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  1. I need the full 48 hours to solve the game for my team.
  2. Wow classless
  3. (>__<)
  4. But seriously, Vote Duce guys.
  5. I like this answer. Unvote, Vota AV
  6. What happens when I don't flip lol.
  7. Actually my "excuse" is that I'm young. Well, duh. --- But in srsness, I'm trying to signal something about Duce that I signalled about J23. Y'all should listen.
  8. Dude </3
  9. Yeah, I was just messing around for reaxions. But that said, I'm probably not a better alternative for lynch over Duce.
  10. We should decide on AV, Duce, or BW before the mafia comes and ruins everything.
  11. It's become quite clear that Duce is trying to avoid dat GK.
  12. Zetterlund has been good.
  13. Because the lie detector test determined that you did not have sexual relations with XxX-CoD-SNiIpErZzZ-XxX's mom last night.
  14. Wow, I wanted to lynch JJ this round. Oh well. Vote Il Duce.
  15. Bloody murder.