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  1. 1. EHM 2. EA NHL Last: STHS (Simon T destroyed my computer lol)
  2. In.
  3. Because teammates like to separate sometimes when they vote.
  4. BJ probably his teammate since he voted for TL and didn't vote Aladeen.
  5. So a few of BJ, TL, and Baer are the mafia.
  6. 1. Aladeen 2. Alain Vigneault - Town 3. Time Lord 4. Blue Jay 22 5. Stamkos 6. Dral 7. Zfetch 8. DarthMelvin - Town 9. Baer. As you were. - LG-
  7. imo, new league soon.
  8. With no international break, maybe. Perhaps even if Bournemouth had been having a stellar start to the season. But so much was made of the Liverpool loss that anything other than a win would have been madness beyond belief so I expected the bounce back confidently.
  9. I think we all expected Arsenal to bounce back, no matter who they played this week after the last two weeks. But the big key is next Sunday. 6 point game.
  10. Z, tos DPS lol. GG everybody, told you I was right.
  11. Switchers, please switch me and hope you make me mafia or something. It would be pure stupidity if I'm the second lynch tonight.
  12. Or, more so create discussion than it was to be an accusation.