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  1. Only if Sutton have Will Grigg and Benik Afobe up top.
  2. Ivan Gazidis apparently went to Spain wrt to managerial search. Simeone is the hopeful target. But I guess it's more realistic trying to convince Marcelino (unattached) or Berrizzo (Celta) to come over. Strong feeling that Sampaoli goes to Barca.
  3. "Recovering from WWII" "Remember the day WWII ended"
  4. The war was still ongoing in 1939...err right Mafia Yeah, I'm in.
  5. Entirely possible this is the case. Ozil's my guy but Alexis has proven to be way too valuable for us. Hopefully, it works out in the end, whether both sign or we find a way to replace one of the two.
  6. Yeah, it's totally Wenger's call, unfortunately. But really, its best for him and the club to part. He provided 20 years, accomplished a lot, established a unique identity and really the only thing he didn't get to do was win a CL and we're pretty far from that (evidently). I don't believe anybody thinks he can bring Arsenal back to where they were from 99-06 and it sucks to see fans criticize every decision that doesn't render a positive result. My thinking as well. I'm not sure why he moved Ox to the wing after his performance against Hull (unless Walcott had a slight knock or something). I didn't like Xhaka's game today (well everybody save Ox, Sanchez, and Ospina were woeful) but I still think he's the right signing. He has all the tools to be a monster in the midfield and I think its just a matter of time before he gets his discipline under control. If he can emerge as a leader on the pitch like he was at Monchengladbach as his Arsenal career goes on, he can definitely improve this team. But, yeah, Coq needs to go. Brings passion and loyalty and did a lot in an Arsenal shirt than many would have ever thought he would but he simply doesn't cut it against the big teams. When healthy, Cazorla strengthens the midfield and really helps out Ozil in the playmaking department which makes the team game look more fluid and allows them to compete with Europe's best. With Coq and Xhaka, it leaves Ozil all by himself to try and move the ball forward and pick out guys, which is why I believe he's looked awful the last few months because he's the only passing threat for the opposition to worry about. Finding a long-term Cazorla replacement (maybe Ox) needs to be the target this summer. Strengthening at LB should also be a priority. And without question, getting Sanchez and Ozil (despite his performances) signed are a must.
  7. Alternatively, it could be Zfetch (since I didn't see Kaz's name on the signup).
  8. Dainty Kane - Show Stopper...5/10 Somewhere between Fifth Harmony and The Pussycat Dollz. So it has to be 5/10 The DOC - The Formula...8/10 I actually never heard this before and I'm embarrassed. Pleasantly surprised and kinda cool for its era. Dope man. Borat - Throw The Jew Down The Well...5/7 His performance at ______________ was a lot better, but I enjoyed this rendition. N'Sync - Gone...7/10 These harmonies are great and the guitar is soothing. RnB should return to these roots, although I dig PBRnB and the state of some of the newer artists in the genre. Alkaline - Formula...2/10 I heard his new $&!# is pathetic and his contract should probably get shredded. Admittedly, not a fan of reggaeton/dancehall or whatever this would be classified as. Fetty Wap - Again...7/10 I liked this. Sounds really similar to his other songs but kinda catchy. Good for him. Ur Boy Bangz - D.Trump Trumpets Remix...11/10 Greatest diss track since Back2Back. And its Bangs so...ya. Backstreet Boys - Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely...8/10 Heavy throwback man. And I appreciate the guitar and harmonies. Tupac - All Eyez On Me...9/10 Straight classic out here. I always thought the production on this was masterful. Of course, the flow is great. Kendrick Lamar - Money Trees...9/10 Loved this when I saw him a few years ago. Great song, among many fantastic tracks he's done. I'd be surprised if this isn't Kaz's mix.
  9. IMO, time to launch a huge game of 30 people.
  10. Yep. Something about insanity and doing the same thing over and over again. At this point, we need to replace Coquelin and that's it. The real change needs to be managerial. New ideas or new mentality for these types of games are needed.
  11. Other than playing CF, what reason do you have to stay at Arsenal if you're Alexis?
  12. 1. Alain Vigneault
  13. rgmg 5 will be simmed on NHL 12
  14. AV ended.
  15. Typical RGMG commissioners. Always cheating us and never using the good stuff. Why aren't we using Mario Superstar Baseball? I guess I better start a gofundme.