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  1. The state of the Western conference is basically the only reason why we're here. But I mean once Hansen and Hutton return, maybe even Gudbranson, this team could mount a challenge for the wildcard.
  2. Also, mfw 135 points in two seasons earned Sam Gagner a 1 year deal worth 2.25 lmao.
  3. Mark Stone on Calgary though.
  4. No FAs @Spoderman
  5. It was very much ill-timed. Had it been a winner, sure. But yeah, I wasn't exactly enjoying his celebration.
  6. Honest mistake >> Legit doesn't know >> Has to be trolling.
  7. Still kinda doubtful that Nieto would fall to us.
  8. Well, we just lost our priority since we picked up Boucher lol.
  9. Yay, got 4th line forward. Team basically set. Just need to up RFAs and sign a tendy.
  10. Nvm, we play them in March lol. But Chelsea a month from today will be vital.
  11. I'm very much okay with Spurs passing us today. But we must beat Swansea and need to get a result at Anfield later this month.
  12. BPA me pls
  13. epic
  14. I admire your effort to always assess United as objectively as possible. Please don't ever leave this thread.
  15. More accurately, Middlesbrough played how a team of their calibre would want to play at OT and had a bad 5 mins late in the game which costed them.