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  1. an* unsubstantial reason
  2. Look through his posts and he's been referring to himself as the counter-regime all game. It may seem like "too easy" or a unsubstantial reason to vote somebody, but it's not like he's been contributing to the town's benefit.
  3. Umm
  4. Explain dude.
  5. @milk and honey who is in today's communication?
  6. COPS should lynch Il Duce.
  7. Vote Zfetch
  8. The COPS lynch is second to the main lynch, no? So, how could the one guy remaining, who will likely be lynched should Heffy be MK'd, be able to carry out a COPS lynch?
  9. And I say this because I doubt the mafia would MK him.
  10. Except Zfetch's salvation hinges on the town not voting for him so he has some sort obligation somewhere.
  11. COPS already confirmed they had nothing to do with that lynch though.
  12. Anybody want Darnell Nurse or Anthony Deangelo?
  13. So how did Spoderman die?
  14. A lynch sheriff in a game with 2 sheriffs is about as realistic as an "investigator" in a game with a sheriff.
  15. @thejazz97 @King Heffy @Time Lord @J-23 @milk and honey Please vote Aladeen.