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  1. Holy hell we screwed this up terribly. Lynching MR could have confirmed Kaz.
  2. Wait, why tf aren't we voting MR? KAz said he came up Mafia Unvote, Vote MR
  3. Scary ass thought in my head. Kaz isn't protected by the lynch but does have a bulletproof vest. Therefore he's said he's unlynchable to make the mafia target him anyway to help break away that vest. Conflicted af
  4. What's your action for tonight?
  5. LETS VOTE KAZ Unvote,Vote Kaz
  6. I'm all for this.
  7. I saw that his post times were not matching up with his last visited times and so I called him out on that. He said that he may have been logged in anon on one of the devices he uses. And apparently that means he must be mafia to everybody else. --- It could have been improvisation on his part but not likely.
  8. un, Vote Falcon
  9. Why exactly are we lynching fwy?
  10. To Minnesota: Linus Hultström Philadelphia 32nd Round Pick Philadelphia 33rd Round Pick To Philadelphia: Klas Dahlbeck Minnesota 29th Round Pick Minnesota 30th Round Pick
  11. Whatever. UNVOTE, vote Fwy
  12. Well I mean we were under the assumption that our sheriff/Vig didn't have any sort of doc capabilities so the best plan is to lynch Kaz and have him investigate somebody. Since he says there's no way he can die this round (according to him) he's useful for at least one more round. This isn't any different than when Dr.S has been the sheriff before and we've tried lynching him and he's been forced to come out with his role. I'm sure we'd all like to believe you're telling the truth but there's too much risk for the town if you're lying. Unvote, Vote Kaz
  13. Like I said, only way Kaz is Mafia is if 112 is also Mafia. 112 is one of his biggest defenders right now. Vote should be on one of them.
  14. Unvote, vote Alain Vigneault None of you deserve my vote for all ya scumminess, yeAH!
  15. Why would you need to be signing in anon in this game?