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  1. With no international break, maybe. Perhaps even if Bournemouth had been having a stellar start to the season. But so much was made of the Liverpool loss that anything other than a win would have been madness beyond belief so I expected the bounce back confidently.
  2. I think we all expected Arsenal to bounce back, no matter who they played this week after the last two weeks. But the big key is next Sunday. 6 point game.
  3. Z, tos DPS lol. GG everybody, told you I was right.
  4. Switchers, please switch me and hope you make me mafia or something. It would be pure stupidity if I'm the second lynch tonight.
  5. Or, more so create discussion than it was to be an accusation.
  6. Ok but the point is that I don't think you should be lynched and me thinking you were a watcher was just a thought/hot take to create discussion rather than be an accusation.
  7. It is a lot of assumption but idk, I still don't think it's a complicated role. We've had a similar roles in other Zfetch games. I'm thinking you are a switcher. At the start of the round and just a little bit before, I had a thought that you could have been a watcher since you didn't quite know the role worked and that your target was the same as mine. So I made an assumption that perhaps you watched me and because you weren't a switcher yourself, you had no access to the role PM and that was the reason for why you didn't know how the role worked. But I assumed that by watching me, you were told all the other info that was true (ex. being tp-aligned, only 1 target per round, etc) This is why I'm lobbying for votes against myself and you to be changed since we should probably work together and figure out how/what our roles do.
  8. Right and that's why I assumed you "watched" what I did. I'm not really sure what the switch does either but I assumed it simply swaps a role/faction of one player with another. Initially, I tried to switch two players but was told that I could only do one, which I then just figured meant that either their role/faction at random would switch because let's say I picked you and J-23, I would have switched two switchers but if I chose one of you, it means that only one switcher would have switched with somebody else and probably not a switcher.
  9. Why not both? UNVOTE VOTE A: TL VOTE B: 211
  10. For what it's worth, I'm inclined to believe that Hash is probably a switcher as well and not necessarily a mafia who had a watcher/mirror role. What she said in her posts last round are very similar, if not exact, to what I was PM'd to explain what and how the role worked. However, I didn't think that Z's instructions for how the role worked were all that complicated, while she did and seems she is currently still having issues with. With this in mind, I assumed she "watched" me, the actual switcher, and was stalling time to see what my moves were so that she could come out later on. When she announced that she switched BJ, I felt it to be too coincidental. I'd say the Vote2/VoteB for this round should be away from Hash and myself and onto another player and a player that we aren't switching.
  11. Because you've been mirroring my every move
  12. Hot take: Hashtag is some sort of mafia watcher/mirror player that is allowed to observe another player, which in this case was me.
  13. What's scary is that I believe there may be more than 3 switchers.
  14. I will come forth as a switcher, too. Coincidently, my N1 target was BJ. And my win-con to be left standing with the TP. So, I'm TP aligned. With that said... Vote 1: 211 Vote 2: DM
  15. Unvote TL