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  1. Beary has to be some sort of troll.
  2. No, they're obviously missing Raul and Lewis Holtby.
  3. Willing to consider offers on Shattenkirk. Not shopping but I'm open to proposals.
  4. Yeah, too bad he actually played for Manchester City 15 years ago and inspired Wilfried Bony to join them many years later.
  5. Alan Shearer on a top 10 Manchester United list? Unless I'm missing something..
  6. We need at least 18-26 people to play. Obvious, 3 GKs is rough af but the excitement really isn't there with only 10 people.
  7. AV and JJ, tbh.
  8. Vote JJ with me?
  9. JJ isn't picking up steam for whatever reason. UNVOTE, Vote qWags
  10. Why are you guys voting Zfetch? JJ's looked far worse.
  11. So forced. Vote Jay Jay
  12. Unvote, Vote Qwags
  13. Unvote, Vote Fwy
  14. JJ, Fwy, or Numb3rs should go.