We've played like 5 of the last 8 games with just a sheriff and vanilla TP and mafia so obviously the same principle would apply here. Just didn't see a point to it. NO LYNCH 2. I think BJ's post was oddly specific with regards to how many mafia may be in the game. I am tempted to vote him. YES LYNCH 3. In the same note, I'm 50/50 on Aladeen. Not sure why. 50/50 4. Zfetch looks TP. Falcon is very defensive and aggressive but I think he may be TP. NO LYNCH 5. Haven't really liked TL's contributions. He plussed a few of my posts but I haven't really seen him comment or do anything. But that's par the course for him. YES LYNCH 6. Agree on whoever said 112 looks defensive rather than aggressive and offensive. 50/50 7. Just a hunch but I think Dral is mafia. YES LYNCH 8. Jazz's tone looks honest and vintage Jazz. Haven't played against him when he's been scum. NO LYNCH 9. Yachty is probably a member of the mafia with his/her posts. I get it may be Virt but there's a hell of a lot of conviction in his few posts and its only round 1. YES LYNCH
  7. Nah, recent developments say otherwise. Source: Beluga Whale
  8. +1
  9. I get that there's a 95.8% chance that Yachty is a Virt dupe but in the 4.2% he isn't, has he not revealed TMI?
  11. I'm surprised JJ didn't GK me for it
  12. Vote Yachty
  13. Unvote, vote Beluga Whale