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  1. And I bet if he had to choose between Arsenal and Atletico, he'd choose Atleti too. Yeah, if I were them, I'd hold out for a big offer as well. ---- According to Guillem Balague, Bakayoko agreed personal terms with Chelsea. And I could easily see them pay the transfer fee it takes.
  2. @Intoewsables
  3. My thoughts too. We'll see though
  4. On topic of Arsenal....Arsene to stay and plan an overhaul. Supposedly this: Buh-bye to Ozil and Alexis, presumably a few others, and hello to Mbappe, Lacazette, Tierney, Pickford, Barkley, and Butland (well combination of) I could get behind that. Ozil's been my dude so I'd be sad to see him go but if they get a few of those targets, the team dynamic could be interesting. Would rather get a new manager but how it goes sometimes.
  5. 'reports'
  6. He had 111 assists. Like what?
  7. RIP 2003 Draft lol.
  8. BJ/TL/112 prob mafia(s) in that.
  9. Ok well I'm TP too and therefore, not a better alternative.
  10. Wait. Undue all votes. Vote A: DM Vote B: TL
  11. Unvote Vote B, Vote DM
  12. Vote A: TL Vote B: AV Wait why me lol. I voted Falcon but what would my play be as mafia to tie? Why wouldn't I just swing it last second to take out 2 tp?
  13. Did not know that tbh but makes sense and is fair. I guess I'll start off 5.0 in an AGM capacity or wait patiently for an opening (whether here in 4.0 or when 5.0 starts)
  14. Go Monaco Go!
  15. Taking a break until 5.0 or another team opens up in 4.0. Regardless, Calgary needs a new voice and new ideas. Best of luck to the new guy!