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  1. The town should have been around, sure, but like I said when it happened, nobody had any idea when nightfall was taking place in the opening round. It was not in the OP and not in the thread title. I came back from watching the Canucks game and then I saw "nightfall after the Canucks game". In hindsight, I would have hit scum if I voted either way but it's a way worse play to vote for the sake of voting than simply abstaining until more information is available. I get the frustration; I've been down that road myself, but these things are way easier to criticize after the fact than in the moment.
  2. 33% mafia is maybe a lot but the final round wasn't really played that well by the town members.
  3. We gotta implement "the DarthMelvin rule" where it reads that in a lynch-or-lose situation, all remaining players must post at least 3-5 times within the last 5 hours before nightfall (unless of extreme circumstances). I mean credit to us if we lynch DarthMelvin and he's the last guy but both myself/Zfetch or myself/112 can potentially lose here due to paranoia and uncertainty stemming because a player is too busy ghosting the game. Unvote, Vote DarthMelvin
  4. Obvious question to be asked here is what mafia team would let 112 live, especially with Master Radishes being lynched so early?
  5. Out of Zfetch, 112, and DarthMelvin, who would sanction a Stamkos kill? Zfetch? Yes 112? Probably not (unless she's in the banter mood) DarthMelvin? Idk but he probably would't have been consulted for this decision
  6. Like I said before, one of you has duped the other or Darth Melvin has duped us all (quite lamely since he posted like 5 times this whole game) It's not me
  7. @DarthMelvin @112 @Zfetch two of you need to give your head a huge shake. There ain't one scenario where I'm mafia this game. Straight facts, no cap.
  8. Just realized I was in 112's lynch pool (consisting of myself and Blue Jay 22) since yesterday before the Blue Jay 22 reveal. Agenda szn. Narrative szn.